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All White Concept Fixed Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | fixie
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Columbus tubing, Nagasawa lug frame

Nitto 42cm flat bat and Nitto peral stem

Hatta headset

Aeropoke white , Grancompe white tire

Deep v white , Surly new hub, Suly 15t cog , Grancompe white tire

Sugino RD

Kashimax fg 4p , Miche supertype seatpost

Wellgo ro24 , Kmc superlight kool white chain, Soma whit toe clips, Toshi double toe straps


Chain is upside-down, just

Chain is upside-down, just fyi.

all white ftw, i have one

all white ftw, i have one too




beautiful build man it looks classy

all white

white is my thing,this bike looks cool as,that front wheel looks amazing,good gear choice 86.4" gear......awesome.


so sick!

ghost bike

In Chicago you would frighten some people with this bike.

For the unfortunate ones who lose their lives riding a bike in the city -- they are remembered with an all white bike locked to the bike rack nearest their fateful fall.

They are referred to as Ghost Bikes -- and I get a little spooked every time I ride past one.

that explains it!

i live in LA, and weirdly, drive past an unrideable all white bike (with no tires?) locked to a bike rack every day...i've always wondered what the deal was with it.


Excellent build!

well done...

beautiful job man!

check out makino hawaii,

check out makino hawaii, he's got some white spokes you'd butter your pants over.

epic shit

butter your pants hell yes


slick as f#@% except for that contraption on the front fork!!! nice build though.


that is one slick looking bike man, you've got a garage of beautiful bikes, hope you have good weather there to keep'em looking so good!!

all white? almost

all white? almost

got this to match your white

got this to match your white belt?

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