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velospace is the place to share bikes! You are looking at rainydaywomen024's friends on velospace. The bikes you see on this page were uploaded by velospace users like you and friended by rainydaywomen024. Check out the photos page for more awesome bikes, or look at a random bike or two and make sure to stop by and chat in the forums.
rainydaywomen024's Friends53.5 Samson Bridgestone sannino 80s(?) pursuit Samson Illusion - Columbus tubing '93 masi gran corsa, pearlescent white 3Rensho Super Record Export 57cm Pake 57 (Porsche Lapis Blue Paint) Samson circle a handbuilt by brian chapman (fillet brazed columbus zona tubing) Samson Illusion Columbus NJS Keirin Kalavinka super exhibition GT Pro Performer reminton njs Kalavinka Super Exhibition, Panasonic 'sonic blue' to crystal purple fade, rainbow metalflake. jaekel (columbus) Eimei keirin track frame 53cm Fort Raleigh (England) Carlton Flyer, Late 1940's. 54 Bridgestone NJS '06 Bianchi Pista Concept *BROKEN* VIVALO 53cm iro angus Samson 55cm Level Corima - 53.5cm Cougar Monocoque Carbon Fiber Nagasawa pake level 54 58cm Pinarello Bassano Pista (1980s), Gipiemme dropouts. Bridgestone keirin, columbus genius tubing, 57 cm. (NJS) 55.5 cm Vivalo Pro Special Keirin 2007 Tange 85th anniversary frame and fork Torell 20th Anniversary frame NO. 98 of 100 in the world Rossin Pãké 57cm Nagasawa with Suntour rear dropouts KHS 1985 Serotta Track 2005 Bianchi Pista Samson NJS Keirin 50cm Bianchi Concept kalavinka super exhibition njs 1960's Track/Braze on stuff added in the last decade 56 cm UNO by Fujishiro NJS bridgestone EAI Bare Knuckle zebrakenko NOS 80s Pursuit. Hand made by Wayne Roberts in Adelaide. 59cm. Reynolds tube. Peugeot PY-10 Carbon Fiber Late 80's Colnago Master Pista, Gilco crimped steel tubing. 2004 Bianchi Pista Jacobs custom track, 3rensho lugs 1980's Cecil Walker Track Frame 57cm Kenevans Australian Custom Track Frame F. Moser 60cm 'Hour Record' Track Frame IRO Angus 87' Battaglin SLX Raleigh TI Track 22 In pieces Colagno Master XL Pista (lugged steel) 54cm Pistrada Track, 52cm, Columbus, limited frame No.2 Nagasawa (custom) 51.5 cm makino- kasei 8630 Circle A custum frame w/ True Temper Platinum OX tubing and Pacenti lugs EAI Bareknuckle custom powdercoated sparkly white EAI bareknuckle Maietta un sola mente, custom tig welded Columbus Zona Steel 1976 Schwinn Paramount 50cm 52 cm Vivalo Zullo Team Raleigh Track Kenevans 59cm Reynolds 531c . 55cm Bianchi Pista Concept Samson Keirin Track Yanagisawa 54cm IRO 1970s Masi Pista 48cm blue bareknuckle with janky white hearts 80s Colnago track frame (58cm st, 57cm tt) Nishiki cinelli olympic kalavinka super exhibition 51cm 1903 columbia track 1980? Corsaro track frame 2006 53cm Surly Steamroller, in 'charcoal pearl' 1970? 60cm Gitane Track Japanese Gas Pipe Iro Mark V IRO Angus UNO PISTA 53cm LandShark custom track frame (56cm) with custom paint job.  Fillet-brazed Columbus MAX steel. 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept Team Colgate Paint 2004 bianchi pista (hipster bike of the year)  Centurion Bicycle Works-Steel kalavinka 54 square eai bareknuckle EuroAsia Imports (EAI) BareKnuckle 58cm Schwinn Sprint Ciocc 1984 3rensho track; 57cm; Serial #A139-XXX 90's Colnago Pista. Columbus Brain tubing for Colnago Bob Jackson Cyclops 47cm Custom 54cm Kalavinka, built for road training Peloton *hanging on my wall broken*  DW track frame, Reynolds731OS Taiwanese licensed Reynolds 520 (525) by Mercier LeveL 3 Rensho Super Record Export Track (53cm) made by Makino-san direct from Makino-san from the old San Rensho (now Makino) shop 80's Rossin Track kiyo Miyazawa NJS keirin 56cm W&E Pollard (?) Allegedly built in the Coventry with Reynolds 531.  Its cool. 2004 bianchi pista, stripped chrome 3 Rensho Super Record Export Gitane, Vitus 788 tubing 50cm Kilo TT cinelli olympic pista Gios (70s road, rattle can paint job) Interpro Korean made track frame for Korean Keirin 1997 Panasonic NJS keirin frame, Ishiwata 019 khs aero track 55cm custom pursuit -- can't really make out the signature 1984 Conti - Columbus tubing 1962 Carlton Flyer bridgestone njs 54.5x54 Soma Rush 57cm olympic Kiyo Miyazawa -w- Columbus Genius NJS tubing Guerciotti 89 custom track Samson Kierin, 56cm 110 rear spacing 60's chrome Carlton, nervex lugs Rock Lobster custom track, Reynolds 853, 58x58cm 06' Bianchi Pista custom ground up track frame Casati Monza track De Rosa Super Prestige Eddy Merckx Stan Miles 1950's British track frame KHS Flite 100
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