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velospace is the place to share bikes! You are looking at capdeville1's friends on velospace. The bikes you see on this page were uploaded by velospace users like you and friended by capdeville1. Check out the photos page for more awesome bikes, or look at a random bike or two and make sure to stop by and chat in the forums.
capdeville1's FriendsSurly Steamroller 53cm 1978 Alan Shorter No.62 60cm columbus tubing 52cm Bareknuckle 57 Mercier Kilo TT EAI Bareknuckle 54cm Mercier Kilo tt Pake 55cm Reminton: white Paint with a Reddish/Purple Pearl  51.5 st  (c-c) x  53.5 tt (c-c) Baller Bike Co. 53.5 Samson  IRO BFSSFG 2007 - Sold KHS turbo Peugeot mid 80´s Reynolds steel frame 51cm pista concept 2007 Kona Paddy Wagon Veloce 58cm with True Temper RCX tubing 2008 IRO Angus (Powder Coated) 50cm IRO BFSSFG Mercier Kilo TT 53.5cm steamroller 53 Waterford SS branded as Eighty Eight 1992 Giant Perigee Gan Well Pro Schwinn World Sport Canondale IRO Mark V Pro IRO Mark V 56cm sparton 58cm late 70's motobecane champion 49 track pro 1987 Bianchi Road Frame (Superleggera?) IRO Mark V IRO Jamie Roy 53cm fuji track pro 57cm Black EAI Bareknuckle eai brassknuckle 54cm columbus slx GOrilla, steel, welded, oversize tubing Pista Concept 2007 Surly Steamroller 50cm EAI Bareknuckle EAI Bare Knuckle IRO BFSSFG Group Buy 53cm Iro Langster. 50cm Mercier Kilo TT Raleigh Rush Hour 08' Specialized Langster City Edition (Chicago 05 KHS Flite 100 SEKINE 70s STEEL FRAME 53cm Lighthouse 54cm (Built by Tim Neenan) Trek 414 Iro Mark V Cayne Uno 56cm FUJI Track Pro 2007 Cannondale Capo 58cm Cunnane Idigo 96 50cm threadless IRO groupbuy IRO | BFSSFG (Wife-O-Tron's) Bridgestone 1997 KHS Aero Track Cyclops Matte Black 53 cm BFSSFG IRO Group buy - 1-1/8 Soma Rush track frame (56cm) '07 Cinelli Vigorelli 56cm 59cm IRO Limited Edition Frame and Nashbar carbon fork Planet-X Track Limited edition EAI Copper Knuckle 52cm eai Bareknuckle Raleigh Alpha 1970s IRO Mark V 53cm Thick Art Bike ultra custom one-off Bianchi Pista Iro MarkV 07 52cm Bareknuckle - Purple - Ube - Ice Cream Fixie Pake 51cm. killo tt 80's Sabitini 49 cm soma rush Re-coated 53cm 2004 Bianchi Pista Bareknuckle reminton.  white riot is sort of her nickname. 2006 lemond fillmore (true temper ox platinum tubing), 49 cm + yanco pad Fort blue 50cm iro bfssfg 49 cm 2006 Fuji Track w/ Spaceman Flask Hoslter Van Dessel Country Road Bob 58 or 59cm, circa 2002 Giordanda Track frame Schwinn Tempo, 58cm iro angus 56cm Bare Knuckle - Putty Green - 54cm EAI Bareknuckle 58cm Bare Knuckles raleigh IRO 62 cm IRO Mark V 53 iro mark v bareknuckle 1980's Melton track frame Samson NJS Keirin 50cm Roberts Time Trial take a guess Late 80's Colnago Master, Gilco crimped steel tubing. baby blue restoration paint job by Joe Bell. 61cm. Lightning NJS, 1990s (?) 110 spacing 1976 Schwinn Paramount 50cm Cannondale track 92 1903 columbia track 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept Team Colgate Paint '87 Legnano track Soma Pake Chrome 1978-P14 Nervex lugs 52cm Custom Bob Jackson Custom Villin fillet brazed true temper platinum OX bridgestone njs 54.5x54 Kiyo Miyazawa -w- Columbus Genius NJS tubing Stan Miles 1950's British track frame
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