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Kalavinka (SOLD)

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58cm Kalavinka Super Exhibition

Nitto Jaguar 80mm, Nitto B123AA, STRONG G grips

Kalavinka, Dura Ace HP-7410 NJS

Anodized Araya VX400, Suzue Promax SB

Anodized Araya VX400, Suzue Promax SB, MKS Chain Tugs

170mm Sugino 75, Dura Ace

Kashima FG-4P, Nitto NJ-SP72 44mm rails

MKS Custom Nuevo, Izumi ESH

16t Dura Ace, 44t Sugino

Savannah RX-7 green, who could resist. This bike now lives in NYC, as it was just too big for me, and too nice to not get ridden.

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Your color scheme reminds me of a 1940's bomber plane. I love it.

<> <>

As close to perfection for a fixed as you can get...simply awesome.


Sweet ride

holy moly


I'm so impressed...

By this bike. It really shows that bikes can be art. There is nothing I don't like about this bike :).

Thank you!

Unfortunately, I can't take much credit for the way the bike is, since I didn't build it. I only switched the stem, but to me, that was the clincher! Other than that, I can't say I would have done anything differently! Thanks Doshkel!

More pics on the way! Maybe

More pics on the way! Maybe later on today!

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