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velospace is the place to share bikes! You are looking at marc's friends on velospace. The bikes you see on this page were uploaded by velospace users like you and friended by marc. Check out the photos page for more awesome bikes, or look at a random bike or two and make sure to stop by and chat in the forums.
marc's Friendskalavinka 50cm Mercier Kilo TT, woohoo! no decals 53.5 Samson Kalavinka Dark blue Kiyo Miyazawa keirin 53cm. njs stamped. IRO Mark V Pro Cinelli Vigorelli Bridgestone Anchor NJS, 55cm square (Kaisei 8630 tubing, double butted) Makino Ikki Special 2003 Bianchi Pista Concept 55cm Makino Cannondale Track '92 Bomber Pro 52.5cm bridgestone columbus genius tubing 47cm MAKINO - 2007 made from oversized columbus spirit keirin, matte black - 52.5cm c-c TT Nagasawa C-C: 50.5cm C-T: 52.5cm Rear Spacing: 110mm Bianchi Concept 2006 Yamaguchi Aero Track 53.5 Red and Gold Sparkle Kalavinka Keirin NJS Frame Concept- powdercoated white 03' Bianchi Pista Concept 06 Bianchi Pista Concept FULL CHROME Pista Gan Well Pro 52cm Pake 49cm (w/ R.E.load top tube pad) broakland panasonic gan well pro NJS Pinarello Bassano LEVEL Super Prestige Bridgestone Silver NJS frame Gan Well Pro Carbon Evasion vivalo special 52cm 2007 Cannondale Capo 58cm NAGASAWA/REMINTON Keirin training frame! EAI Bareknuckle, 60 White Nagasawa NJS Marinoni Pista Crono super hong kong style bullet whip pure steel plated dark lead chocolate dipped frame. made in china! DB 7005 Aluminum, Anthena White Kiyo Miyazawa 53cm Pake Fuji Track Pro 56c Bridgestone Vivalo Professional Samson Illusion - Columbus tubing samson, reynolds 753r Eai Brass Knuckle EAI Brassknuckle Specialized S-Works Langster '07 Jamis Sputnik 57cm Bianchi Pista Concept 3rensho Super Record Export (NJS) Russian Vested Technologies custom Ti 1975 Raleigh Professional Track '92 lugged yamaguchi Vivalo Pro Special NJS, oversize Kaisei 8630R tubing '07 Cinelli Vigorelli 56cm Electron Argon 18 (Custom Paint) Bob Jackson Track Bridgestone 52cm cannondale track powder coated KALAVINKA NJS KEIRIN FRAME Bridgestone njs Nagasawa bomber pro Bomber Pro NJS 3Rensho Anchor Keirin njs Kaisei 4130 chromoly fillet-brazed Bianchi Concept 2006 Limited edition EAI Copper Knuckle Bianchi Concept 2003 55 cm Nagasawa LeveL Bomber Pro Maeda Industries 56cm EAI Bareknuckles EAI barenaked 59 cm pearl white Gan Well Pro Fuji Track (powdercoated white) Late 80's Cinelli Fastback Bridgestone 1999 NJS Nagasawa 52cm Bianch Pista Concept 55cm 2007 58CM KOBE COBRA pista concept Bridgestone 53cm NJS 50cm Bareknuckle with custom red powdercoat 2007 Bianchi Pista Concept 57cm Bareknucke 06 concept 2007 Bianchi Pista 1998 Bomber Pro, 54 cm, built by Rinsei-San using Columbus Keirin Nivacrom EL tubing Surly Steamroller 56cm 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept Nightmare Red Bianchi Pista Concept 3Rensho Super Record Export 57cm Pake 57 (Porsche Lapis Blue Paint) Yamaguchi 56cm square Bomber Pro Nagasawa IRO Angus Pista Concept Samson Illusion Columbus NJS Keirin reminton.  white riot is sort of her nickname. Indy Fab pake cannondale track 54cm Kalavinka Super Exhibition Moyer / Deda tubing / Henry James lugs Miyata Track Bianchi Concept (powder coated) 51 cm bianchi pista concept 2004 (was flat black, now powdercoated burnt umber w/ green)  peugeot  Bridgestone 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept 52cm 1980's Vivalo Special Samson 55cm 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept 51.5 Bridgestone Level Bridgestone 49cm LEVEL level 54 Bianchi Pista Concept 2003 Bianchi Pista Nagasawa with Suntour rear dropouts IRO Jamie Roy 52.5 bridgestone (NjS, cause its Important to have NjS Approval for my ABQ street riding) 54cm Panasonic Track 4000 928 L Danilo Di Luca Pro Tour Special Edition, XL Titanium, Pista Concept, Vittoria Brava road fixie conversion IRO Angus Bomber Pro Nagasawa (custom) 55cm Bianchi Pista Concept Samson Keirin Track IRO 55 cm cannondale track Panasonic track 53cm 3Rensho Custom Track 52.5 Kalavinka Super Exhibition 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept Team Colgate Paint EuroAsia Imports (EAI) BareKnuckle 58cm Bomber Pro keirin NJS 50cm  Handmade by Rinsei  Serial number: 000308 LeveL Bianchi Pista Concept KALAVINKA NJS for pure  my Japanese pro-Keirin racing Bomber Pro Bomber Pro, Columbus Squadra Corsa Tubing Peloton NJS Samson Kierin, 56cm 110 rear spacing
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