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Syndicating with RSS

RSS feeds are available for every tag on the site, and combinations of tags are possible.

1) Discover tags by browsing over to discover.
2) Hold your mouse over the tags you are interested in, look at the number at the end of the URL - this is the tag number.
2a) For this example we will use "Fixed gear" and "Track bike".
3) Click on one of the tags, you will see a button at the bottom of the page to get the RSS feed.
4) To combine feeds, click on to the page of the tag you are interested in and add "+Tag number" for each tag you want to combine.
4a) For example: to create a feed for all fixed gear and track bikes the URL would be: /taxonomy/term/1+3
5) You can combine as many tags as you like, allowing for something like: /taxonomy/term/4+5+6, which would be a list of all road bikes, and mountain bikes, and BMX bikes.

You can combine as many tags as you want by adding as many "+Tag number" as necessary.

For the technically inclined, the "+Tag number" acts as AND, while ",Tag number" acts as OR.

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