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Tagging simply

Tagging lets you categorize your bike.

Most popular user made tags:

# of BikesTag
2357fixed gear

More detail... For Example

Lets say you want to post a vintage bike which doesn't fit into the "Fixed Gear/Road Bike/Mountain Bike/Etc." general categories, freetag it with "vintage" or whatever other tags you'd want to use to find it again. The great thing about freetags is that you don't have to rely on the designer of the system to provide you with category for vintage bikes. You just make up tags as you need them. This "freetagging" system helps organize your own bikes so you can organize them to your liking, but it goes even further when someone else uploads a bike with the same tags. The site begins building a collaborative repository of related bikes, driven by the information you upload and creative organization (through tags). For instance, to view bikes people have tagged as "njs", visit /taxonomy/term/36.

Whats the difference between freetags and bike type tags?

Bike type tags [fixed gear/road bike/mountain bike/track bike/etc] are part of a pre-defined set of tags to provide some very basic organization for bikes. Freetags are much cooler because they allow you, the user, to create your own tags and to join your bike into tag groups with other users who have used the same tags. This means that if you have Phil Wood hubs on your bike and you freetag your bike with "phil wood", you can check out everyone else who has Phil Wood hubs by making your way (via discover) to /taxonomy/term/27 to see all bikes tagged with "phil wood". Its a fricken brilliant way to organize data, and it will make all sorts of sense once you start exploring the site and seeing how things fit together.

Sounds good, but I'm still confused

Don't worry, the more you explore and upload and tag your own material, the more you will understand how flexible and useful tags are. Practice on a few entries, you can always edit your bikes and tags. Give it a try and play around with it! adapted from

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