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Featured Bikes

Featured Bikes are for oogling

velospace has tens of thousands of amazing bikes, these are just a few that caught our attention.

The velospace twitter feed (@velospace) pumps out a featured bike every weekday and usually one or two extra on the weekends. For more detail check the velospace blog.

Featured Bikes (most recent first)
1991 Serotta x Davis Phinney from NRV. Featured on 4/25/2013.
Sannino American Flyers 57 Galli grouppo from socal3rensho. Featured on 3/26/2013.
Bridgestone Keirin Track Machine from Dave. Featured on 11/29/2012.
55CM Broakland Pipebomb from RX7Eric. Featured on 11/28/2012.
Celo Europa Pista *SOLD* from channone. Featured on 11/27/2012.
1970s Proteus Track Bike. from Riada73. Featured on 11/15/2012.
1977 Marinoni Pista from Riada73. Featured on 11/9/2012.
J.Foster Track from grantdavis28. Featured on 11/6/2012.
Fuji Obey Proper from smricha2. Featured on 10/29/2012.
Masi 3Volumetrica Pista from fixie_ru. Featured on 10/26/2012.
Ciocc Enemy from davebrochill. Featured on 10/23/2012.
Melton from arcade. Featured on 10/19/2012.
Yamaguchi Aero Track from cwiss. Featured on 10/17/2012.
Blacked-out BareKnuckle from asterisk. Featured on 10/15/2012.
Orlowski custom from sta. Featured on 10/12/2012.
Eimei track from Cabeça Nuvem. Featured on 10/11/2012.
Colnago Super Track from absntr. Featured on 10/9/2012.
Johnny Coast, 51cm from pappy. Featured on 10/8/2012.
BANANI TRACK from asberg. Featured on 10/4/2012.
Walter Godefroot Pista from TNCLR. Featured on 10/3/2012.
Icarus Custom Classic Track Bike from mmm_pancakes. Featured on 10/2/2012.
EAI Bareknuckle --hella sold from unseen. Featured on 9/28/2012.
GAN WELL PRO CARBON EVASION from donalrey. Featured on 9/27/2012.
Conti from calculator. Featured on 9/17/2012.
Rixon Track Pista 56cm from Crows. Featured on 9/6/2012.
Cinelli Laser -85 NOS from DiscoBiker. Featured on 9/5/2012.
1972 Raleigh Professional Track DL-175 ('72 Ti Raleigh Team Colors) from abstrait. Featured on 8/30/2012.
Nishiki '74 from FLRN HSSL. Featured on 8/23/2012.
IRO Mark V 56cm (complete) from iammbox. Featured on 8/22/2012.
'94 Cannondale Track -Polished from wreksnyc. Featured on 8/21/2012.
Mercier Kilo TT - Blue Steel UPDATED from keytarjunkie. Featured on 8/20/2012.
Cinelli Vigorelli from brkndream. Featured on 8/17/2012.
'73 Schwinn Continental in "Kool Lemon" yellow from Schwimbly. Featured on 8/16/2012.
Raleigh Super Course from noir67. Featured on 8/15/2012.
My 48cm Fixed Capo from tomple. Featured on 8/14/2012.
Raleigh Track 1972 from ChrisG. Featured on 7/25/2012.
Centurion Elite RS from Ted Robinson. Featured on 7/23/2012.
LOOK 496 carbon track bike from dustin. Featured on 7/17/2012.
Blue GT Track from dtmbikes. Featured on 7/13/2012.
gdmfsob from cibotron. Featured on 7/12/2012.
Raleigh Team Aero 753 Track from sbarner. Featured on 7/11/2012.
DODICI SPECIAL 2011 from zinco. Featured on 6/29/2012.
My Kino from pedo. Featured on 6/27/2012.
Colnago Dream Pista - DK from Mattias. Featured on 6/25/2012.
1960 Schwinn Spitfire from torbot. Featured on 6/21/2012.
Bianchi EL/OS from SillyGooseCookie. Featured on 6/19/2012.
Mercier Kilo TT Pro from wolfsuit. Featured on 6/13/2012.
c4 joker from Beckets. Featured on 6/8/2012.
Pelizzoli Leggenda from ArjanB. Featured on 6/5/2012.
1975 gitane concorde gt folding bike restoration from adam_b83. Featured on 6/4/2012.
EDDY MERCKX SLX Pista from hansen flash. Featured on 6/1/2012.
De Rosa SUPER PRESTIGE 1978 Eddy Merckx from mhxproject. Featured on 5/29/2012.
White Cannondale CAAD9 Team from natenineten. Featured on 5/24/2012.
Kildemoes Fixed Conversion from d-beam. Featured on 5/23/2012.
'91 Cannondale SR800 from Indians44987. Featured on 5/22/2012.
Cinelli S.C. Pista from aza. Featured on 5/17/2012.
2004 Specialized S-Works E5 from polobreaka. Featured on 5/16/2012.
"His" 1972 Gitane Tour de France from politburo. Featured on 5/15/2012.
Dolan Forza Irish Edit from El rey. Featured on 5/14/2012.
CAAD Vader v1.2 ***SOLD*** from HawaiiIceMan. Featured on 5/11/2012.
2012 Specialized Langster from SingleSpeeDemon. Featured on 5/8/2012.
Olmo Competition from blend. Featured on 5/4/2012.
The Blue Baron from Velove. Featured on 4/27/2012.
Yamaguchi Aero Track from TWELVEAM. Featured on 4/27/2012.
Agordina Cromovelato frame (likely by Wilier) from polyglot. Featured on 4/16/2012.
Updated.... from lucky13marine. Featured on 4/13/2012.
Guerciotti TT Conversion *SOLD* from calculator. Featured on 4/12/2012.
1987 Serotta Colorado II - Full Dura Ace from txjonforsure. Featured on 4/11/2012.
1958 Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix from jguerry. Featured on 4/10/2012.
retrovelo path racer from siridesnot. Featured on 4/9/2012.
Colnago C40 Team Rabobank from sp_27. Featured on 4/6/2012.
1997 GTB from thomasandrewww. Featured on 4/5/2012.
MAEDA NJS from today. Featured on 4/4/2012.
Superb Marcato Road Bike from Superb Bicycle. Featured on 4/3/2012.
"Sir Walter", the 1974 3-Speed English Gentleman from OZYMANDIAzzz. Featured on 4/2/2012.
Look KG 396 Pista from Hellopang. Featured on 3/30/2012.
Bianchi Rekord 845 from pdenes. Featured on 3/29/2012.
Affinity Chro Pro 2012 from longjohns. Featured on 3/28/2012.
Bianchi: Celeste the greyhound from eaglerock. Featured on 3/26/2012.
Carbonated Brain Octo from blanjaan. Featured on 3/23/2012.
Calfee Bamboo Pro 54cm from sleepyhead415. Featured on 3/22/2012.
Eddy Merckx Stuttgart Pista Columbus SLX 60cm from John Prolly. Featured on 3/21/2012.
ALIEN track commuter from xcorexhooliganx. Featured on 3/20/2012.
1992 Cannondale Track from waltsmith. Featured on 3/19/2012.
Bianchi Krono Singlespeed 57-16 from Supertramp. Featured on 3/16/2012.
Sun Cycles EZ-1 SUPER CRUISER from peazweag. Featured on 3/15/2012.
my bike from nice from thdu. Featured on 3/14/2012.
Battaglin SLX from niwile. Featured on 3/13/2012.
1953 CWC Roadmaster from CurlyWolf. Featured on 3/12/2012.
Unicorn the tall bike from Shellac. Featured on 3/9/2012.
2010 Felt TK3 from giftedmc. Featured on 3/8/2012.
Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra in Tutti Frutti colours, Columbus TSX tubing, team frame from jet sanchEz. Featured on 3/7/2012.
Handbuilt Track Frame from davehall. Featured on 3/6/2012.
FES road time trial bike from campafreak. Featured on 3/5/2012. C-4 BIANCHI PROJECT [C4 CARBONE FIBRE LOW PRO TT 1986] from gotan. Featured on 3/2/2012.
D.A.M.P. Elis the 29er from Bubblan. Featured on 3/1/2012.
Bianchi Pista from socalred. Featured on 2/29/2012.
UNO PISTA from cyclecrazyjames. Featured on 2/20/2012.
Battaglin World Champion '87 TT from dubteka. Featured on 2/17/2012.
Look KG96 Team Replica from Whooosh_S4. Featured on 2/16/2012.
Peugeot Carbon Pro - Tout Mavic from PDXaero. Featured on 2/15/2012.
The Red Cinelli - sold! from Fanne. Featured on 2/13/2012.
Redy BMX Folder from Carabo. Featured on 2/10/2012.
Dave Scott Expert from majortaylorfan. Featured on 2/9/2012.
Ultra Ave Satani from bhallbhall. Featured on 2/8/2012.
MAURIZIO from cwschaal. Featured on 2/7/2012.
Early 1960's Gitane Track Bike from phatbeetlebug. Featured on 2/6/2012.
velocipete's Sparkly Blue Samson from velocipete. Featured on 2/3/2012.
Dolan Seta team Ireland from Rasmus. Featured on 2/1/2012.
cinelli with klein attitude mtb paint from silbert72. Featured on 1/31/2012.
Cinelli from turdburglar. Featured on 1/30/2012.
2009 Surly Pugsley from Mu_Empire. Featured on 1/27/2012.
c.1970 Gitane Professional Super Corsa, current configuration from MecanoGitane. Featured on 1/26/2012.
Giggity Giggity from theknocks. Featured on 1/25/2012.
Another No Weld Swing Bike from scooterhobo. Featured on 1/24/2012.
Colnago Master XL Track from minus9. Featured on 1/20/2012.
big yellow from AheroOfOurTime. Featured on 1/19/2012.
Langdale Lo Pro from pabs. Featured on 1/18/2012.
COPPER BENOTTO pursuit TRACK funny bike from dustin. Featured on 1/17/2012.
2009 Fuji Track Pro from Clinton. Featured on 1/13/2012.
1992 Merckx TT from J. Davey. Featured on 1/12/2012.
Masi Blue Coltello Track from pen1susa. Featured on 1/11/2012.
Titus with Rohloff hub from minus9. Featured on 1/10/2012.
Landshark. from f.iction. Featured on 1/9/2012.
Connie Condor from swardenh. Featured on 1/6/2012.
Vintage Fixed from Fixed Gear Richard. Featured on 1/4/2012.
Colnago Master - Neon from FrankErik. Featured on 1/3/2012.
GT iDrive 4.0 from Brunt. Featured on 12/28/2011.
Cinelli Mash Histogram from prakasa. Featured on 12/22/2011.
Moser pursuit pista from kunstmaler. Featured on 12/21/2011.
Yellow Bastard from mydogsnameisbob. Featured on 12/20/2011.
CDale Crit Conversion from cross2767. Featured on 12/19/2011.
88 Rossin RLX Road Bike (SOLD) from generate. Featured on 12/16/2011.
1970 Orange Krate from RyanH3040. Featured on 12/14/2011.
*unauthorized* CINELLI "ASSASSIN" pursuit track bike from dustin. Featured on 12/12/2011.
Red Bridgestone Anchor from perez. Featured on 12/8/2011.
Nashbar Pursuit / TT from bkbldr. Featured on 12/7/2011.
Maintenance Black Trike - Flow Master from mechanicmatt. Featured on 12/6/2011.
DODICI SPECIAL from Katsu AZ. Featured on 12/5/2011.
vintage royce union single speed from jeanshorts. Featured on 12/2/2011.
2009 white Leader 735tr from briceg. Featured on 12/1/2011.
Curtlo Mountaineer from benzzoy. Featured on 11/29/2011.
PEACE from hippythepirate. Featured on 11/28/2011.
Kinfolk Autumn from ridinghighflyingdirty. Featured on 11/26/2011.
Soens Triplet from polyglot. Featured on 11/14/2011.
The Raccoon I found on Ebay from House of Mill. Featured on 11/10/2011.
Pinarello Prologo from Hyde. Featured on 11/9/2011.
Kenevans TT bike from slentz. Featured on 11/8/2011.
Dahon MU P8 from cwoodward. Featured on 11/7/2011.
Cheetara... from xSkinxDeepx. Featured on 11/4/2011.
Roberts Time Trial from andymessenger. Featured on 11/3/2011.
WCC Thumper from Wolf Creative Customs. Featured on 11/2/2011.
Bp Stealth....TBC from cyciumx. Featured on 11/1/2011.
Frankenstein from trans4mer. Featured on 10/31/2011.
Wooden Fixed Gear Bike from DnA. Featured on 10/28/2011.
'70s Schwinn single speed conversion from Dario. Featured on 10/27/2011.
2007 Cervelo P2C from Dzan. Featured on 10/26/2011.
Takhion Aero Pursuit complete (disc tubs) from cccpvelo. Featured on 10/25/2011.
corima cougar from bikeben. Featured on 10/24/2011.
The t-bike from seancw. Featured on 10/21/2011.
Cervelo T1 from briankwan. Featured on 10/20/2011.
Tri'n Hard from CatchUp. Featured on 10/19/2011.
Montagner Pursuit from cluster2600. Featured on 10/18/2011.
BATTAGLIN 87 World Champion from purofixie. Featured on 10/17/2011.
Land Shark (Road Shark) from zouch. Featured on 10/14/2011.
80's danish SCHRODER pursuit track bike from dustin. Featured on 10/13/2011.
Broakland PipeBomb from Tim Mar. Featured on 10/12/2011.
NAGASAWA from krnsole. Featured on 10/11/2011.
Leader 725TR 2011 Seafoam Green From Jakarta, Indonesia from akudennis. Featured on 10/10/2011.
Tommasini pusuit (sold) from rolex. Featured on 10/5/2011.
Pinarello TT SOLD! from DiscoBiker. Featured on 10/4/2011.
Colnago Master with crimped Gilco tubing from colnagogo. Featured on 10/3/2011.
pink and red single speed from kori. Featured on 9/30/2011.
Giordana Pursuit TT bike from ColumbusSLX. Featured on 9/29/2011.
Blue TR250 from omgmarclol. Featured on 9/28/2011.
Big Red Trike from Mr.Pedalsworth. Featured on 9/27/2011.
Tornado TT mid 90' from Zdrenka. Featured on 9/26/2011.
PopCycle Lagom from PopCycle. Featured on 9/23/2011.
Pinarello Time Trial bike from Carabo. Featured on 9/22/2011.
Pink Bob Jackson Funny Bike from campystamp. Featured on 9/21/2011.
Dodici Special from renansa. Featured on 9/20/2011.
Custom Lo-pro from Ignisti. Featured on 9/19/2011.
Roisin Dubh from Metronome. Featured on 9/16/2011.
1985 SKYWAY STREAT BEAT custom euro look. All NOS. from canadascott. Featured on 9/14/2011.
Eddy Merckx Pista 1985 from fred the bread. Featured on 9/13/2011.
Purple Kalavinka njs from nothing88. Featured on 9/12/2011.
Custom Carbon Kilo/Pursuit from blackheart1. Featured on 9/9/2011.
BianchiBull from David Travis. Featured on 9/8/2011.
colnagold from adrian tan. Featured on 9/7/2011.
1994 GT Interceptor VEGAS from iamdelfunk. Featured on 8/31/2011.
"THE ZEBRA" tall bike- fixed from dustin. Featured on 8/30/2011.
rossin pursuit from briankwan. Featured on 8/29/2011.
Biohazard Kilo TT from roxaboxen. Featured on 8/26/2011.
53cm Greek Olympic Track Lo-Pro from Stanley Mansou. Featured on 8/25/2011.
Brian Rourke TT funny bike project from DutchmanPhotos. Featured on 8/24/2011.
92' YAMAGUCHI kilo pursuit track from dustin. Featured on 8/23/2011.
Chesini Precision from tkatlic. Featured on 8/22/2011.
1980's Tommaso Road Bike from JohnnyTheBoy. Featured on 8/18/2011.
COLNAGO Master PIU C Record from Benzosol. Featured on 8/17/2011.
Montagner Track from Aldous Huxtable. Featured on 8/16/2011.
Klein Attitude 1990 from Shamus. Featured on 8/15/2011.
Bauer mystery from Cabeça Nuvem. Featured on 8/12/2011.
OLMO pursuit TRACK from dustin. Featured on 8/11/2011.
TOMMASINI AERO PURSUIT track bike from dustin. Featured on 8/10/2011.
Polo Scraper from leonmoy. Featured on 8/9/2011.
Tiemeyer Aero Track - Pursuit - Sprint Build from terrible_one49. Featured on 8/8/2011.
T. Osumi's Panasonic from Rusty Piton. Featured on 8/5/2011.
Bike built for Mrs. Cinelli (Cino's wife) in the mid-60's from polyglot. Featured on 8/4/2011.
Bianchi X4 Specialissima 1988 from evrellio. Featured on 8/3/2011.
LOOK KG196 from gotan. Featured on 8/2/2011.
The Boozer Cruiser from orskier. Featured on 8/1/2011.
1977 Schwinn Pixie II from CurlyWolf. Featured on 7/22/2011.
Broakland Pipe-Bomb - seanscandalous from Sean Scandalous. Featured on 7/21/2011.
DeRosa Time Trial from Splined. Featured on 7/20/2011.
Ricky's RemintonxNagasawa from ricky ruckus. Featured on 7/19/2011.
BATTAGLIN Pursuit '87 NOS from Larzon. Featured on 7/18/2011.
Schwinn Typhoon from jmpier. Featured on 7/15/2011.
Cro-Mo 008 from cro-mo. Featured on 7/14/2011.
Super V 700 from TomS. Featured on 7/13/2011.
1976 3-speed Schwinn Stingray from Ridge Rider. Featured on 7/12/2011.
Roadster from vincent. Featured on 7/8/2011.
Master Blaster from robosauce. Featured on 7/7/2011.
ROSSIN 'Pogliaghi' TT Prototype from coppi 68. Featured on 7/6/2011.
Obree bike from chrobin. Featured on 7/5/2011.
starlauf starzhip from wld Le mech. Featured on 7/1/2011.
rare vintage giuseppe limongi track bike from francie. Featured on 6/30/2011.
Teschner Track Pro from impreza_al. Featured on 6/29/2011.
Hello Kitty =) from CoolKidJen. Featured on 6/28/2011.
Lotus Sport 110 from Urban Cycles. Featured on 6/27/2011.
another USSR TAKHION soviet PURSUIT track bike from dustin. Featured on 6/24/2011.
Dutch Double - A Pair of Gazelle Lightweight Roadsters from Cool Steel. Featured on 6/23/2011.
Concorde Colombo Time Trial Bike from Carabo. Featured on 6/22/2011.
BRIDGESTONE ANCHOR PHM9 from kdh747. Featured on 6/20/2011.
Kaihatsu - Japanese Track Bike from Mig. Featured on 6/15/2011.
Clamont Pursuit from nacnud12. Featured on 6/14/2011.
Sidecar remix from FTBS. Featured on 6/13/2011.
2001 Bianchi Veloce from bobberelli. Featured on 6/10/2011.
"Cervelo" Track from seajaye. Featured on 6/8/2011.
1987 Nishiki Tri-A Equipé SOLD from danec99. Featured on 6/8/2011.
Power Black Pursuit from mrcurryone. Featured on 6/7/2011.
Mercier Track Bike - Pink from Natal. Featured on 6/6/2011.
MY SEKINE OLD SCHOOL !!! from CONDENADO. Featured on 5/31/2011.
1952 Schwinn Black Phantom from stinky pete. Featured on 5/27/2011.
Gazelle Triathlon Trophy from Carabo. Featured on 5/26/2011.
Vitus 979 Pursuit from 11bizztool. Featured on 5/25/2011.
NINJA ASSASSIN carbon track bike from dustin. Featured on 5/24/2011.
ThickBikes Art Bike from thickbikes. Featured on 5/23/2011.
'76 Schwinn Stingray from Ridge Rider. Featured on 5/19/2011.
BRIDGESTONE ANCHOR PHR7 from donalrey. Featured on 5/18/2011.
Eddy Merckx / Crescent TT from DiscoBiker. Featured on 5/17/2011.
pinarello prologo from darthoz. Featured on 5/16/2011.
Dolan DF3 from briankwan. Featured on 5/13/2011.
Kirk's Schwinn Lil Tiger from KirkLogan. Featured on 5/12/2011.
GT Pockyclipse (sold) from Riddler Fin. Featured on 5/11/2011.
Keeeeeelo Tee Tee from toa3t. Featured on 5/10/2011.
Giant 2005 Erik Zabel last spare racing bike at T-Mobile from campafreak. Featured on 5/9/2011.
Polish/Italian Track Pursuit from Gustaf_E. Featured on 5/6/2011.
Eimei No.2 from onezilla. Featured on 5/4/2011.
Raleigh Shoppaphenia from drbizzle2011. Featured on 5/3/2011.
Cannondale CAAD5 9/11 Stars and Stripes from Tripperdog. Featured on 5/2/2011.
swinger!! from monkey nuts. Featured on 4/29/2011.
'05 Schwinn Spoiler from j-dogg. Featured on 4/28/2011.
BMC Time Machine TT02 Track from bmhammo. Featured on 4/27/2011.
My custom Jamis Sonik from Akira Kuramoto. Featured on 4/26/2011.
Black and white Raleigh sports for Kerry from pedalwrench. Featured on 4/25/2011.
1987 Peugeot P8 Avoriaz from kwekeljo. Featured on 4/22/2011.
Arrogant Bastard from Transition3. Featured on 4/21/2011.
Araya NJS Super Racer Cr-Mo Prestis (Tange) from 11bizztool. Featured on 4/18/2011.
Replica vintage path racer from Oldstyle David. Featured on 4/15/2011.
2010 specialized s works langster from whipithard. Featured on 4/14/2011.
the ring from rattlecan. Featured on 4/13/2011.
Koga Kimera from thor4life. Featured on 4/12/2011.
MCoopDesign - The Rainbow Dragon from mcoopdesign. Featured on 4/11/2011.
Planet X - ec90 - Speedneedle from runenoel. Featured on 4/8/2011.
Project: BONANZA from Boramaniac. Featured on 4/7/2011.
Killa Basso TT Funny bike from Shannons2008. Featured on 4/6/2011.
Affinity lo-pro cmwc edition (sold) from phillylove. Featured on 4/5/2011.
Dodici Special sparkling purple from Prayoga. Featured on 4/4/2011.
Yoh no NAKAGAWA FUNNY BIKE from OSAKA from parkerlewis. Featured on 4/1/2011.
RIH Model Super Course Pursuit from anders. Featured on 3/31/2011.
Woodgrain and Leather Soho from cjblake15. Featured on 3/30/2011.
1970 Schwinn Racer from Mowntnbkr. Featured on 3/29/2011.
Wilson Track from grantdavis28. Featured on 3/28/2011.
merckx from diem. Featured on 3/24/2011.
Bianchi Pista Concept 6 spoke from AeroAceV03. Featured on 3/23/2011.
1963 Raleigh Sports from BLUEMEANIE. Featured on 3/22/2011.
Gustard from DELAPHONICS. Featured on 3/21/2011.
WESTER FLYER FRESH HOT BMX from ERN. Featured on 3/18/2011.
3Rensho Pursue bike from simsob23. Featured on 3/17/2011.
"Kit Boy" - Medici Pro Pista from AnyaNewSchool. Featured on 3/16/2011.
Bridgestone Anchor (Re-Sized Deuce) from FTMG. Featured on 3/15/2011.
Hooligan Urban Predator from Kabala13. Featured on 3/14/2011.
NOS Campagnolo Club Racer from Revelo. Featured on 3/11/2011.
Greg Lemond Tour de France from claudio. Featured on 3/9/2011.
Chartreuse 2010 Leader 725TR V2 from bikeymikey138. Featured on 3/8/2011.
Bosomworth Pursuit from nacnud12. Featured on 3/7/2011.
SBIKE DAYTONA 719 from mikyschaefer. Featured on 3/4/2011.
2008 Kona Paddy Wagon Single Speed from Aphex139. Featured on 3/3/2011.
Austro Daimler Dog Carrier from Ocell. Featured on 3/1/2011.
Yeti DJ 4X bike from DutchmanPhotos. Featured on 2/28/2011.
The Red Scare from tdubs. Featured on 2/25/2011.
1951 Raleigh Sports "C" Tourist from cudak888. Featured on 2/24/2011.
Boneshaker Penny Farthing from niwile. Featured on 2/22/2011.
1960s Murray cruiser with apehangers, leather fringe from charlesweber. Featured on 2/21/2011.
2008 On-One Track from zzpza. Featured on 2/18/2011.
Raleigh Styler Mag from dbrowne. Featured on 2/17/2011.
2007 Bianchi D2 Crono Carbon from cleavel. Featured on 2/15/2011.
Mountain / BMX Softride from Velociclo. Featured on 2/14/2011.
1986 Trek Elance 400 from nateintokyo. Featured on 2/9/2011.
Masi Speciale Fixed from smiff. Featured on 2/8/2011.
imperial tie fighter from adieter. Featured on 2/7/2011.
Evil Imperial from volthause. Featured on 2/6/2011.
Van Nicholas Chinook Track from Rasmus. Featured on 2/5/2011.
Carlton Patina from Carlton Patina. Featured on 2/4/2011.
blue from zwacklmann. Featured on 2/3/2011.
Go Buy A Farm from lull. Featured on 2/2/2011.
Casati Dardo from tbrownell. Featured on 2/1/2011.
prewar BOARD RACER project from dustin. Featured on 1/31/2011.
Cinelli MASH Green from geoffschaf. Featured on 1/28/2011.
Bianchi Krono TT from jtt. Featured on 1/27/2011.
Kuota Kalibur from diem. Featured on 1/26/2011.
Meral Single Speed Ladies from csettle. Featured on 1/25/2011.
Electra Rat Fink from Ridge Rider. Featured on 1/24/2011.
Sirocco Special from krazemoney. Featured on 1/22/2011.
Beasley Michalo from Chris B. Featured on 1/21/2011.
Colnago Master 1989/1990 Campagnolo Record / Chorus / Shamal from desent. Featured on 1/19/2011.
Repack from SkidMark. Featured on 1/18/2011.
GT Track/Pursuit from limborocka. Featured on 1/14/2011.
Obey Fuji from WINDman. Featured on 1/13/2011.
Schwinn World Traveler SS Conversion For My Girlfriend from ESR. Featured on 1/11/2011.
Panasonic NJS track bike (SOLD!) from hsiaohong. Featured on 1/10/2011.
curved seat tube mino denti from aliftrey. Featured on 1/9/2011.
Bianchi 928 Carbon C2C from ShadoxBoxn. Featured on 1/8/2011.
Samson Keirin Goodness from jclimb1. Featured on 1/7/2011.
beerbus from mskulls. Featured on 1/6/2011.
Makino Silver from andrew SIX SIX SIX. Featured on 1/5/2011.
3 rensho from miyashige. Featured on 1/4/2011.
Olmo road bike from _benjovland. Featured on 1/2/2011.
BIOMEGA Copenhagen (First Generation) from Di-Fe. Featured on 1/2/2011.
Softride Lite / fixed gear pist from yasuji. Featured on 12/26/2010.
The War on Christmas from autonomous. Featured on 12/25/2010.
The War on Christmas from autonomous. Featured on 12/25/2010.
Schwinn Varsity Project from SingleSpeeDemon. Featured on 12/21/2010.
Mercier Kilo TT - Black/Gold/Yellow from seanrobot. Featured on 12/20/2010.
Guarantee Bicycle Company , Stutz from Biker Paul. Featured on 12/17/2010.
Purple 2008 Marinoni Pista from Riada73. Featured on 12/16/2010.
IRO Limited Edition LC from skinpack. Featured on 12/15/2010.
Tommasin pursuit track, Columbus AIR/Aero tubing from slangen. Featured on 12/15/2010.
Tommasin pursuit track, Columbus AIR/Aero tubing from slangen. Featured on 12/13/2010.
zipp 2001 from nickl001. Featured on 12/10/2010.
La Bendita Chilanga from Mancha150. Featured on 12/9/2010.
aquaman! from since always. Featured on 12/8/2010.
REDLINE....... from ERN. Featured on 12/7/2010.
concrete jungle from smikna. Featured on 12/6/2010.
Colnago #2 - Extreme Power from jcondne. Featured on 12/4/2010.
My Affinity - Yuko from trace 215. Featured on 12/3/2010.
Peuschwinn Tall Bike from Daydream Johnny. Featured on 12/2/2010.
2009 Leader 735TT Fixed from paradiseills. Featured on 11/30/2010.
Swift folding bike- Fixed gear from Dave Hickey. Featured on 11/29/2010.
thedogtourin from WOODSIE 46 17. Featured on 11/23/2010.
Country bike from ryker. Featured on 11/23/2010.
My old Blue TR250 from interceptorpilot. Featured on 11/19/2010.
Alien Ghost v. 2 from johnnysim1985. Featured on 11/18/2010.
Purple Haze from FriendlyFireStarter. Featured on 11/16/2010.
TREDICI Magia Nera from Hyde. Featured on 11/15/2010.
Pursuit Madness from Pursuit fiend. Featured on 11/11/2010.
Old Man Flyer from yeshavesome. Featured on 11/10/2010.
Fetish Position (retired) from CanadaSteep. Featured on 11/9/2010.
Pinarello P.Log.O. from jonb. Featured on 11/5/2010.
HOPE's Bianchi pista concept 2008 De La Fix­ from HOPE. Featured on 11/4/2010.
Purple Raleigh Twenty from usertwenty. Featured on 11/3/2010.
Rad 05 from monofin. Featured on 11/1/2010.
Schwinn Tornado from stinky pete. Featured on 10/29/2010.
Tri-Cycle from cyciumx. Featured on 10/28/2010.
Surly Karate Monkey from minus9. Featured on 10/27/2010.
Fixie Brompton folding bike - Alloy frame, Phil Wood, 9kg. from Littlepixel. Featured on 10/26/2010.
1971 Raleigh Sports All-Gold Edition from JayV. Featured on 10/25/2010.
kestrel rubicon from sonic. Featured on 10/21/2010.
TrickTrackTall from WARCHILD. Featured on 10/20/2010.
1990 Ed Litton Custom from Scottyboy. Featured on 10/19/2010.
Cytex Inc. Carbon Track (customer) from Lesserevilcycling. Featured on 10/18/2010.
Kestrel KM40 from monofin. Featured on 10/14/2010.
Custom Bilenky "Hetchins Tribute" Track bike from CyclingWMD. Featured on 10/13/2010.
Iro Mark V from cd. Featured on 10/12/2010.
Lakers edition Leader 725TR from chez. Featured on 10/11/2010.
Makino NJS from dimas. Featured on 10/8/2010.
1974 Raleigh Professional ~ Blue Mink/Silver from abstrait. Featured on 10/7/2010.
Leader 735TR from sMull. Featured on 10/6/2010.
Pedersen project from stenviktor. Featured on 10/5/2010.
Bianchi Campione D'Italia from brainvacation77. Featured on 10/4/2010.
pro-miyata from redmedicine. Featured on 10/1/2010.
Madwagon Fulsom Cruiser from quittaboy. Featured on 9/30/2010.
Eliminator! from blinkyoureyes. Featured on 9/29/2010.
'06 Bianchi Pista Concept from walking disease. Featured on 9/28/2010.
Cinelli Vigorelli 56cm 2009 from rheefer. Featured on 9/27/2010.
Bianchi 928SL (Ceramica Flaminia edition) (gone) from turpe. Featured on 9/22/2010.
ANCHOR BRIDGESTONE CARBON PHM9 MONSTER in OSAKA from parkerlewis. Featured on 9/21/2010.
1970's possibly 1980's Le Jeune from EPMD. Featured on 9/20/2010.
2010 Super LUK Track from dommmmmy. Featured on 9/17/2010.
51 J C HIGGINS from flatblackcapo. Featured on 9/16/2010.
Angel - White & Gold Fixed Gear from espertron. Featured on 9/15/2010.
LEADER LD 735TR WOOP WOOP from woopwoop. Featured on 9/14/2010.
1980's Frank Paino road bike from justinfox. Featured on 9/13/2010.
Retro chicks machine from bowiesimon. Featured on 9/10/2010.
2010 Bianchi Super Pista from TS. Featured on 9/9/2010.
Textima GDR Pursuit Machine from Cutty. Featured on 9/8/2010.
folding bike 2 from zodanig. Featured on 9/1/2010.
Rush Hour from Geopium Agent. Featured on 8/31/2010.
colnago pista from asberg. Featured on 8/30/2010.
Chrome 3rensho from pappy. Featured on 8/27/2010.
Vitus ZX-1: Villager Eagle from kyleshay. Featured on 8/26/2010.
For British Eyes Only from rexineffect. Featured on 8/25/2010.
Kos Bruiser from Kadre. Featured on 8/24/2010.
2009 Fuji Track Pro ftp (custom paint) from vDECKERv. Featured on 8/23/2010.
Mixte Rebuilt from garas. Featured on 8/20/2010.
Anchor from Pisuto. Featured on 8/19/2010.
Moser Crono from Elmersson. Featured on 8/18/2010.
Circle A Cycles Classic Track from dbenson. Featured on 8/17/2010.
baltimore GT track RIP from trackboy_sean. Featured on 8/16/2010.
trek 412 fixed gear from old crow. Featured on 8/13/2010.
Karl Marx from JohnnyXLord. Featured on 8/12/2010.
Rob's KHS Downhill Rig Dominatrax from bikebike69. Featured on 8/11/2010.
purple erkel from highroll3r2188. Featured on 8/10/2010.
Teal Affinity Lo Pro from dresearch. Featured on 8/9/2010.
Funny Panasonic track bike from hide. Featured on 8/6/2010.
Maserati / Fiorelli Fixed Gear Single Speed Commuter from rpmooreii. Featured on 8/5/2010.
Scraper Bike...ridin' on '4s from Legislator. Featured on 8/4/2010.
planet x stealth carbon track updated from mafffoster. Featured on 8/3/2010.
REMINTON pursuit FUNNY BIKE- not njs from dustin. Featured on 8/2/2010.
Bob Jackson Randonneur from RudAwkning. Featured on 7/30/2010.
TALL 80's kuwahara UNICYCLE giraffe from dustin. Featured on 7/29/2010.
1986 Univega Gran Turismo touring bike - 62 cm from sibkis. Featured on 7/28/2010.
Zunow Z1 Campagnolo Century from strongwalker. Featured on 7/27/2010.
1992 Bridgestone XO-2 from freewheel. Featured on 7/26/2010.
Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra-Faglum 1988/1989 from Timo. Featured on 7/22/2010.
1985? Cinelli Laser TT from Fitasshit. Featured on 7/21/2010.
Van Dessel Country Road Bob from octopus magic. Featured on 7/20/2010.
Cinelli Track from DiscoBiker. Featured on 7/19/2010.
Bicicleta de Burrito from SkidMark. Featured on 7/16/2010.
Colnago Master TT from Cabeça Nuvem. Featured on 7/15/2010.
Osos Despacio from Robbie. Featured on 7/14/2010.
custome barbie chopper in the works from kw. Featured on 7/13/2010.
Custom All White Bike from dacat84. Featured on 7/12/2010.
Vintage Bianchi SuperLeggera from joe_mcdogwad. Featured on 7/9/2010.
1953 Marastoni from polyglot. Featured on 7/8/2010.
Walker "Heritage" Track Bike from Don Walker Cycles. Featured on 7/7/2010.
I.C.E. Hammer Track from ewwhite. Featured on 7/6/2010.
turn of the century pathracer-ish... from marctenor. Featured on 7/2/2010.
camo_ironman_bike from eveloution. Featured on 7/1/2010.
George Longstaff racing trike from polyglot. Featured on 6/30/2010.
Martini Single Speed from onnovanbraam. Featured on 6/28/2010.
Pinarello Donna from Zephyrus. Featured on 6/24/2010.
Look 565 from wilekg. Featured on 6/23/2010.
Nasty. from Rabbit.. Featured on 6/22/2010.
Gold Sparkle and Chrome Georama NJS from Fitasshit. Featured on 6/21/2010.
Very Old Bianchi from nimhskater978. Featured on 6/16/2010.
Murray Spaceliner Lowrider from Mizake. Featured on 6/15/2010.
Titanium streetfix from Chainslap. Featured on 6/14/2010.
Corima Cougar from ewwhite. Featured on 6/10/2010.
Cannondale Raven Moutain/Commuter from bikemilwaukee. Featured on 6/8/2010.
MKE BRUISER! from WalkingDead. Featured on 6/7/2010.
Vintage Schwinn Lil' Chik Stingray from 2Legit2Quit. Featured on 6/4/2010.
JAMES from bob trott. Featured on 6/1/2010.
Custom Lo Pro from chrobin. Featured on 5/29/2010.
pink beater from greydevil. Featured on 5/29/2010.
2004 Bianchi Pista from pacts179. Featured on 5/27/2010.
kona cruiser from chilla. Featured on 5/26/2010.
2010 Cervelo T1 Track 58cm from terrible_one49. Featured on 5/25/2010.
Jorge the 1965 Roadmaster Low Rider from mynoz. Featured on 5/21/2010.
CUSTOM TALLBIKE from TS. Featured on 5/20/2010.
Tommasini Air CX from njiveone. Featured on 5/19/2010.
Custom Bishop Bikes Super Sprint Track Bike " Black Beauty " from deermatt. Featured on 5/18/2010.
MOUNTAINCYCLE AFTERSHOCK from today. Featured on 5/17/2010.
sumomo dirt jump bike from momoiro_bike. Featured on 5/15/2010.
Schwinn Prologue TT from fastback. Featured on 5/14/2010.
Shinscar's GT Pulse from Shinscar. Featured on 5/13/2010.
prewar BOARD TRACK RACER #2 from dustin. Featured on 5/12/2010.
Uniquely Steve Schwinn from clayhorste. Featured on 5/11/2010.
Cervelo P2C Time Trial Rig from Fontosaurus. Featured on 5/10/2010.
50's Schwinn American Cruiser from blueeffusion. Featured on 5/7/2010.
veb diamant karl-marx stadt aka brownie from selecta gold. Featured on 5/6/2010.
Focus Izalco Pista Track -- FSA Carbon -- Corima Four Spokes -- SOLD from Fabianinduplo. Featured on 5/5/2010.
Transition Dirtbag DH/FR custom build from Triple8Sol. Featured on 4/22/2010.
Trek Y-Foil : The Ube Special in IceBlue/Pink from cyciumx. Featured on 4/21/2010.
peloton from dolface. Featured on 4/20/2010.
1960 JC Higgins Flightliner 5-speed from mastronaut. Featured on 4/16/2010.
Bosomworth Track, NOS! from Thriller. Featured on 4/15/2010.
Arthur Caygill Low Pro Track from biles. Featured on 4/13/2010.
Euro Sport Pursuit Bike from J.K.L.P. Featured on 4/12/2010.
Paginton Lo Pro bike from flash. Featured on 4/9/2010.
look kg 496 from lelaureat. Featured on 4/8/2010.
1972 Schwinn Breeze from owlboogie. Featured on 4/7/2010.
ZIPP 2001 from kdh747. Featured on 4/6/2010.
cinelli laZer pista from Hrrundel. Featured on 4/5/2010.
Cougar "Terry Dolan" Fixie from Sticky. Featured on 4/2/2010.
54 cm Lo-Pro Track Girl's bike from Stanley Mansou. Featured on 4/1/2010.
Winter Minty from 40x14. Featured on 3/31/2010.
Penelope (Penny) from macdonaldphoto. Featured on 3/29/2010.
Sekine Cycle 1950's from 4438. Featured on 3/27/2010.
pride and joy from targat. Featured on 3/26/2010.
Corima Cougar from Shamus. Featured on 3/25/2010.
Pair of Rex "Classique" 3-Speeds from Revelo. Featured on 3/23/2010.
2008 fuji track pro 54cm "murdered out" from rsvp. Featured on 3/22/2010.
1978 U.S.S.R. XB3 (Rekord) Track from Flat Four. Featured on 3/20/2010.
Colnago Pista 1978 from Angel_Photographer. Featured on 3/19/2010.
Old Triumph Palm Beach - Conversion to 50's Style Hybrid Single Speed from BigKahuna666. Featured on 3/18/2010.
Hyda Bike! from oktokrewl. Featured on 3/17/2010.
ZIPP 3001 (sold) from gotan. Featured on 3/16/2010.
TAKHION SUPER SPORT TRACK from Hrrundel. Featured on 3/15/2010.
80's PANASONIC team edition pursuit FUNNY BIKE from dustin. Featured on 3/12/2010.
BT carbon fiber track bike from dustin. Featured on 3/9/2010.
Boy Bike from monofin. Featured on 3/8/2010.
marinoni x adidas from booring. Featured on 3/8/2010.
Brownie from bobthefish. Featured on 3/5/2010.
Daccordi Crono TT from Thriller. Featured on 3/4/2010.
1975 Peugeot from calculator. Featured on 3/3/2010.
24K GOLD CINELLI track bike from dustin. Featured on 3/2/2010.
soma rush from iamhotryan. Featured on 3/1/2010.
Flandria "Scorcher" from ruthless dictator. Featured on 2/27/2010.
suspension bike. from ROOKER. Featured on 2/26/2010.
Ateliers d'Embellie Porteur Custom from toofsy. Featured on 2/25/2010.
barbie pink fixed gear. from veronikavsyou. Featured on 2/24/2010.
2010 Cinelli Vigorelli from keperbipy. Featured on 2/23/2010.
Reverse Cowgirl from SkidMark. Featured on 2/22/2010.
PINARELLO pursuit track FUNNY BIKE from dustin. Featured on 2/19/2010.
Lemond Alpe D'Huez fixed Gear from singlespeed78. Featured on 2/18/2010.
1972 Columbia Tourist Expert III from mos6502. Featured on 2/17/2010.
Colnago Super 1977, Super Record panto from Zephyrus. Featured on 2/16/2010.
Schwinn Little 500 (2005) from joshelgin. Featured on 2/13/2010.
Schwinn Sidewinder MTB "Bomb proof" from Alia. Featured on 2/11/2010.
DolanTrackChamp from Rasmus. Featured on 2/10/2010.
BENOTTO REFURB from LECHERO 531. Featured on 2/9/2010.
Interloc Xtracycle from ong. Featured on 2/8/2010.
Broakland Pipebomb from Don Alejandro. Featured on 2/7/2010.
Prologo Funny Bike from Hyde. Featured on 2/6/2010.
LAF custom handbuilt cruiser/lowrider from aldesso. Featured on 2/5/2010.
SOLD: Cannondale Track 3.0 1992 from paramount. Featured on 2/4/2010.
Rat Rod CherryLiner from steppinthefunk. Featured on 2/3/2010.
Textima track from FrederikBj. Featured on 2/2/2010.
Powder Blue Fixed Gear from no gmo. Featured on 2/1/2010.
Bob_Jackson_SWB_Tandem from polyglot. Featured on 1/31/2010.
SUPER MOTOBIKE from kdh747. Featured on 1/30/2010.
Spectrum 1 lghtspd from crackito. Featured on 1/29/2010.
Sarah's Bob Jackson from Hops. Featured on 1/28/2010.
black Pedersen Projekt from Di-Fe. Featured on 1/27/2010.
1984 Alan SR Carbonio from Otto Rax. Featured on 1/26/2010.
Mini Vivalo NJS from alliemalley. Featured on 1/25/2010.
Greg's Spicer from greg. Featured on 1/23/2010.
Bike Friday Tikit Model T Commuter from cat0020. Featured on 1/21/2010.
Starfuckers Xenon from marrrrk.. Featured on 1/19/2010.
Custom Spicer Track Frame from lorin phx. Featured on 1/18/2010.
Bullitt Cargo bike (STOLEN!!!) from Tobias Lykkegaard. Featured on 1/17/2010.
Bridgestone Anchor from brokenspoke71. Featured on 1/15/2010.
ZIPP 2001 carbon track bike from dustin. Featured on 1/14/2010.
purple bridgestone keirin bike from awer1. Featured on 1/11/2010.
Roger's vintage Windsor Fixed Gear Cruiser from rpmooreii. Featured on 1/11/2010.
Bianchi D2 Super Pista (sold) from proudxvxyouth. Featured on 1/9/2010.
ground up track bike from isotopesope. Featured on 1/8/2010.
1948 B. F. Goodrich (Schwinn) from BLUEMEANIE. Featured on 1/3/2010.
EAI Bareknuckle from 8urglnar. Featured on 12/30/2009.
Bianchi Mega Pro L 7005 from YOTOC2000. Featured on 12/28/2009.
Ghoaster from peptodismal. Featured on 12/26/2009.
Sludhound (RIP) from zombiewarfare. Featured on 12/21/2009.
Affinity Pursuit from Cobra. Featured on 12/20/2009.
1978 Peugeot Monaco Conversion from omgnato. Featured on 12/20/2009.
Standard 125R 24" from chrispiascik. Featured on 12/17/2009.
Unknown bike from 1907 from moik. Featured on 12/17/2009.
Bridgestone Silver Bullet from Ben Hittle. Featured on 12/16/2009.
Ski Bikes - 2009 from Joey Volpe. Featured on 12/15/2009.
Black Bareknuckle V3.2 from Jakito. Featured on 12/15/2009.
bamboo cross bike from lewisbamboo. Featured on 12/13/2009.
Trek TT from EK. Featured on 12/12/2009.
Black Sheep Speedster from specialk. Featured on 12/10/2009.
99 GT GTB from Chipp. Featured on 12/8/2009.
1981 Piaggio Bianchi Track Bike from borrachobandito. Featured on 12/8/2009.
☆ RUSH HOUR PRO TEAM FRAME 08 ☆ from HALIMANDER. Featured on 12/7/2009.
Bomber Pro from rika. Featured on 12/7/2009.
Colnago Master from Shamus. Featured on 12/4/2009.
Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra 2007 Commuter from Thomas Baumann. Featured on 12/4/2009.
Inverted BMX Tall Bike from ajotol. Featured on 12/2/2009.
Cannondale F4 frame equipped with Campagnolo/Shimano/Grimeca/Formula/Miche components and a carbon rigid disc fork from Campy Cino. Featured on 12/1/2009.
Silver Vivalo 50 x 55 from r-bert. Featured on 11/30/2009.
Colnago Pista, 90's Campy C-Record from dubteka. Featured on 11/30/2009.
2009 Van Dessel Country Road Bob from herbibore. Featured on 11/24/2009.
The Whistling Pink Panther from IRLeo. Featured on 11/22/2009.
Condor TT from ohm. Featured on 11/19/2009.
Chiquita Chaser from Boss Chiz. Featured on 11/18/2009.
Milwaukee Bruiser from WINDman. Featured on 11/18/2009.
Peugeot Touraine from sfclearwater. Featured on 11/17/2009.
tallbike from kw. Featured on 11/17/2009.
Conti late 80s road bike from oscaro. Featured on 11/15/2009.
NOS 80's Colnago Pista from WINDman. Featured on 11/13/2009.
Custom Hybrid Yamaguchi from visitordesign. Featured on 11/12/2009.
LOOK KG196 and DISC WHEEL from deniswang. Featured on 11/10/2009.
A$$JAMMER from oktokrewl. Featured on 11/10/2009.
Yeti Road Project from minus9. Featured on 11/9/2009.
demo 8 from briankwan. Featured on 11/6/2009.
Another Beer Bike from joop1117. Featured on 11/4/2009.
Rock Lobster Track from dabern. Featured on 11/4/2009.
Vail Cycle Works Pursuit Frame from epitaph60. Featured on 11/2/2009.
Gt GTB from Tdi. Featured on 11/2/2009.
The Uni Bomber from Mr.Pedalsworth. Featured on 10/30/2009.
F.Moser Super Prestige Track from Soy-lidarity. Featured on 10/29/2009.
Surly 1x1 - Greatest 1x1 Ever... from thesergeant. Featured on 10/28/2009.
[For Sale] 1985 Guerciotti Pista - All Italian* from estratton. Featured on 10/27/2009.
BT Pinkie from melgart. Featured on 10/26/2009.
Titanic Triple Tandem from thickbikes. Featured on 10/22/2009.
Project: HELLCAT from Boramaniac. Featured on 10/21/2009.
1994 Rafty Funnel proto from Senri. Featured on 10/18/2009.
sumomo funny bike from momoiro_bike. Featured on 10/15/2009.
Colnago Master Piu Light Blue Metallic from euroman99. Featured on 10/14/2009.
1975 Raleigh Professional Track "Nigel" from KJ1022. Featured on 10/14/2009.

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