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55 Bridgestone

Nitto rb21/pearl, B125/jaguar, B259/pearl

Bridgestone/Chris King

Aerospoke/Gran Compe SS tire

Velocity/Phil Hub/Vittoria Rubino pro tire

Sugino 75/Phill BB

Ti-rail San Marco Regal, Nitto S83

MKS Custom Nuevo, Izumi V


Sugino Zen 46t, Superstar 17t

Removal of color pigment for optimum aerodynamics and efficiency, I was looking for an all white frame and stumbled on this one already powder coated, perfect size, and being an njs was a huge plus. I love this bike.

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How long is your stem? -MC3

How long is your stem?


How long is your stem? -MC3

How long is your stem?


sex appeal

whats your favorite bar set-up on this pony?

long lost twins

long lost twins


is good

oh snap!


very cool!

very cool!


Damn clean. Love it

Now go skid your tire off.

Is that a Gran Compe SS on

Is that a Gran Compe SS on the front? If so, they look whiter than Zaffiro's...

SS? Yes.

It is a gran compe ss! I have actually been riding on that tire for about a month, keeping its color really well!

So fresh....

so fresh and so clean clean...

Damn! That is one clean

Damn! That is one clean whip! Enjoy the ride...


ill with the drop bars.

Very Nice

RIDE!!! So fresh and so clean

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