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Raleigh TEAM Replica / full Campagnolo Record

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Advice on a similar model!!!

Anyone know if thats as good? Same art, similar looking frame. No decal on the forks but i dont know what to make of that. i might arrange a viewing...

Raleigh Europa

Lightyears apart.
This here is a thoroughbred.
That there is a plowhorse. Gaspipe, cheap parts, heavy and clumsy. With a replacement fork at that.
Hands off, unless you want those nice little mini-fenders ;-)

Cheers dude!

Thats what i thought. Dam these manufacturers using the same design and decals across the range. Without being able to see the decal on the seat-tube i couldnt tell.

dam i just looked at the parts on this again. amazing. I love the shape of the bars. and the campy drivetrain too. wow

great bike..need an original?

There may be a very nice Team Pro for sale in my area, soon. 60cm.


I already have an "original" (and exactly in my size at that: SB 232), but consider it no better than the "replicas", I'm no bike snob on this topic.

Staring at your TEAM for the ________ time...

OK, maybe I have a problem as I'm BACK on your Raleigh TEAM bike page, floundering about. I just dig the lead shot that whenever I see it in thy thumbnail, I end up clicking on the beast for some odd reason. To be honest, I've been riding my De Rosa and Pro Track more than the Raleigh Professional lately. When push comes to shove, the De Rosa's slightly smaller frame combined with the Columbus SL seems bring a bit more feel and life. Then again, the Pro Track at the same size, and in 531, is also just an amazing ride. My height wants 61cm but my soul just seems to like 59cm with a bit more post and stem. Anyway, love your Raleigh....AGAIN. heh...


This beast is just getting more and more hard to find but is always on my list. Never ridden one but so wanting to ride something like the 753 version back to back with my '74 Raleigh Professional, one of my favorite rides. Your Team Replica is a particularly nice edition and looks stellar in those shots. Excellent. Wish you were down the street!

I keep...

I keep coming back to this bike as it just stands out so much to me, especially in shot #5. I would love to have this beast as it's just my size and your component selection is exactly as I'd have it. Really nice bike. I've beem heading towards Italian but a few of your bikes have caught my eye enough to look back toward Great Britain and the Netherlands... I'm losing my mind. heh.

Me-just-likes dutch-'n'-brit-bikes !

Yes, I like them dutch for being spot on if you need a bike for a special purpose (not just to admire it).
But - actually I do like british bikes best, by a long shot.
Being reminded of Hetchins' curly stays, Baines' Flying Gate and lots of beautiful bikes from artisans like E.G.Bates, Claude Butler, Harry Quinn, Jack Taylor, Ron Kitching, Bob Jackson, Grubb, Witcomb, Moulton ... hmmmm ...
Sadly I have mentionable problems laying my hands on more of those, particularly in 'our' size ("too tall" :-).


This is an English frame and made in England Either in Nottingham or at the Special bikes department. I used to live in Nottingham and saw a good few of these around.Nice bike.

Kindest regards


see what happened?

I came oh so close...I mean, I sent off a monster bid, this for a Reynolds 753 Raleigh Team Track from 80. I was turned down, of course. And I was glad it came out that way as I wound up finding an insane 73-74 Raleigh Team Color Professional Track that ended up being a 72. What an amazing bike and I have to admit, I have only thought of my road bikes once since it landed. It's been a great infatuation so far and I've come close to putting 500 miles in no time. It's as addictive as chocolate covered coffee beans! You HAVE to get one!


That's a nice one, matches your Pro better than one with the newer team colors would.
I own a track bike but haven't built it yet as I'd have no real opportunities to ride it.
(But - I'll have to try those 'chocolate covered coffee beans', they must have sumthing ...)

Can you tell me?

(In inches) how big that frame is?

PS, The photos are top notch as well!


Hi, the frame is 24,5 inches (62 cm) center-top.
(About your size? But not nearly crazy enough for your stable ;-) !)
PS: thx, I try my best.


I do like to keep an arsenal of diversity... ;>)




Perhaps my most cherished Vintage Lightweight.
(It has some similarities with yours BTW - nice build!)

Team Nice

My LBS owner's son just picked one up for display in their collection. You're right, it makes a great piece. Good job.

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