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Mercier Urbanismo

Bike tags: Fixed gear | mercier
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Mercier Kilo TT

Nitto / stock / chrome bell

stock / stock /Campagnolo front brake

Phil Wood to Mavic CXP 30

Phil Wood to Mavic CXP 14 (not pictured in this photo)

stock / stock

Regal / stock

whatever works at the moment

48 X 16

Riding upright (could be) is a blast! This bike is very heavy (compared to my other bikes) but I love the responsiveness of the pure aggressive track geometry. Very steep angles. Sublime.

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Hey i've been looking for fenders for my Kilo, which has an extremely tight geometry. What kind of fenders did you use?

kilo - extremely tight geometry?

colnago or rossin - that's tight geometry
i used sks fenders


If you look at the photos of my Kilo you'll see that i do, in fact, have a tight geometry between my wheels and frame. Will the SKS fenders most likely fit this?

it should

kilo has plenty of clearance in between the front tire and the down tube. about a year ago i had an accident on my kilo - as a result the front wheel was pushed closer in, making for much tighter clearance, but the mudguard still clears the downtube just fine



I'm fixing up one of my old

I'm fixing up one of my old bikes. Hopefully it will look like this.

Très chic

Super cool build, very charming, best Mercier for sure. I want to build a farmers market fix!

Fucking awsome

Fucking awsome, Very beautiful bike. Now im inspired to build a bike like this someday.

i love this bike!

This is probably my favorite mercier ever! this would be the perfect chill bike, grab groceries bike, beer run bike, sunday afternoon bike. im glad to see somebody not scared to invest into this frame, bc when done correctly it blows other frames out of the water.

Upright bars rock!

I put together a roadster previously. Now I run those bars on my 26" wheel NYC street bike. I can literally carry a big box, and groceries are easy. I can still go fast, when I duck down and hang on to the flat section. Viva practicality.

Thanks for inspiration!

Beautiful bike. Yours was the last kick in the ass I needed to put my dream ride together.

No Go Slow


Yeah that first photo is probably one of my favorites I have seen on the nets so far. Well done, the bike looks beautiful.

Great originality !!

Nice job on this TT !!
Cool pic it a Holga type camera ?


Camera is a simple Casio EX-P600. I used to have Leica (and like the feel of the 35mm film), but future is in the digits.


Thanks for your comment. This is my dream come true. Always wanted a fixed gear promenade bicycle. Mercier is a perfect candidate for it: bb high off the grown (I tend to lean bike radically on turns), mudguard mounts, aggressive responsive track geometry, low cost ($ 349USD delivered), and of course beautiful black finish gives the whole bike desired ala France appearance.

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