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**BMC Track Machine TRC01**

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 53cm | BMC | bmc track | more tags >>
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BMC Track Machine TRC01

Answer - Thomson- 31.8


iMiNUSD iD42 - Suzue Pro Max

iMiNUSD iD42 - Suzue Pro Max

Sugino 75 - Sugino 75 - Sugino Zen Racing

SLR - Thomson 31.6

MKS - Toshi Doubles - Izumi V "Super Toughness"

EAI Gold Medal 17T - 48/17


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I doubt this beauty hasnt

I doubt this beauty hasnt seen a day of track :(



noice drops there m8

noice drops there m8

Rear Wheel

Is a rear wheel that is half radially laced structurally viable?

ive actually seen the half

ive actually seen the half radial laced rear on quite a few bikes coming in stock.

we're rims twinsies

we're rims twinsies

Copy cat! haha.

Copy cat! haha.


this bike has inspired me to save ALOT of my $$ and try and by one of these and set it up really nice. wow its an amazng looking bike probably rides amazing aswell

BMC=The Shit

I've got a trail fox 02 there frames are so nice!


I am in love with your bike. Do they still produce these?

No longer available.

No longer available. discontinued.

amazing just amazing i want

amazing just amazing i want one of these frames sooooooooo bad

WOW !!!

just when you think you got a lil know about things......BAM!!!! you run across a fly ass bike that sits you the fuck back down. New to fixed riding and love it like the first wave I ever caught,still riding single speed to and from work but all free time riding is now fixed.Just really afraid of LA drivers.

just wanted to say what a great bike !!!!!!!!!!!


this is just about my favorite thing ever next to the road version of it, the Teschner track, and that airfoil Yamaguchi someone's got on here. And your Gan Well Pro rocks. For me, the track setup wound be: Wound-Up fork, Mavic Elipses, Deda drops. For the road I might consider a more supple fork like a road fork. And streamers. Lots of streamers and playing cards rattling in my spokes. Fun!

your machine

i have this frame also,but set up for indoor track use,it is an awesome bike to ride,yours looks sweet,fast and responsive with those bars on i bet?

Yea, the risers do wonders

Yea, the risers do wonders for riding this thing on the street.

This bike is like my wet

This bike is like my wet dream. Or maybe a ss/fixed kestrel talon. Sweet ride, either way.

yeah....that thing is sick!

yeah....that thing is sick! seriously. i need to expand my collection with some rides like that.


i hope you got that bad chicken at palo alto bikes.

I actually got this from

I actually got this from Mike M, from Mash. I believe it was sourced through Freewheel Hayes.

Such a rad frame. I almost

Such a rad frame. I almost ordered one factory direct, but even the QBP price is out of my budget. I don't think they're doing one next year. Be careful!

Thanks man. No need to be

Thanks man. No need to be careful with this thing. The thing is pretty beefy. Quite indestructible. Id say the only thing to worry abotu is the fork. But the Frame, all is well. I know of a few people that beat on these frames and it has stayed strong. Sprocket grinds on a BMC?! Yes its being done.

funny hearing this story in

funny hearing this story in class not knowing who you were...
...always admired this guys bike(s) out front the bbc at at state
looked like your wounds have healed...glad u made it out alright
thats partly why i pussy out and run a brake, id already be dead by now... like to feel your straps now that you called me out on it...see what all the fuss is about, haha

You definitely need clips

You definitely need clips and straps to get the total feel of being fixed.

straps or spds?

i've got the whole toeclip and strap thing,as you need to bend down to undoe,i much prefer spds but personal perefence.

ill check yours out next

ill check yours out next time i run into you if you dont mind....
i think ive just ran basic, shitty ones in the past...always a pain to get in and out of
...i think something a bit more ridged/legit like yours and i might be a fan

Yea man. Get some MKS

Yea man. Get some MKS sylvans with toshi doubles or singles and you're good. Takes a little bit of time to get used to, but once you get it, youre good. Fun times for sure.

It's the luck that keeps you alive

I've been hit by a car head-on, no helmet(in the '80's?), I've seen people get hit(almost as bad as getting hit). I've even been in single vehicle crashes(brainfart). It's always the same. If you're lucky to get up, you hope you're bike's okay. If not, you hope YOUR HELMET did its job. Sometimes, you do everything right, and some douchebag on his phone,looking the other way decides you're in his way. That's where luck and a helmet come in. Once you're healthy, it may take a while..but may you never lose your confidence. Glad you made it, and may that driver burn in hell.


Glad you're alright, that fucker in the truck prolly knew what he or she did. Hope they stayed up all night pissing their pants worrying if they killed you or going to get caught by the police. Damn, Quynh's bike is in that picture too. Fucked up how you both had bad shit happen to you guys on the same day/night, I hope he finds his bike. Get better, hopefully I'll see you out there on Tuesday.

Thanks bro. Yea it sucks

Thanks bro. Yea it sucks that Quynh's bike got stolen like that. Such bullshit. Hopefully it makes its way back to him. I will be riding tonight for sure. Still ridin everyday. :)


I know your pain brother... I was hit on dec. 20, 2007 except the driver didn't run off. I was lucky and only resulted in a broken left hand and sore knees for a while. The Keirin (anchor) frame that was involved in that accident is completely destroyed and to top it off it was the first night that I had it completed. I was just waiting and saving up for parts and the finishing touches for months and the 1st night I get it complete it gets totaled! I'm just so thankful that I didn't break any major bones or become a vegetable or a cripple... You are lucky to be alive, I know what you mean by getting scared for a split second. The same thing happens to me, I just recently got back on the horse with a new setup and I definitely think twice and move just a bit slower than usual... Just the after effects of an accident i guess... But anyway, ride hard! But mostly, RIDE SAFE...

Thanks man. We always ride

Thanks man. We always ride hard but you gotta ride SMART.

I'm really sorry to hear that..

I got hit last october. Also a hit and run.. One second I'm riding down Riverdale Avenue in the Bronx, and the next My rear wheel is is being lifted off the ground and I'm being flipped over the handle bars.. VW Passat came up behind me, mowed me down and fled.. 15 minutes later I see a Passat headed in the opposite direction with fresh scratches to the passenger side, along with a folded in mirror.. Got lucky, got the plate #. I know most of the time it doesn't turn out that way.. The shock of the whole thing makes you forget all about Plates and shit until they're well gone.. And for some reason nobody goes after them. makes you really lose faith in humanity for a while. Fuckers.. Sorry about your crash, man.. You're alive to talk about it, though.. So that's already a big (+).. Heal up now..

Hey Thanks man. It happened

Hey Thanks man. It happened in a bad part of town where drivers are fucking idiots and respect for humanity is non existent. I got hit and at least 7 cars were around to witness it. No one pulled over or got out to see if all was ok. They just waited for me to stand up and walk off to the side.

Im alright, bruised up a bit. I got a pretty gnarly gash on my face/head. But all is well. Just happy to be walking. Only now do i realize how bad it really was. The feeling of those last few split seconds keep replaying in my head and it kind of makes me jump and freak out a little bit inside. Just for a split second. Its That feeling. Shits Crazy. Never before has my life flashed before my eyes to this degree.

Right before i hit the ground i remember thinking this is it, you're gonna be a Vegetable or youre gonna splatter your skull all over this damn road. I know it could have been much worse. Luckily the Truck was able to stop as soon as he hit me and not continue to run my ass over. I honestly felt like i was gonna get run over too because everything happens so damn fast.

It all happened so damn fast i was not able to get a license plate number. It was the last thing on my mind. I was just making sure my body was still in 1 piece.

As soon as i hit the ground i didnt try to move. I opened my eyes but i could not see anything for a few seconds, just blackness. Everything was blurry for a while but my vision eventually slowly came back. Oh well. Today's breakfast is going to be the best breakfast of my life.


you my friend ar a staight baller!
BMC track for the street? damn son.
however a real baller would have a 650c hed 3 on the front.

Naw man. Not at all. Mr.

Naw man. Not at all. Mr. Mike Martin just hooked me up with a fat deal. Thanks MASH!!!

Sounds painful

What type of injuries did you sustain, hope nothing broke when you landed 8 feet away. Also, how's the bike?

Im alright, Minor head gash.

Im alright, Minor head gash. Looks pretty gnarly but im alright. Definitely feeling the damn GMC truck's bumper though. The truck's bumper is what hit me on my left hip and made me fly. It was such a crazy feeling to feel that heavy of a force. I literally flew.

and the bike... All is well. These things are INDESTRUCTIBLE. I thought something would be jacked on it, for sure, but i guess my body took the impact of the truck rather than the bike.

But all in all, yesterday was still a good day. Just before i got hit we were finishing up a 40 mile ride. I still rode home after getting hit.


Hope you are alright. Any damage to the bike?

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