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Scraper Bike...ridin' on '4s         Featured Bike! on 08/4/2010

Bike tags: Mountain bike | Commuter | 18 dummy | banana seat | cruiser | more tags >>
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Late 60's early 70's Murray built Sears Spyder 10 speed, if you have the chainguard holler at me I want it.

Too next level for you, somewhere between ape hangers and drop bars, but with more radical curves than Schwinn Ram's Horns.

Bent, out of adjustment.

Cheap 24", 28 hole with some style added.

Cheap 24", 28 hole with some style added.

Crappy one piece, but with 2 chainrings.

Ass hatchet banana seat. It is also a taint mangler.

Red stripe Schwinn knock off bowtie.

Yeah its got gears. Yeah they are shifted by twin stick shifts. Isn't your bike?

The reflector is my favorite part, if anyone has a bigger one I want to see pictures of it. The brakes are my second favorite part, because since this bike has two sets of seat stays they decided to put a brake on each brake bridge; yes thats right, both brake levers are rear brake levers. This bike works like poop, is totally uncomfortable to ride, but for some reason its worth it just because people (especially non-bike people) are always into it, even if it is to laugh at it, and I bet you can't say that about alot of the bikes on here that have more money into the handlebar tape than I have into this entire bike. Bike is as I purchased it, other than that I added the spoke decorations, which are NOS from the 50's. The Bay may have invented the term scraper and perfected the style, but the crazy wheel decorations are nothing new. This bike goes hella retarded, BIG UPS TO THE TRUNK BOIZ.


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That may be a scraper bike,

That may be a scraper bike, but that ain't no scraper camera!
The HD on this mothafcka is intense! Great build man!



i think you should take it all apart, put it back together tuned to perfection, and ride the fuck out of it. as charlie sheen would say, 'WINNING!'

i wanted

to make fun of this at first, thinking it was complete hipster...

but sir, I cannot because I am VERY envious, and if you were selling this, I'd buy the shit out of it. Well played.


Compliments on the prostitute stranglers, velvet jacket and 'Easy Rider' kicks, too

Prostitute strangler

Those handlebars are amazing! Fun bike. Your black gloves look like "prostitute stranglers." That's good you use protection. That would be a great ride for Venice Beach on the weekends.

I swear that looks like it

I swear that looks like it came straight out of Oakland. Move your ass down here and ride with us!


Yeeeee yeeeee yee yee yeee yeeeee yeee yeee yeeeeeeeyeeeee! On my scraper byke, lyke i'm in the pros!

Yellow, green, orange with

Yellow, green, orange with bling, scraper bikes is on the scene

Anyone who has questions

Anyone who has questions about scraper bikes needs to check out this youtube video before asking questions




What do you mean by "This bike goes hella retarded"?
I'm not familiar with particular this bicycle industry lingo.

Not really a bike industry term but rather a phrase right out of the bay area hyphy culture, just like going dumb and perhaps scrapper bike. Not exactly sure where the scrapper bike originated from.

Legislator sweet bike. I love that enormous reflector! You have yourself some righteous rides.

fixies are the new rollerblades

you'd be surprised how many former 'aggressive in-line'ers ditched the f-boots for fixies.

yo scraper bike goes hard dont need no car

think of the madness that would ensue if you turned those bars upsidedown . . .and put them on a really aggressive pursuit frame.

too next level

those bars are some next level ish.


it needs some pictures of it by itself.

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