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60 cm Makino track frame. Aqua turquoise w/ rainbow rame flake

Nitto B123 390mm, Nitto Jaguar Pro 100mm HP (also Nitto reversable track stem 60mm / Japan custom flat bar 32cm)

Makino aero fork, Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

All-white build: Phil 36h HF, Protech spokes, DT nipples, Deep V rim, Gran Compe SS tire

All-silver build: " " , Sapim spokes, " " , bright silver Deep V rim HP, Michelin Pro Race 2 tire

Sugino 75 165mm HP, Hatta R9400 109 mm

Fujita leather saddle swapped out for Selle Italia Turbo, Sugino Mighty 27mm HP

MKS GR-9 Cateye white clips, MKS Fit A single strap, D.I.D. pro race silver

EAI Superstar 17t / Sugino 45 preforated HP

From Osaka with love. Extremely fortuitous find for me. Mint frame, equipped with all of the swag listed above (sans wheels and pedals) for a mere 700 shipped (Japan-->Hawaii). All the subtle elegance of its original Japanese components, coupled with the almost obtrusive vividness of it's American add-on's (Deep V's / Phils). Couldn't be happier with the outcome. Rides like silk, contemporary art while parked.

*note* HP stands for High Polished. My ego wouldn't allow me to omit that gleaming, mirror-like byproduct of hours spent de-anodizing and elbow-greasing :)

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nice makino. glad to see

nice makino. glad to see another one.

Looks great.

Looks great.


genius wizardry.

get barrelled!

Definitely a bike I won't be able to forget. I hope I get to see that thing in real life, I'll be riding Honolulu for a few weeks this summer.


PM me here before you arrive. i'll make sure we get the folk together and have a group ride (no rhyme intended, ha)

That is truly a beautiful

That is truly a beautiful machine. It looks as if it would be at home anywhere. It just fits.

Good job!


where'd you get the white spokes??


pro-tech japan. but the person who picked it up and sent it to me told me i got the last pack. still worth a try though.

Is that a...

HKFixed sticker?

wow, good eye...


Clean & Balanced #27

C&B son! lots of stoke on

C&B son! lots of stoke on that one.


c u n t s & b i t c h e s ??? :)

crash & burn!!!

crash & burn!!!

I said godDAMN

I'm jealous. I wish I could find a 60cm japanese frame, especially one with that rad of decals.

Aloha Fixed

Added you to the AlohaFixed cluster.


Damm, I had never seen Rame on a frame before this and have decided that my addiction for track frames has not been quenched. I need to have one. Too bad your frame is too big for me or it would have already been jacked, haha. I'm glad this thing is finally done and is up and being ridden. Chee!!!

hey, i think know you...

did you, perchance, bail-out on a stoplight trackstand and try to take the rider to your right down to the pavement with you? ;)

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