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2001 Cinelli Supercorsa (Blu China)

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2001 Cinelli Supercorsa ~ Blu China ~ Columbus Neuron - 61cm

Giovanni Losa made this Columbus Neuron SC for Cinelli in 01. Nine years later,
and it's still not on the road. I've come near selling it several times after my
wife rolled eyes at the fact that it seemed to get more time on our guest bed than
said guests. I've managed to resist the sale bug till now, although several
intriguing vintage rides have come close to causing stir.

I love Nuovo & Super Record for its elegant, functional, simplicity. It's purposeful
and #1 in aesthetics, while a top performer in the day. It makes sense on a 126mm
earlier SC but not this 130 beast. While this frame borrows from the SuperCorsa's of
old, it's obviously not. One only has to glance at the Columbus Neuron sticker or take
in the hidden rear brake cable (not to mention the period X rear brake bridge). Also,
there is no doubt that the geometry is quite different, being more aggressive than
early SC samples with an even tighter rear triangle. Alas, it has modern rear spacing.

My original leading "vintage" option was early C-Record if I could get over sticker
shock. The Delta brakes are a bit overkill visually, with performance issues but who
can deny the beauty of the early C-Record crank with the engraved Campagnolo logo,
only done one or two years. But the 01 year of this bike makes C Record make less
sense. It calls for a later solution.

Period Chorus or Record is probably the most prudent option, almost as good as late
model Record minus the carbon/Ti aspect. This is really probably the end move but
moving to Ergo and all-that-follows just seems to miss the mark with this frame.
On the other hand, there is no arguing the performance advantage to more vintage
offerings. While some scoff at the modern Cinelli based on hearsay and paint, this
is still a hand-made frame done in Italy by a fine builder in Giovanni Losa. And
you have to give Cinelli some credit for keeping this classic steel frame alive
since it's early days, a tribute to my personal favorite era in hand-made, light
weight, racing bicycles.

- kh

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Build it and they will come

Don't let 130 MM stop you from a proper simplistic build.Check out my Guerciotti!

Dont build it and no one will come...except to buy

Heh... Yeah, I actually really DO want to build this bike up, mainly because of another parts acquisition that turned into one of my favorite rides, a 62cm Ciocc Designer 84 that just might be my fastest bike yet. I was thinking of handing this Cinelli over to my only modern solution but have not totally ruled out a vintage Campag SR option. Saw your Guerciotti - Nice work; I love the Phil Wood BB and have the Ti on my De Rosa. I also recently acquired a 79-80 Grandis Special that is 61.5cm and IS not only my lightest frame but the most well-built.

Did this bike get built?

I love this frame! I love to have it hanging at my house with a Super Record Group. :)

Still hanging around...

Sadly, no. It's still sitting here and I'm as close to selling as I've ever been, if only because I have a few vintage projects and bikes I've been really interested in, including a 73-74 Pogliaghi Italcorse and early 70s Masi GC. I bought this frame as my nod to a modern drivetrain solution with a vintage heritage and was looking to ultimately get period Chorus or Record. I'm just so much more into the vintage aesthetic and soul, that I've just not made the jump to acquire a modern gruppo.

Do it!

Do it!

If you can't decide what to do with it ...

If you can't decide what to do with it ... then I'll gladly take it off your hands. If you ever do decide to sell it, please let me know!


I might sell this beast with a good offer. Sadly, it's not hit the pavement in years and years, perhaps since 02. Doubt it has 300 miles, none of them by me.


This is my dream frame! I think the important thing is to get this bike on the road. It must feel like a dream riding it, so I suggest you just throw some nice components on it and try it out! All of your suggestions are good choices, but Ive been looking at your frame for weeks now! Build it up already! ;)

love the frameset, I

love the frameset, I considered this before getting a Master X-Light

I'd love to see some C-Record on there, but I suppose it's all about your spacing in the back.

it'd be clean to see this build up with 8speed C-Record and ErgoPower shifters with some classy shamals or 36h tubies

lovin it!

Thanks - this helps me make up my sorry mind.

I have a client that has a garage of parts that is wanting to work out a trade and the Giovanni Losa beast might get done in one fell swoop. Then again...


Any updates? I have a '98 Supercorsa in grey, love it!

Coming soon...

Frame has successfully moved all over house, on walls, beds, in closet,'s now behind the bike rack. Poor beast.

Yeah, the anticipation...

Some good comments by all. Nice to know the fork is totally chrome underneath. Anticipation is an appropriate word. Maybe I should just move to Brain Damage as I flip-flop like a Halibut on cement. At the rate I'm going, this 01 will be a "Classic". Almost made a total parts haul with a C-Record loaded Eddie Merckx. With a frame sale, it would have been a great deal. Now I'm being pulled by vintage frames again. Maybe an '01 Chorus build is in order. Regardless, it's going to be either DONE or GONE by this summer. My wife said, "Quit fondling that frame, it's making me jealous." My mind is asunder...

I vote for Chorus

This is much too nice not to ride! You should be able to find '01 or so Chorus without breaking the bank or growing too old to ride the thing.

The Anticipation is killing

The Anticipation is killing me!


Don't worry about the fork chip. Remove the paint and take the fork to a polisher. Way cool look. It really sets off the stays. I always wondered why Cinelli painted there forks on the Corsas. As far as components, does C Record or Super Record just grow on trees or something? You guys talk like you can just go pick up an NOS C Record group at your LBS. That shit's like rhino horn dust. Fucking rare. Good luck...


One other possibility is older Chorus. Certainly not a beautiful as c-record, but still very nice looking, and you can stick with friction shifting without sticker shock. You probably have 130 mm between the rear dropouts, so 8-speed hub/cassette would fit. If you decide to go with Nuovo or Super Record, I think the derailleurs will work with an 8-speed chain and modern hubs. (Well, you could use on old front hub, but an old rear hub would at least need a longer axle and spacers, and you might have problems with axle breakage, depending on your weight, strength, where you ride,...)

If you love c-record cranks but not delta brakes, you are in good company. Jobst Brandt says some professionals refused to use them after the delta brakes caused them to crash, or nearly crash. The leverage of such a brake depends on the adjustment, and if I understand rightly will vary as the pads wear, so the brakes might act differently at the end of a stage from the beginning. You, like they, could combine the cranks with sidepulls.

Let us see it after you build it!


monoplanar brakes both look and perform better than deltas ;)

+1 to all this. My '81

+1 to all this. My '81 colnago is set up with chorus shifters, deraileurs, and monoplaners, as well as a newer 9 speed rear wheel. It works/looks great, and the friciton works surprisingly well with the 9 speed cassette. I think this might be your best + classiest solution


check out mine (also a 62 neuron frame), i was going for a c-record era build but as is typical, have changed my mind a few times...

Merckx Says:

Just ride the damn thing


so hot

so hot

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