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Aluminium Track bikes Cluster Made by: pepperjack
Description: "all the super light bikes that are hard to ride on windy days and sound like tin cans when they hit potholes"

2006 Pista Concept FELT TK2   56cm aluminium 21 55 cm cannondale track masi coltello 58cm moth Bianchi Pista Concept 2005 Spicer aluminum track frame, 55cmish, titatnium dropout inserts 1992 56cm Cannondale Track 2003 Cervelo P2T Raceline Record or Monoc Track, i'm not sure. (painted black for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games so I hear) Cannondale Capo Raleigh Rush Hour Pro Dolan Kilo Unknown 90's Canondale Aluminum with custom fabbed Track dropouts. '07 Cinelli Vigorelli 56cm Pista Concept 57cm Fuji Track Pro 56c Bianchi Pista Concept - DB 7005 Aluminum track frame Trek T1 90s Cannondale Track DB 7005 Aluminum, Anthena White Marinoni Pista Crono GIANT Bowery conversion NO BRAKE HOLES OR BOTTLE FIX HOLES Condor Lavoro '06 Bianchi Pista Concept *BROKEN* pista concept Bianch Pista Concept 55cm 2007 2004 Felt TK2 koga Fuji Track Pro Aluminum Fuji Track Pro Bianchi Concept 2003 Bianchi Concept 2006 90's 56cm Cannondale Track Rush Hour Pro bianchi concept pista Cannondale 2005 CAAD 5 58cm Bianchi Pista Concept 2007 Bianchi Pista Concept 57cm 56 cm Fuji Track Pro '06 2006 Felt TK2 Giant Bowery Specialized Langster Pro tiemeyer designed/gt trackbike cannondale track 54cm Colner Kite Fuji Track Pro 2004 Flet F2K 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept Cannondale 2006 Giant Bowery(powder coated 2004 Langster Pro tsunami track 56cm 2007 Rush Hour Pro Cannondale Cannondale Cannondale Track frame 200? Cannondale '03 Track 54cm Fuji Track Pro 2003 Rossin Track Cinelli olympic, yellow cannondale capo 54cm Scott CR1 Team Pinarello Pista AL 08 concept 08 concept Pinarello Pista AL Giant Omnium 54cm 2008 Fuji Track Pro IRO Jamie Roy - White RP Pawlak - Polish Cycling Federation 51 C-C 53 cm 2009 Leader 725 TR
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