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Baby blue Colnago Master

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Late 80's Colnago Master, Gilco crimped steel tubing. baby blue restoration paint job by Joe Bell. 61cm.


Colnago pantographed & lugged steel, Chris King 1" threaded headset in silver.

Campagnolo Atlanta radially laced to Campagnolo Record hub, Continental Ultra GatorSkin tire. OR Campagnolo Shamal tubies.

Campagnolo Atlanta on Campagnolo Record hub, Continental Ultra GatorSkin. OR Campagnolo Shamal tubulars

Campagnolo C-Record crankset 170mm, Campagnolo 53/39 chainwheels, Campagnolo Record bottom bracket.

Selle San Marco Regal in white, Campagnolo C-Record Aero seat post.

Campagnolo Record pedals, Campagnolo medium clips & original white Campagnolo straps.

Campagnolo C-Record Delta brakes, Campagnolo Record 9 speed cassette, 9-Speed ergo shifters, Cinelli white cork tape.

This bike is so buttery at 60mph.

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I never use a lock on my bike. If I can't see it at all times I'm asking for it to be stolen. Well maybe I will lock my Winter bike and leave it out, but a Colnago?


ROCKIN THE MAN CAPRIS! i do that all the time, standard procedure, even if i don't ride that day

so, this was posted nearly

so, this was posted nearly four years ago. Has it been stolen yet? Those armored cable locks do not exactly inspire confidence especially when coupled with a vintage Colnago.


By far my favorite bike. and its my size. i want it.

This bike is delicious. I

This bike is delicious. I want


holy shit. this is such a nice bike.

This bike makes me yearn to

This bike makes me yearn to build a classic frame up.

Amazing job, please don't kill it?

it took 2 seconds... tell everyone around, that this is a real beauty.

Amazing Classic

That is an amazing ride. I really appreciate the updates and upgrades you've done as well. I'm glad to see that not all old bikes get converted!

one of the nicest road bikes

one of the nicest road bikes ive ever seen. congrats.

Thats the idea.

Thats the idea.


this is pretty close to my dream bike...


Hot bike!!

nice bike.. shame it aint

nice bike..

shame it aint fixed, though

rofl wut

rofl wut


Nahhh, I agree with IchBinJay, beautiful vintage road bikes should definitely not be converted and should be ridden for what they were mean to be.

i beleive all vintage road

i beleive all vintage road bikes should be stripped of there campagnolo groupsets and replaced with a sugino messenger 42t crank and a front aerospoke.

You also cannot bar spin

You also cannot bar spin Campagnolo parts so they are all worthless and impractical


If only

If only you were joking...




and shamals and atlantas rule. probably my favorite rims.

always wanted some colnago steel

very sweet

Yeah bud, thats a nice one.

Yeah bud, thats a nice one.

I would date this bike.

Sorry for droolin'... I'm jealous.


Really love the look of this....

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