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Bike tags: Fixed gear | 1979 nishiki international | 52cm
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52cm, 79' Nishiki international

soma track drops with oury black grips and clear champ grips, thanks RAI BRAINS

found the stem at yellow bike

cheap v's

cheap v's

super maxy crank arms, and a 110mm bb got at bike kitchen haha oooh yeeeeeah

italia, stock seat post

a regular 1/8th chain with ghetto straps


i bought this bike to commute to classes in the city off craigslist then decided to make it a fixed gear. i don't plan to put too much money into it, in fact i haven't yet. everything i have has been given to me or free. i want to buy a track frame and fork set to build up this summer. (if anyone has a track frame for sale hit me up)

im uploading new photos soon as my computer stops rejecting everything

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i had to sell the nittos as "brand new" dude this sucks.


you sold your nitto bull horns??


mine has a stupid headset size for some reason...

put up more pics!

Who cares about the wrap style...

This bike blows... Greg, please don't hurt me...

i don't care

i bike 20 miles plus a day, its a beater bike that i love to ride hard with


who's GREG?

upload some fresh photos

upload some fresh photos

I have that same wheel set.

I have that same wheel set.


i love them, they are the same as velocity but w.o the price, just rip the stickers off and its all great

someone's online

chyeah, drink soda.


...this bike is so clean. picture doesn't do it justice, gotta let that chrome shine. hey i think i saw this bike doing wheelies on the EMBarcadero... oh wait did

haha I didn't know it was

haha I didn't know it was against the rules to USE your bar grip. Huh, I'll keep that in mind next time I'm masturbating to bike porn.

bar wrap

thats the worst bar wrap job I have ever seen...let me guess you did it yourself

looks like you wrapped it with paper machete


bar wrap

if i need to securely wrap my dick into a condom i'll be sure to post a picture and ask you if this is right? it's bar wrap you got a better way? hahaha

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