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single speed side hack

Bike tags: Single speed | motobecane | sidecar
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Motobecane POS


Motobecane and My Little Mermaid


Motobecane, side wheel fron My Little Mermaid bike

cottered and crappy

springy Raleigh

a little on the home made side but fun as hell. turns right really well...turns left okay with a passenger. good for carrying a cooler at races. too bad my dog wont go near the thing.

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couldn't help but notice the

couldn't help but notice the kick stand is still on the bike frame hahahaha, not sure if it's actually necessary though

That is so awesome, I wanna

That is so awesome, I wanna build something like that as a project for my welding class. If i could only come across the materials... How does it handle at high speeds? I'd imagine it would get kinda wobbly.

Put fido in the

Put fido in the closed...kool rig btw



smart dog!!!

looks like fun.



I don't think there is any

I don't think there is any bike out there better suited for carrying a keg.

thats funny you mention that

i was thinking the exact same thing earlier today. i mean, we need it to balance it out right? its for the greater good, ha!

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