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Steel unknown, my 1st conversion effort.

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Rescued no name

Cheap as somethings stripped, polished, clear coated

No name, donated by bike shop

Shimano with crap bearings, i machined out the hub and pressed in some sealed ones.

Only cool thing on this bike, old school carbon disc, brand unkown but spins lovely - brased up cassette

Sugino Mighty, actually this is nice 2.

Zeus/Velo, machined some grooves and banged numbers into the post.

, made up some alloy bearing caps - hate those plastic ones.

42/17, little bit gentle but good for the wife

My first build and actually my first bike since being a spotty BMXing teenager. I get a kick out of recycling what should be thrown out. Powder coated frame/forks/pedals. The alloy bits i stripped i some nasty stuff from the local chemical supplier, polished on a DIY machine, then clear coated using magic 'Nyalic' product. made up a few bits and bobs on a small DIY lathe like chain tensioners that tug on the skewers, caliper drop mount and said pedal caps.

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chain tensioners

could you post some pics of just the tensioners I want to make some or could I send you some cash to make me some?

Super cool disk.

Super cool disk.

Monkey on your back?

I like it...

i would

wayyyy rather have a disk wheel with a giant dick on it

i love you

i love your bike.


Great work ! trick little bits all over, made from stuff nobody wanted, i understand completely! Style.....

great details

you've got some great details here... i'm thinking about machining some old hub to put sealed bearings in and brazing the cassette too... love the part on the fork where the brake is fixed : )

do it, very satisfying

Sealed bearings are cheap as from FAG or SKF whoever. Scab from your local the proper threaded bush so the bearing ID has got something other than axle thread to sit on - or make 1. Other bonus of the caliper drop is that it uses up a rear caliper, saving the front for my next project...
NZ down under fixer


thanx for the details, great help : )


I know that this would be a pretty big faveor, but is there some way you could machine me some of those chain tensioners???? that would be awesome


spose i could dude, send me an email with your address to [email protected]

NZ down under fixer


Nice DIY! Some cool ideas going there.

Your headset is not correctly installed though, and may cause some safety issues. Check up on that and keep rolling!


r u meaning the bottom bearing seat looking like it should be in the top not on the forks? This is a serious bitsa coz the top set looks exactly the same so i think it is ok? Wouldnt believe how many bike shops looked at me like i was mental asking for this old shite.

NZ down under fixer

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