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Jet Jaguar

Bike tags: Road bike | 1x7 | BEER | Bullhorn | scratchbuild
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1992 Cannondale R900, powdercoated matte black and highlighted with Scotchlite tape.

Profile Design Air Wing bullhorns. Stem is original Cannondale

Original 1992 Cannondale.

Alexis DA22, Wheelsmith swaged spokes, Shimano 105 hub. Radial-laced. LIttle red stripe painted on to make them go faster!

Alexis DA22, Wheelsmith swaged spokes, Shimano 105 9-speed hub. DS is cross-three, NDS is radial

"Edge" cranks from the 80s sometime. They had ugly-assed aluminum paint on them when I got them.

"Velo" saddle. Cheap on Ebay, but it looked comfy, and it is! Seat post is a parts bin find.

Dimension track pedals, Shimano chain.

Biopace 52 to 12-23 in the back.

[This frame died yesterday, 5/26/2009, in a crash. Most of it has been transplanted to Tyger Tyger.]

Frame powder coated by Jesse Sevoian of Sevoian Cycles in Amherst, MA. The frame was purchased from Northampton Bike, but the lion's share of the parts and humor were from Jason at Full Circle Bikes in Florence, Mass. He's a great guy. The stripes are Scotchlite tape. I dislike getting hit by cars even more than I dislike ugly reflectors.

This bike feels surprisingly good. I was concerned about a bumpy ride, especially on 23s, but it's surprisingly smooth. I think the Tektro brake shoes might suck too much. They're ugly, too.

I don't know why I don't see more lever setups like this. It seems pretty obvious to me. The brakes have a nice snappy response and I can always reach the gearshift. I could probably take off the adjuster barrels on the brake levers and move them closer to the ends of the bars. There's another adjuster at the brake itself, and maybe it would be more comfortable up there. Dunno. I kinda like the machiney look of the parts up there anyway.

It comes in at a hair over 18 lbs.

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little people actually know who this man is. im impressed lol


english song translation


Annnnd.... that's the end of

Annnnd.... that's the end of that bike. A shared wipeout with a fellow bike path citizen spelled the end for that beauty of a frame.

Pics to follow.


at least the helmet saved yourself though

It did. I enjoy to use my

It did. I enjoy to use my brains.


I like that bar set up, function over fashion!

That's the kind of fashion

That's the kind of fashion statement I make!

Man. Looking at these pictures reminds me of just how filthy this bike is now. It doesn't seem that dirty when I look at it in the real world, but compared to this picture, it looks like crusty panties.

Brake Setup?

What kind of Cross levers are those? Are they cables just mounted backwards? I would like to run that setup. Can you give me more info on your setup.



Hey, KS. I wish Velospace

Hey, K5. I wish Velospace told me when someone had left me a note.

They're Tektros. They cost 30 bucks or something. Yes, the cables are run backward.

(Velospace seems to edit out prices?)


Nice ride man.

Thanks! I like that Peugeot


I like that Peugeot of yours, too. I had exactly that frame when I was in high school.


Maple syrup is mmm good.

And I like the reflective tape... aesthetically, and functionally. I might have to go find myself a roll for the Bianchi chainstays.

This is the first year we've

This is the first year we've run a tap. Mostly, we cooked it down to double strength and just drank it. It was delicious. We were getting about a gallon a day for a few days.

The reflective tape is fun. It offers a lot more aesthetic possibilities than reflectors, is more aerodynamically sound, and you can change your mind about it anytime and move it around.

The chainstay parts are probably the most important to make reflective because that's what a driver will see from behind. But I'm all for not getting T-boned at dusk, too.

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