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velospace is the place to share bikes! You are looking at whiskeytango's friends on velospace. The bikes you see on this page were uploaded by velospace users like you and friended by whiskeytango. Check out the photos page for more awesome bikes, or look at a random bike or two and make sure to stop by and chat in the forums.
whiskeytango's FriendsBianchi Pista Concept 04' 1986/7 Eddy Merck Pista, Columbus SLX, Team Faema colors Hillbrick, lugged, columbus  zona tubing 1981 Bianchi Pista Italiano Lotus Touring Bike Nippon Centurion Gan Well Pro 52cm 1988/1989 Eddy Merckx Corsa Pista, Columbus SL Tommasini Pursuit Pinarello Bassano LEVEL Super Prestige banani track 58 with campagnolo trackends Sannino 52cm Moyer Cycles custom singlespeed frame, Sachs Nuovo-Richie lugset, paint by Keith Anderson Geekhouse Pursuit Peloton Shitamori Custom (Silver paint, 53cm) Benotto Modelo 2700 Pista Professional Russian Vested Technologies custom Ti Peugeot Course PH-10, Carbolite 103 1975 Raleigh Professional Track bomber pro Eimei (tokyo) Keirin NJS (530/540) 55 cm Nagasawa Vivalo keirin frame. 1999 NJS Nagasawa 52cm NJS STAMPED EIMEI 57CM Samson Vintage Fiorelli Coppi (Joe Bell repaint), Columbus 58x57 tommasini pursuit 53cm soma rush [53cm] 58cm Faggin Moyer track Yamaguchi CBT Italia Pista (sold) 56cm square Bomber Pro Nagasawa reminton.  white riot is sort of her nickname. IRO Indy Fab 3rensho Bianchi Concept (powder coated) Kalavinka Super Exhibition, Panasonic 'sonic blue' to crystal purple fade, rainbow metalflake. Dave Hinde, 53cm johnny coast, 51cm.  deacciai tubing; kalavinka lugs Samson 55cm Bob Jackson Pista custom yamaguchi road time trial/track hybrid Maeda  NJS 57 cm Keirin Track Frame (Samson Dropouts) custom 58x58 Moyer Cycle (lugged OX Platinum tubing, traditional diameters) GT 1980's Melton track frame Samson NJS Keirin 50cm Austro Daimler Reynolds 531 Late 80's Colnago Master Pista, Gilco crimped steel tubing. Lightning NJS, 1990s (?) 110 spacing 1976 Schwinn Paramount 50cm Zullo KHS Aero Track Gan Well Pro NJS 55 3Rensho Custom Track 52.5 1981 (?) Eddy Merckx Professional Track Model Columbus lugged steel with Eddy Merckx stamped track fork ends 1903 columbia track Reminton NJS 52.5cm. A tint of pink w/ silver UNO PISTA 53cm 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept Team Colgate Paint kalavinka 54 square 54cm Kalavinka, built for road training 3 Rensho Super Record Export Track (53cm) made by Makino-san direct from Makino-san from the old San Rensho (now Makino) shop Bob Jackson Super Vigorelli Track (53cm), Reynolds 631 tubing Moyer Cycles with Sachs Newvex Lugs Reminton Tange Prestige Tubing Chrome 1978-P14 Nervex lugs F. Moser Track 1984 Conti - Columbus tubing 54cm Peugeot Touring 60's chrome Carlton, nervex lugs Levant De Rosa Super Prestige Eddy Merckx
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