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My first Love Mongoose II

Bike tags: Mongoose | BMX
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Mongoose II

Yellow anodised Race something, Tough Neck

Tange Mongoose fork

Yellow Araya

Yellow Araya

Yellow Shimano 600

Hard plastic thing, yellow fluted aluminum thing

This was my second bike, and my first love. I bought it when I was in the 5th grade after busting the first (a well used Toys 'R' Us special) in half, I saved up for months to buy this thing. I taped the magazine ad picture to the wall above my bed, and after I bought it I used to go out to the garage and just look at it. Over the years I upgraded the cranks, Stem, handlebars, seatpost/clapm, seat. The wheels, brakes, and frame are original. The bike sat in parts for many years, but a few years ago while visiting my parents I put it back together, and it's still rideable. Last time I visited I rode it around a bit, and so did my daughter (who is now about the same age I was when I had it) and nephew. I figure if I still have this bike after 24 years I probably always will.

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Great story buddy!

I would of loved to have a bike like this as a kid but we didn't have the money. I had a crappy used bmx bike that I got from my then uncle that looked like it was painted with a paint brush. I could never bust tricks like Eddie Fiola, Tony Hawk, & other cool names from that period but I sure did have fun in the backyard trying. I don't have the bike anymore, it has probably been recycled into a Toyota.

At the same period skateboard was also huge at my school. My parents would never buy me one so I had to ask people at morning recess if I could use theirs. I remember a couple times lying down on the pavement in the school yard while a chum would oilie over me. We moved that year to the country where nobody skateboarded so my interest died pretty quick.


Black and Gold

My long lost Black and Gold Brotheren!


"Get it while the gettin' is good" (TOO-$hort)

I can jump all of you !

your bike makes me want to make my friends lie down on the ground so I can jump over them !

Kick ass BMX story...Thanks

Kick ass BMX story...Thanks for helping me remember my first BMX ride.

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