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Cannondale Track / 1993

Nitto B115 40cm / Nitto Pearl 9 NJS

Tange / Chris King NoThreadset

Suntour Superbe Pro BH-1600 / Araya 20A (high polished) / Panaracer Pasela

Suntour Superbe Pro BH-1900 NJS / Araya 20A (high polished) / Panaracer Pasela

Suntour Superbe Pro CW-6000 NJS / Suntour Superbe Pro

Selle Italia Flite Ti / Suntour Superbe Pro NJS

Suntour Superbe Pro PL-2000 NJS / MKS clips / SAGLiFE doubles / D.I.D.

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS 49t x Suntour Superbe Pro HC-100 NJS 17t

Sold August 2011.

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God damn!! Makes me miss

God damn!! Makes me miss mine!


Total beater bike. Purdy Lady

Purrrttyy. Thanks for


Thanks for trading stems with me!

Yeah buddy! That stem went

Yeah buddy! That stem went off to the happy owner of my Tarmac Pro SL.


are those s.s.p. hubs loose ball or sealed? are they okay to take in the rain?

loose all njs

loose all njs hubs. they do fine in the rain, but get phils if you want to be maintenance free!


incredibly sexy! everything about is great, couple quick questions, are those cloth grips? also, how're you feelin' the paselas? i'm thinking about gettin' some for my next build. for a rain bike, that's the shit!


the tape is just cheapo

the tape is just cheapo cloth tape from my lbs. as far as the paselas go i love them, but i ride them really gently. if you're skid happy they won't last you.


how tall are you ? im getting the same frame size , i dont wanna jump into getting the wrong one. thanks

this frame is a 56...all my

this frame is a 56...all my other frames are 54. for reference.


how tall are you ? im getting the same frame size , i dont wanna jump into getting the wrong one. thanks

this is my favorite bike on

this is my favorite bike on here. so well done

that sticker

the sticker on the base of the seat tube. (chinese? characters) i have the same one. some one handed it to me on a ride in LA once. what does it say?/where did you get it from?

o yea and nice bike

it's the lafixed senja fuda.

it's the lafixed senja fuda. i think tomity made it for us and some of the lafixed mods printed them up.


lovin it

give me your bike!!! im jealous right now..are you inclined to sell?? lemme PM you an offer?

sorry this one is never

sorry this one is never leaving my hands...



nice, but it would be better if the toshis were properly installed...

the toshi's are properly

the toshi's are properly installed. the majority of people install them incorrectly. they are no better than single straps when you run them straight through.


not trying to insult

i thought you only ran one strap through one side, until i took a closer look haha


I LOVE YOUR BIKE! hopefully one day ill own a blue one

i remember when i felt just

i remember when i felt just like you...just keep looking and eventually you'll come up on one!


damn that setup is proper

damn that setup is proper with the all suntour. well fucking done. love this build.


I didn't know you were in LA, I saw a pic of your bike on steelhorse blog.

I was just there for a friends wedding. I might be back in the summer and I'll have the bike this time. We should ride.

This looks


Glad to see another great cannondale on the site.

I'll be sure to hit you up once mine is complete.


omg NUT!!!!


I like where this is going.


Is that 90mm deep? I JUST SHITTED MY PANTS!

Daryl and other folks are going there to ride and watch the Macaframa premiere.


Those pics are crizzzp! Wound up fork! I love the polished crown on that fork.


been checkin' out your blog every now and then, you guys do A LOT of riding. Must be fkin fun! Too hot in Sac, only good time for riding is at night. You see my new build?

1‡2 choice


my first choice in wheels and my second choice in frames.

when i read your bike,
the wheels frame and everything are one statement,
the Bars and grips are another.
i like what your saying


i saw you the other night.

saw u at subway

It's about....

time those new pictures came up. Damn, i want that stem!


can you post some new pictures!


This bike is absolutely amazing. That blue never gets old, and I really like the component choices.

wha da H!

what size is that randonneur for the back wheel?
I tried too put one on mine but it doesn't fit the clearance


awesome!!! Love this bike!



the whole bike is a a beast.

the whole bike is a a beast. those eclipses are killin it with the bladed spokes and radial lace. but gold nipples would be crazy.

the dolphin discoloration of your saddle almost looks intentional, it fits well with the frame.




f#%kin' lovin' it man!

Now take it up here so we can ride.

UPGRADE like a muthafckr!!!!

sweeeeeeeeet! I like the gold and black drive train. how do you like that wheel set?

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