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lurker II: dark son of night

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take a guess

sugino 75s

it should be noted that this bike has been put on the back burner for the time being, and will probably soon belong to my friend jesse. for now, it's being used for work by my friend sean, who was tagged by an SUV that rendered his flite unusable. "what have you been working/racing on, then?" you might ask. the answer is a blue hoffy that will soon also have a velospace page once someone takes pictures of it that don't involve me sitting on it or standing next to it. don't hold your breath for that to happen anytime soon.

ps, those are my friends dalia & chris in that 3rd picture.

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what fork is that?

chillin at the strip mall,

chillin at the strip mall, tight. sike



Hey. Nice ride. You wouldnt

Hey. Nice ride. You wouldnt happen to be from Richmond Va are you? The reason i ask is that the backrounds of some of your pics look firmilar.

kilo tt or same make as

kilo tt or same make as that, right?

fork powedercoated, and same as the frame?


yo.. could you please tell me what kind of fork that is??


I also named my bike after a Jawbreaker song: Jet Black.

i feel like it would've been

i feel like it would've been blasphemy to not name this bike after a jawbreaker song.

Fuck yea.

Great job on the bike man. Looks great.

Are you keeping that fork on there? I think you should. It looks good with the black and brown.

probably. i like the fork a

probably. i like the fork a lot; the only thing i've considered changing about it is perhaps at some point having it powdercoated brown -- but i also kind of like it how it is. we'll see!!

hey man

hopefully i'll see you in providence this weekend

Rockin' the B17

Nice saddle...nice bike. Pistas look fucking hot with a bit of work. Maybe I need to get one of those...hmmm

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