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Pinarello Pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | campagnolo | Pinarello
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Pinarello Treviso, Italy. I think it's 1982. 56/56

3ttt Competizione, Steam 3ttt, alu, pantographed

Pinarello, Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record Pista, high flange

Campagnolo Super Record Pista, high flange

Campagnolo Super Record Pista, 170mm

Selle San Marco GI-LUX 311, Campagnolo Record

17/52. Will change.

Got it but can't ride it as I need to find a replacement fork as I need to run a brake in London or I'll be dead in 30 minutes. And I don't want that.

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is rad.

njs is overpriced

junk. I'm sorry I cant see myself buying 90-160$ handlbars just because theres a tacky pink stripe on the right side and some stamp you cant even see when installed.

I just picked up a set of comparable deda bianchi pista bars for 20$ on craigslist. I wont pay that kind of money.

174 $ for a stem?
get real

this is a beautiful bicycle by the way

In no way did I mean to be rude in my above comment. Belissimo

about scale


Maybe this guy spending 174 on a stem is like you spending 20...

One of the best!

This really is one of the most beautiful track bikes!

i would

love love love to buy that frok from you,

if you ever seell it

maybe soon



i dont know about you guys, but i just like the bike.

go argue about components somewhere else, this sight is about bikes, not about elitist people bitching about bikes.

love the bike, by the way


Very, VERY nice bike!
Christ, what are those last comments getting at?!?

ps: are you going to drill that fork to install a front brake?


for the message. I will run a brake but I'm gonna get some replacement forks and drill them intead of these originals... there's not enough meat in the original fork to drill them anyway.

Yeah I dunno whats going on on the bottom of this thread - it's become a whole other topic!

Great looking bit of kit -

Great looking bit of kit - don't fuck it up by putting deep V's on it! ;-)

Your Pin-no politics here.

Beauty, elegance, and what a clean white room!

I know what you mean about finding a way to afford one.
I saw a Pinarello in the local trader mag, and 60 miles later it was mine.
Two cheaper bikes now have to go, and it's NOT a problem.

Good find.
Be sure to add it to the Pinarello cluster if you want...




It's nice to see a real track bike once in a while on this site. I hope those NJS Jap Keirin kids understand this bike was way ahead of it's time in way's of present NJS rules. Italian's didn't need an approval stamp, neither did Merckx.

You have no idea what you

You have no idea what you are talking about. The only reason keirin racing has a stamp is to keep things equal between riders. In japan they bet on keirin races so the stamp is to keep riders from have an advantage over another. Only certain companies get the NJS stamp and their parts have to make certain specs. Also, campagnolo made NJS stamped hubs.


I know what Nihon Jitensha Shink??kai means and the rules and purposes. Also Campagnolo manufactured complete NJS record groupset "not only hubs" and Cinelli stems and bars were also approved for a short period of time. The hidden meaning of those rules were to protect the Japanese cycling market, it's also the reason why Campagnolo and Cinelli pulled the plug in 2000 on Keirin races. The rules have been saturated for the past 20 years, no evolution at all. Basically today's whale killers Japs are making a killing on cheap NJS bike parts with kids who left their skateboards aside for a fix stamped bike. Now you have an idea what I'm talking about!

gones reply

hahaha....very well said. ecept for the 'whale killing japs'part.but anyhow this bike is perfect.its the setup i always wanted when i started riding track bikes.and most every one else for that matter,before every one jumped on the njs bandwagon.

jdmzrx reply

Unfortunately in 2008 the Japanese still kills whales and Canadian hunts seals.

Yea, this guy is absolutely

Yea, this guy is absolutely from japan.. he knows everything. The NJS stamp was in place long before the hipster trend and had plenty of business before it. Of course a business will try and make money from something like this but do not act like they are only afloat because of hipsters.

Yea, this guy is absolutely from japan..

Sorry bud but Japan ain't my place and your absolutely right, I know everything, also prior to NJS stamps there was VIA and BIA stamped parts on Keirin racers parts. If NJS goods are so great why are the Japs going wild on over Italian goods? Also I wonder why the UCI changed the Keirin venue at the worlds each year for Madison races instead? Let's face it, the Japs are protectionist and always will be. Also why isn't there an anymore? Tomorrow morning when you wake up go to your nearest Starbucks and smell what's inside the shop. It will clear up your head and your confusedness.

Gone ain't from Japan..

May I suggest good ol' Montreal?

One more thing Gone,
may I ask why you care so much for the NJS approval on Italian goods?


yeah, japan is super protectionist. but that doesn't negate the fact that they make really high quality/finish bike parts. only one of which can be said of the italians. campag does use a stamp of approval - 'brev. campagnolo' or their 'c' in a diamond. few years ago that was the njs stamp, all the hip kids had to have em. and yeah they look good, but they break, end of story. that's the other side of why campag stopped making njs bits, lots of their hubs exploded under the high stress. and many of the left crank arms snapped at the insertion point, which they still do today (i've seen no less than three modern record track cranks snapped, within a span of maybe 2 years).
and besides the actual parts, it's all fashion/trend. just a few years ago, a few of my friends would only eat pasta/drink red wine, and everyone only rode italian bikes. so you'd have been there making fun of them, and talking about fascists and football thugs. relax.

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