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velospace is the place to share bikes! You are looking at mantonio1433's friends on velospace. The bikes you see on this page were uploaded by velospace users like you and friended by mantonio1433. Check out the photos page for more awesome bikes, or look at a random bike or two and make sure to stop by and chat in the forums.
mantonio1433's FriendsPake Rum Runner Grey / 55cm / 2010 GT GTB / 54cm  Cinelli Mash 58cm Cannondale Track / 53cm / 1993 October All-City Dropout/small/2010 Cannondale Track/58cm/1992 1993 Cannondale Track 54cm Fuji Track Pro/58/ 2009 Nemesis Project Trackfighter Plymouth / 55cm Bianchi Pista Concept 2004 Watanabe (NJS) / 50.5-52 Nemesis Project / 55cm / 2010 2009 Milwaukee Bruiser Affinity Lo Pro / 51cm / 2010 2010 bianchi super pista 57cm Cinelli Vigorelli, L/56cm, 2008 Dodici Gara Gun Metal Grey / 55 / 2010 Textima / 60cm / 1980s? 55cm Yanagisawa built for a professional keirin racer Bridgestone / 53.5cm / 1995 Kilo 50cm Stripper frame 2010 Bishop Bikes Custom Track Frame . 56.5 x 54 Colnago Pista/51 CM/2010? NJS Watanabe / 53cm Affinity Lo Pro / 57cm (M) / 2010 Masi 3Volumetrica Pista / Size 560 / Year 199x (early 90-s ???) 2010 Bianchi Super Pista / 55 Scattante Americano / 49 / 2008 IRIBE Alien / 55 / 2009 affinity lo-pro/small/2009 eighthinch scrambler / 51cm / 2010 V5 Cutter Flat Black / 50cm Mercier Columbus / 53cm / mid 1980's Broakland - 54cm 55cm Eighth Inch Scrambler 2010 KNFLK 56cm / 2009 Bomber Pro NJS / 55 Affinity Lo Pro Bianchi Super Pista/ 59cm/ 2010 Cutter-53-2009 Eighthinch Scrambler V2/ 57/ 09 KALAVINKA / 540mm / BRIDGESTONE/54CM/92' cannondale track // 54cm Affinity Lo Pro / 60cm / 2009 Affinity Lo Pro Geekhouse / 61 54cm late 80's Columbus SLX Concorde pista made in Italy by Ciocc 2008 Pista Concept Bridgestone NJS / 54.5 / 1999 Matsuri Track / 61/ 198? NJS Kerin Panasonic POS 56cm top tube 2009 canondale track 1995 56cm Panasonic NJS track frame / 52cm Dolan Track Champion / 56cm / 09 Jim Bundy 55cm Circa 1990 Bianchi Pista Concept 04' Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Bruiser (Production Small) Cannondale Track, 57, 1993 Cannondale Track/ 58cm/ 1990's 2009 Eighth Inch Scrambler V2, 59cm GT Kinesis / Pulse 58cm (nos) 54 eai sage khaki green bare knuckle cinelli mash 58cm felt brougham Mash x Cinelli Affinity LoPro Medium pearl white Boneshaker Cinelli x Mash 55cm 2008 Bianchi Pista Concept 61cm 52.5cm NJS Reminton, 120 rear spacing Subrosa Malum '92 cannondale track 55cm 70's era Raleigh frame powdercoated black 63 cm Mercier Kilo tt 57 cm 2009 Cinelli Olympic Pista NAGASAWA NJS Mercier Kilo TT 60cm (Reynolds CroMo Steel Butted Tubing) Colnago Pista (6 Day) (possibly Master or Super) 90's  cannondale track 54/54 Land Shark 56cm Bridgestone Gold NJS w/ Tange 1 Tubing 08' cinelli super pista - 24k gold plated 1992 Cannondale Track Nishiki Competition Haral track Reynolds 531, 54cm, handmade leather sleeving Diamant Late 70's Track Frame bridgestone 55.5cm Orlowski Lo-Pro Cervelo P2T 54.8 cm bridgestone Leader 725TR 55cm Bare Knuckle Pake Track 57cm 2009 Custom made Daniel Salmon track frame. circa 1974 Palt 2.5 Ti from D.A.M.P. Bicycles Natural Nagasawa 7005 Aluminum 54cm 92 Cannondale Track BareKnucle 52cm Iro Mark V Volume Cutter Pista Concept Affinity Low Pro EAI Bareknuckle Affinity Lo Pro Small Umezawa njs keirin track frame 59cm SOMA rush  personal colourway CHESINI 2007 Felt TK2 Raleigh Grand Prix masi sprint Affinity Lo Pro 53cm  |  NJS  |  custom designed Peloton by Shitamori  |  Suntour dropouts and fork end Affinity Marta 60cm flat grey '77 Motobecane track with Bocama cut-out lugs. (Vitus tubing i think), 58cm Brian Rourke Lo Pro Road Frame. 1986 (C559) Bianchi Pista 56cm - Formula One Columbus tubing, Gipiemme track ends Raleigh Stock Peloton Shitamori NJS 53.5cmc-c top tube 52c-c seat tube Broakland Pipe-Bomb - 55s-t 54t-t 55cm FBM Sword. Waterford 33 w/ Reynolds 953 stays 52cm Geekhouse Rockcity Mino Denti - 59cm - Gilco Crimped Tubing Cannondale Track 60cm Bianchi Pista Concept ? 50cm mercier kilo tt green Dave russel, repainted by Shorter in NEON PINK! GT Pulse 05 Bianchi Pista Concept Capo 08 On-One Il Pompino Bridgestone 51.5cm Indigo Sparkle Team USA Track Affinity Pursuit 52cm Felt TK2 2004 Bianchi Pista Concept 57cm EAI Bareknuckle 52 cm  Remington NJS frame 53 Marble Purple Makino. 52cm Kilo TT Palt from D.A.M.P. Bicycles Mercier Kilo TT (Blank) - Green Bianchi Pista Concept 08 Vivalo 58 cm Gitane Interclub Track circa 1970's CUSTOM BUILT SPICER 52cm Bareknuckle Cannondale Track / 1993 NJS Bridgestone invisible man x the shadow conspiracy 93 Cannondale Track 55cm EAI Bareknuckle 54cm Trek T1 BMC Track Machine TRC01 Cannondale Track '94 pursuit, columbus tubing Biobike columbus max custom made frame Bare Knuckle 58 steamroller 07 1998 3rensho keirin, pearlescent pink and metallic purple Handmade Sprint Bike by Don Walker 2003 Bianchi Pista Concept 55cm GOrilla, streetfixie, steel, welded 54cm EAI Bare Knuckle bridgestone Cannondale Track '92 Bareknuckle 56cm, Powdercoated Bengal White Nishiki Road Special Bridgestone 58cm NJS pearl white with large silver flecks, Columbus 'Genius' tubeset 1985 хвз рекорд (khah-v-z Record) LEVEL Super Prestige Bridgestone Silver NJS frame yamaguchi Bridgestone 1975 Raleigh Professional Track 52cm cannondale track powder coated 1989 Bianchi Sport SX Limited edition EAI Copper Knuckle Bianchi Concept 2003 52cm eai Bareknuckle Custom built, by GT GTB 56cm 2004 Felt TK2 Surly Steamroller 56cm Bianchi Pista Concept Bianchi Concept (powder coated) Trek 510 frame (22.5 custom bob jackson track frame with paul adustable track ends and chromed stays Bareknuckle 54cm custom made by Jacek Orlowski, columbus steel Bianchi Pista Concept 2003 f. moser 54 1980's Melton track frame Felt TK2 panasonic, njs Cannondale Cannondale track 92 Gan Well Pro NJS 55 soma rush 631 (55cm)
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