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Black Pake

Bike tags: Fixed gear | black | Boise | deda | deep | more tags >>


Deda drops (or risers.. rarely)/ Nitto

Soma threaded / Tange

Velocity dv

Velocity dv

Handpainted Sugino

San Marco

Mks sylvan / KMC

Dura-Ace kog (15t) or Surly kog (17t) Sugino Chainring (49t)

has ridden many many miles.

fuck my cranks.

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I'd tap that.

I'd tap that.


how are you gonna post a comment on somebody's profile about non-drive side photos when you have one posted yourself? of a pake, no less...and your bag. come on, man.

I'll go ahead and spend

I'll go ahead and spend 2000+ on a bike meant for the track, put risers on it, ride it around on the road, and make my non-drive side photo my main one. Then I suppose we'll see eye to eye.


throw pebbles when you live in glass house. with your pake. and your bag. and your non-drive photoshopped profile photos...while you ride your "bike meant for the track" on the roads of boise!


i see you removed the photo. my apologies. i was way out of line...

you do way too much

you do way too much research.
Boise is, in fact, a really beautiful city.

And when someone catches a mistake of mine, I don't mind correcting myself, I see you did the same. No big deal.

Not sure why you had to cry about my first comment on your bike,
I was just pointing it out so you didn't get pissed on by some
prick who actually gave a shit about it.


it's not even my bike! do some research. (couldn't resist, truce?)

I don't care enough to

I don't care enough to research.
Truce, keep posting the nice bikes my friend.


take it sleezy.

I love your bike

I love everything about your bike. I too have been gawking at that pake frame for a while now.

thanks man

thanks man

Looks awesome. Is that frame

Looks awesome. Is that frame very heavy?

nahh, it's fairly light

nahh, it's fairly light


Nicely balanced, it flows well.


How alive? Too alive! ... like Aesop Rock? I hope so..

ahhh another Aesop fan

Zig zaggers vs. piggy badge flashers

you know it

you know it

thanks for the comment on my naga

your bike is looking really good as well. i like the color flows nicely! =)

gorgeous. . love what you

gorgeous. . love what you did with it. very tasteful.

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