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Carbon Fiber Peugeot PY-10

Bike tags: Road bike
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Peugeot PY-10 Carbon Fiber

CTA bars and stem

Carbolite 103 forks

Need a new wheel, last one is still crushed

Rigida rim/ Maillard hub (with shitty heliomatic rear hub)


Peugeot stock something-or-other

I'm going to put some newer GT bmx bear-trap pedals on, because I don't like clipped pedals

12 speed, Weinmann brakes

I put this project on hold. I wanted something rideable immediately, so I just took off the decals and turned this bike into a single-speed. And I cannot find the decals anywhere.

Not sure if I will ever restore this bike to its original condition or not.

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I have

I have one of these and they ar brilliant. I love mine and have owned it since they were released. Mine was equipd and still is with the Spidel/Bador group set..
Kindest regards

*gULp* That hurts just looking at it.........

Wow....gorgious bike, Baaaaaad crash pics !
I hope you recover from that. I lost all of my front
teefs in a car crash. Its gonna be a while before you get
used to the new fakies you'll be getting.
Get better soon, please !!!

Damn, cars suck.

picture link

I can't get any of the damn photos to work. Here is a link to see the photos of the bike before and after the wreck, and also the same one of me in the hospital bed.


Damn all cars to eternal hellfire! Did they stop? Your bike & you lok like they plowed right over both of ya. Hope you are back in the saddle soon. BTW~Ive got an old peugeot that Im not building..Just the frame & fork (they're yours for shipping cost if'n you want them. Decent lugs..54 inches. Let me know. Heres a pic.

P.S. when I got these in the mail, the left dropout was pinched a little..bent it back to exactly where it should be(maybe 1/8 inch & there was a slight "dink" in the headtube which also came right out..)

Get well soon!

Wow, thanks for the offer. I

Wow, thanks for the offer. I think I will take you up on it. I should be able to fit all the working components onto the other frame, right?

I'm at my folks' house recovering right now, but when I get back to my apartment next week, I can send you a check. I guess you can just email me whenever you find out what the shipping cost would be. Just drop me a line at [email protected] Thanks again for the great deal, mate!

I did get plowed into at a good speed, but luckily I was thrown on top of the hood instead of under the wheels... I'm doing alright now, though. Thanks for the concern.

No problem

Little Rock to Fla should'nt be much...Ill get it boxed up & figure it out in the next week & let you know OK?

Yeah, sounds great man. I

Yeah, sounds great man. I REALLY appreciate it. For your cost totaling: I live in Gainesville, Florida. Just e-mail me when you need my full address.

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