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Purple 2008 Marinoni Pista         Featured Bike! on 12/16/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | aerospoke | Brooks | Custom Geometry | Faux Amis | more tags >>
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2008 Marinoni Pista - Custom Geometry

Nitto Riser > Thomson Elite 70mm > Oury Grips.

Marinoni Fork > Tange Headset.

Aerospoke > Schwalbe Stelvio.

Aerospoke > Schwalbe Stelvio.

Sugino 75 > Phil Wood BB.

Brooks B17 Narrow > Thomson Set-back Post.

MKS RX-1 > MKS Clips & Straps > Izumi.


Theme build based on Prince's 1981 Honda 400A from Purple Rain. Frame was custom built at Marinoni. It was a pleasure to work with them and the frame rides beautifully. Paint was done by Mr. Marinoni's wife...

Design: Dylan Adair of Faux Amis in Montreal.

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fuck chyeah!

prince is a fucking boss. he is ultimate. he rips on the guitar, thumps on the bass, plays keyboards and drums. he was trent reznors inspiration to be a one man band. because prince records everything and only uses other musicians for live performances. this is now my favorite bike on here.

is that a 1" head tube?

is that a 1" head tube?

Nice colours and frame

but I would replace the wheels (eg some Corima 4 spoke's would look nice), the saddle (go get your San Marco...) and the handlebars (drops or flat bat instead of risers).
However, that is just my personal opinion. Bike looks nice as is.

oh god...

lose the aerospokes, get some drops and a new saddle.


oh god...

nice frame check mine out

nice frame check mine out

mad frame what's the story

mad frame what's the story with marinoni?

i must say...

although i normally can't stand those two colors with each other, the color scheme you managed to pull off looks fantastic!


one day, i'll buzz by you on this bike......

Great frame and really nice

Great frame and really nice build overall. It's really beautiful.

I'm not the kind of guy that hates on every aerospoke on the site, my friend has one and I like it alright, but I think this bike deserves better. Some shamals or ventos would look so beautiful and bring it all together. or atlantas to phils/DA7600s...yum...

dont take that the wrong way though, the build looks great as is and if you are happy with it that's obviously all that matters.

The color...

is very unique, looks real good. A set of corimas on that and gameover.

i never wanted to be your weekend lover

simply amazing, one of the better builds i have ever seen.

Great looking bike, awesome

Great looking bike, awesome colourway. The chrome really sets it off too

Looks good!

I know it's theme based, however, it must weigh a ton. It's a tall frame + 2 aerospokes + brooks = HEAVY. I would opt for some lighter wheels but everything else looks good. Despite the weight, B17s are by far my favorite saddle, like sittin' on a pillow.


It is pretty heavy, and as it was coming together I knew it would be. The irony is that it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I think the main reason is the light weight of the Zona Steel, but also the fact that the frame was custom fitted to me and the gearing is swift. She's like a freight train once she gets moving.

The saddle was like a brick when I took it out of the box, and I was almost ready to resume my search for a San Marco Regal- which was what I had originally wanted for the build. I was VERY surprised at just how comfortable the saddle was once I went out riding. It will be with me for a long time.

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