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'Sante' Pogliaghi Italcorsa Track

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Pogliaghi 58cm track, chrome stays, chrome fork

Cinelli Pista, Cinelli Milano

Chrome, Campagnolo Record

Record on Velocity radial

Record on Velocity, radial and 3x

PISTA and Campagnolo

NJS Pista blue suede

Japanese, Izumi


Finally a bike made for me. A left hander. Blend on italian and japanese components, ultra tight, ultra smooth. Gorgeous!

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One of the best I've seen

This was the apex of frame building. In person, the frames were not perfect. They had file marks under the paint and ugly stamped serial numbers. But they were straight and AWESOME! The LBS had the road version of this bike in the same color. Almost bought it, but bought a 3Rensho instead. At least my son still rides the 3R.

Enjoy this beauty.

Great bike!

Very beautiful indeed!


Gorgeous frame. I was going to look up your frame's serial number in the Pogliaghi registry, but I see it's already there. I had no idea they were still using that older style of decal in '85. Interesting.

left side drive

nice build. don't the pedals get loose on this?

a beaut. and left side

a beaut.
and left side drive?

left side

How did u get the left side cranks on, with a standard threading bb? Cheers Dude!
Greetings from Sweden!


I have to restore my Pog...its a 1973, iirc.
I like the pearl white...nothing says classy as a well done pearl...

Don Walker
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