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White and Gold bike

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Reynolds 531, unknown builder


Chris King threaded

Velocity Deep V

Velocity Deep V


Nitto with vintage Selle italia saddle


.. and i thought my gold cranks were over the top..

get some foot retention

get some foot retention

since when do clipless

since when do clipless pedals lack foot retention?

geez i hate how velocity

geez i hate how velocity deep v dont match sugino/nitto parts..
in the picture they look like real gold, but when i got my sugino/nitto parts and theyre orange..ish..stupid

ish is icy. respect

ish is icy.


got the gold bug ehh?

I built a really similar bike last year- looks good. I see you ran into a problem that I also ran into- your golds dont match! like the hubs/spokes to the nitto stuff. its really annoying. I ended up doing the suzue hubs cause they matched. check out gold rx-1 pedals. they're silky smooth. and check out the crankset i had- it was sooo sick. but im an idiot and sold the bike- so hold onto yours cause its really hot



i have a confession


so i have to confess that i found your white and gold track bike on Velo about six months ago and simply fell in love, like i honestly idolised that bike. I couldnt rest until i had one for myself, i'm still lusting so very much over you Paul cranks, perhaps in the 2nd build. So the truth is that i simply copied your originality. Thank you so much for the original inspiration. HOW COULD YOU SELL IT!!!

id say you one uped him

id say you one uped him though (except the cranks), seeing as how your frame is not a fuji track. i saw another clone somewhere on here too...walkingdead i think you started a trend

shoulda got phils :0)

shoulda got gold phils :0)

and the skull and crossbones valve caps go along nicely with the whole pirate kit.

"shoulda got"

^ WTF?, u need phils?...thats what it looks like when a man act "caddy". LOL my wife's friends do that to each other.

they match perfectly with

they match perfectly with the gold ano nitto/sugino parts, thats all. Still looks good with the suzue, I was just commenting on their conversation about the golds not matching up...

Whats "caddy" anyway?




this bike would look even better in photos with a plain background. its a beautiful build.

i totally agree. some more

i totally agree. some more artistic photos are to come. these were the rush to get em on Velo photos. thanks for the comments. i have seen your 'friends' and i like the style that you are into!




great build!


I like your bike - good work.


peace love and soul

wow i want to take your bike

wow i want to take your bike lol. I have a light blue schiwinn madison i'm deciding on white deep or i might go blue like the bike

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