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The Black Horse (KHS) (Sold)

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KHS Flite 100

2" Risers w/ H2O Stem

Stock Fork w/ shitty Headset

650c HED3

Mach1 510 wheel from a Capo

Sugino GLP w/ Sugino 75 48t Chainring

Selle San Marco Regal Saddle and POS post

MKS Sylvans w/ Soma Clips and Double Straps

Surly 19t cog

Very fun bike. Used mostly for tricks. Sold to buy my BMW.

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i have a suggestion get a

i have a suggestion
get a rear black wheel and your bike would be sooo much sickeer

sick ass bike

sick ass bike

white hed3

did you buy it white or get it painted? i'm in the market for a white 650, any leads you know about? nice build!

he bought it white from

he bought it white from prolly, i believe it was originally paint. the wheel came from one one of the bianchi pista concepts that DQM put together

How many times are you going

How many times are you going to paint this thing??

Check out those Macro's!

Check out those Macro's!

Just a tip..

Your front wheel is on backwards. A Hed/Specialized tri-spoke will always have the valve stem on the drive side. The wheel works like a wing, not a blade, so the broad side faces "out."

Hmmm, I'm not sure I

Hmmm, I'm not sure I understand the wing/blade part. Could you explain it more? I didn't think it made much of a difference which way I put it.

Like this:

That's how you'd like air to pass over the spokes, in order to gain any of the aerodynamic properties.

I see, that makes sense. I

I see, that makes sense. I suppose I didn't realize that the sides were different. Now I know, haha.


In your case it probably doesn't since you got the wheel for aesthetic purposes and not the original purpose of being aero. Not hating on you, just saying.

Wiki "airplane wing" or "airplane" and read up.

I'll do that, in the mean

I'll do that, in the mean time thanks to both of you for letting me know. I flipped it around. I actually got the wheel because it was stupidly cheap in my situation and thought, why the hell not.

I wish I could come across

I wish I could come across one of these for stupid cheap. I never get any good deals...

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