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FBM SWORD 59cm Raw Clear Coat

Random Bars and Thomson Stem

Random Forks and FBM Headset

Bianchi 32h

Bianchi 32h

Primo Powerbites 175mm With FBM 45t Race Sprocket and Primo Euro Bottom Bracket

Duo Rouge Status Seat and Macneil Seat Post and Profile Clamp

MKS Pedals and KMC Gold Chain

45/14 Ratio

I would do ANYTHING for that

I would do ANYTHING for that frame.
Seeing those weld spots is so sexy.

word on the weld spots.

word on the weld spots. clean and simple always does the trick. dope ride.


Very nice how did u do this, this is what I'm trying to do to my bike, think u can give me some help!!


this loooks so dialed, reminds me of a overgrown mutant bmx bike, and thats a good thing. soo clean.

this is sick. looks like KHS

this is sick. looks like KHS geometry with a bigger headtube. do they come in raw like that or did you strip it?

nice. and i agree

i have had no problems with my lsd. i think comes down to what you like to ride.

ok whatever

maybe its time to let real fixt riders design a frame and not people who used to ride bmx. with all due respect to fbm and volume, and i like the leftside drive, but there is a dangerous aspect to these bikes and it also makes riding this bike around FAST harder.

MY fixies gotta go FAST, and i mean also in turns, 90 degrees, there is no way you gonna whip a turn on high speed with this kind of frame and please! 175mm cranks, what is this? a kamikaze meatgrinder...

Ha, Ha...

Fixie riders can be such self righteous assholes -- trade in the lycra, ultegra, and bolles for no gears, tat sleaves, and skinny jeans...same ol' story.

"Dangerous aspect" -- dangerous for what? -- riding to the deli for smokes, pringles, and toilet paper? Umm, I can skip "whip[ing] a turn" when I got 20lbs of bags and shit from the Pathmark hanging from my wrists. Sign me up for an FBM -- check out the rear drops. Tight.

I think the whole anxiety about bmx companies/riders entering into the fixed world is the fact that bmx riders have 100 times the riding skills...Fixie guys ride a wheelie or do a sprocket grind and it's supposed to be some big fucking deal...oooohhh, aahhhh. Part of the reason former/current bmx riders are drawn to FBM and Volume is they want to stay loyal to THEIR first bike type of choice and don't want to join the crowd of hipsters that are suddenly riding a bike for the first time since junior high and then judging others rides...

Your ignorance shows how

Your ignorance shows how much you do not know about bicycles, let alone fixed gears. This bike shares similar geometry to most "track" bicycles or even most road bicycles. I can whip turns on your grandmothers beach cruiser if I wanted to. 175 cranks are pretty standard on most road bikes. It all comes down to preference. That bike does not look like it has a lot of toe-overlap so I am sure it is fine. Learn something about bicycles, not style.

I'm just about to get one of

I'm just about to get one of these, how do you like it?

and how much did you pay for the frame? if you don't mind me asking


I have the same frame. Two of them actually. One built for tricks with a few BMX parts and another that's totally track specific. It's super sturdy and stands up to the hell i give it. I got the frames pretty cheap but i think i just got lucky. You're looking at a few hundred. And to the guy a few comments back. I'm using 170mm cranks with no overlap what so ever so I'm sure the 175s aren't all that bad.


Are the cranks really on the left side of the bike, or is the photo flipped? Nice looking bike, regardless. How does the frame hold up to the elements?

yes the cranks and sprocket

yes the cranks and sprocket are on the left side. i did that cause i've ridden that way for over 8 years on my bmx bike so i thought i'd bring it to the fixed world.

frame is really sturdy. no flex or jankyness. i dont do tricks on it, i use it for transportation

i have this in a 55, i love

i have this in a 55, i love it, though my 175's overlapped too much,,
so i went to a 165,, with 48 16 gearing.. it's a great frame, pretty light yet very sturdy, tight ass geometry, yet very comfortable, i don't ride on tracks, just streets, and it does it with ease..
i had a friend hook me up, he works at a shop,, i paid 450 for frame and forks, shipped, so i would expect to pay a little more than that..


you are on the right track -- my bet is you are also going to start seeing a lot of microdrive set ups in the future as well...

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