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Pack mules Cluster Made by: eaglerock
Description: "A celebration of bikes designed, modified or heavily accessorized to haul stuff around. The more racks, baskets, panniers, trailers, extensions, platforms etc., the better!"

Stella road conversion. 1975 Dawes Super Galaxy 531 Haden investment-cast lugs 1985 DE ROSA Gary Fisher Triton Mercier Kilo TT bob jackson touring, reynolds 531, S&S couplers 55cm Rivendell Bleriot 1974 Raleigh Sports DL 22  3spd 1986 Trek 400 Elance 1970's Sekine Kona Jake 2006 Raleigh Motobecane POS Stock 26 inch steel Olmo, 60cm, Columbus tubing, lugged.  I tapped the seat tube for another bottle holder. old bikes and conduit bits fused together last winter Interloc Tempest (Reynolds 853) Bob Brown Cycles This was a horrible bright purple and green found in the trash Trek 930 (I think) and I rattle canned it this burgundy color Varsity 1964 Japanese Gas Pipe Cross Check Peugeot PR-10 Jamis Quest, whatever that was; best thing is the cantilever setup. Haral track Reynolds 531, 54cm, handmade leather sleeving 1986 Bridgestone T700 - 4130 CroMo Triple butted, 25 61cm Kogswell P/R Trek 1000 / 52cm Aluminum / 2002 Motobecane Chrome Jury 62cm (please just call it a 58) Gazelle Champion Mondial A-Frame 64cm ctc, Reynolds 531 Custom Mikkelson CroMoly Frame / 57cm / 2007 Surly Cross Check, Brown, 56cm (color is nicer in person, was a gamble, growing on me) Raleigh Sports Magneet steel frame, made in Holland, re-badged Kogswell P/R 59cm 1987 Trek Pro Series 560 Takara Japanese steel Lotus Touring Bike Velo-Sport Appalache (circa 1981) 1974 Raleigh Sports 3 Speed 1980 Lotus Classique 58cm Tange CroMo  Double-Butted Tange High-Tensile noname welded steel postal delivery frame 1985 21 J.C. Higgins Bianchi Sika / 19 Raleigh Grand Prix Trek 520 I found at the dump. 49cm Rivendell Bleriot Touring Bike 2006 Surly Long Haul Trucker Steel 2006 Specialized Langster 1943 Swiss Military Bicycle 1984 Schwinn Sierra, 23 Austro-Daimler SE, 25-inch - 2 inches too big :-( 1980 Reynolds 531 double butted / 24.25 1985 trek 720 IRO Mark V 56cm Steel made by Davidson Bob Jackson Audax Club/57 cm/2009 1989 56cm Raleigh Grand Prix MDE Duster L Size Surly Long Haul Trucker 54cm 1984 Schwinn Sierra, 23 Crescent / 58 cm / 1996 Kilo TT 1970s Juenet Franche Compte 58cm Nishiki Tri-A, moser leader ax oria tubing Trek 930 2010 Surly Cross x Check 42cm 54cm Surly Long Haul Trucker 2008 21 inches Diamond Back Apex / 18 Merlin Extralight western flyer with tank, late 40s, early 50s 2010 Rawland Drakkar, size medium Surly Steamroller LPY Cycles Cargo Bike with beer crate Fuji Touring 2008(?) steel, Large Handmade Gilles Berthoud Diagonale Schwinn Super Le Tour 12.2 2009 Surly Long Haul Trucker (58cm) Masi Speciale Randonneur, (double butted TIG welded CroMo with horizontal dropouts)/ 58 cm / 2011 1978 Raleigh Super Grand Prix Trek 520 / 58cm / 2010 Large Giant TCX Aluminum 1982 Miyata 1000 1984, 2005, 2008, 2009 Bridgestone MB-5. 54cm Miyata One Thousand / 1000, 1983 Christiania steelframe with wooden box Bob Jackson World Tour 2010, 53cm top tube, 52cm seat tube Bilenky Cargo, steel **Steel** Novara Randonee Raleigh, 21 1973 Raleigh Super Course- 23.5 SCO danish made steel frame and rack 56cm Gunnar Crosshairs Asmussen, steelframe, handbuild in denmark, Gitane Hi-Ten Super Leger w/ cutout lugs & SunTour forged dropouts / 24 Miyata 1000 1995 Klein Performance Fuji Touring Series III / 58cm / 1984 Old Field Cycles 56cm Bridgestone RB-T/59cm/1994 2010 Trek 520 57 cm miyata two ten touring frame, random lugged steel with cantis 90s Reynolds 708 56cm Surly Crosscheck 531 TreTubi/60cm/1970 60cm/1972 1986 Miyata 210 Gitane/61cm/1970 Miyata 1000 Bob Brown Cycles Trek 930 Redline Conquest Pro, 58cm, 2006 RALEIGH SUPER COURSE 531 PLAIN GAUGE  62 (WAY TOO BIG FOR ME, BUT NO MATTER)  EARLY 70'S 1978 Mercian King of Mercia Touring (531) Salsa Casseroll 51cm Varsity 1964 late 70's/early 80's?  Mercian sport touring - Reynolds 531c 56cm unknown univega gran turismo (ebay), double butted lugged cromoly Fuji Touring Series V / 61cm / 1984 Bob Jackson 52cm in Reynolds 631 LPY Cycles Touring Frame Fillet Brazed Columbus Thron Tubing. 1994 Bridgestone XO-5 4130 Tange chromoly P.G Tubes Bridgestone 1982 Velo Sport Aluminium Cannondale M900 / M / 1995 Miyata tripple butted internal splines, 57 cm, early nineties probably. Motobecane Jury 62 2008 1977 ladies schwinn collegiate Bridgestone T-700 1985 Panasonic Touring Deluxe (Tange 1000), 21 Vitus 888 / 57cm / 1978 Surly Long Haul Trucker (54cm), in Sage Green Trek 613 Reynolds 531 / 56cm / 1981 Bernard Hinault Revell / 58 / 198? Trek 720 52cm, Reynolds 531C tubes, Trek investment cast lugs, Shimano forged dropouts fuji ace/56cm/1987/ Ishiwata feather SI35 triple butted channeled cromoly tubing Mercier Kilo OS 56cm-reynolds 520 Bob Jackson 52cm in Reynolds 631 2001 Avaghon randonneur 60 x 58.5 54cm Peugeot Touring
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