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Colnago Master Pista

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Late 80's Colnago Master Pista, Gilco crimped steel tubing.

Nitto B123aa Alloy NJS deep drop, Cinelli 120mm stem

Colnago Pista chrome fork (not drilled), Gipiemme threaded headset

Campagnolo C-Record high flange pista hub, open pro rim, gatorskin rubber

Campagnolo C-Record high flange pista hub, open pro rim, gatorskin rubber

Campagnolo C-Record Pista 170mm, shield logo; Gipiemme loose ball BB

Selle San Marco Regal in white, bianchi post.

Campagnolo C-Record pedals, C-Record clips & straps; IZUMI chain.

Sugino 49t chainring, 18t cog, Campy lockring

Need new pictures - it's got a C-Record crankset now.

Viva Italia!

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I can SEE the min insertion

I can SEE the min insertion line

A guy at a swap meet once

A guy at a swap meet once told me about his friend who welded part of a different seatpost to the end of his Campy Aero. So maybe that's what the owner of this one did.

Something makes me think

Something makes me think that that is unlikely. Before the fixie and bike boom in general, I wonder if these could have been had for cheaper than they are now in today's post- boom, inflated market.

"Velospace All-Stars: Where

"Velospace All-Stars: Where Are They Now?"

OG all the way!!!

OG all the way!!!

love it!

love it!

Deep Vs

I am thinking of switching my phils to Deep Vs for some record to open pros which set up do you find yourelf riding more.

Master Pizza!

I think the perf Girardi should go on the pista :0P

I'm into this thought, but

I'm into this thought, but built in Japan.

your kidding right , its a

your kidding right , its a colnago ....
something about heritage and italy and sport ., yadda yadda

sexy bikes

Sweet colnago frame

I remember trying to win this frame when it was on Ebay, nice score! Love how the paint looks luminescent over the chrome...

Freaking. . .

beautiful. Nice job.

such a nice looking bike.

such a nice looking bike.


do you have any pics of the lugs? im trying to figure out what kind of colnago I have, i think I just have a pista, but the guy before me had it powdercoated with no stickers or any way for me to know what she is... thanks


if you have any pics of it

if you have any pics of it i'll take a look..

Colnago Dreams

Great frame! Will you share your plans for building her up? Are you going to do the single speed track thing? I'm in a similar spot (Colnago frame with only a few components) so I'd be interested in hearing your plans. Take care, SL

I'm going to try and build

I'm going to try and build it up with mostly Campy stuff. I will probably use the white deep-V/Phil wheelset that's on the Bianchi I have unless I can get my hands on some Campagnolo Atlanta rims to build up to track spec. I want to make it as similar as I can to my Colnago road bike.


very nice

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