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Iro Mark V Tank - Sold

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | IRO | markv | philwood
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59cm Iro Mark V

Syntace Stratos 200/ Kalloy

Stock, FSA

Phil wood 3x laced to 36h Mavic Open Pro Ceramic

Phil wood 3x laced to 36h Mavic Open Pro Ceramic


Brooks B-17 Imperial/Ritchey Comp

Suntour Sprint w/ Toshi Doubles, Shadow Conspiracy Interlock

48/19 for winter, 50/16 for summer, 50/15 for track, Cetma Rack for carrying stuff!

This frame has to be one of the most fun I have ridden. It is so versatile and I really love that in a frame. This is the Do It All bike. It can fit up to 35mm Touring tires and 32mm CX tires. It's a real truck of a bike.

I'm pretty much always switching up parts since I'm down to one track frames so it gets the "dressing doll" treatment.

I've had my fair share of bikes but I can honestly say none of them bring joy to me like this one! It's really hard to explain or even understand but I am really happy with this bike. It can do ALOT.

New wheels and boy what a difference spoked wheels make. I can't believe how much faster my bike handles now. I wanted to get the ceramics because I read how great they are in wet weather. There is definitely a noticeably faster stopping distance with them.

*finally got the chain I first fell in love with over a year ago

** Put the Cx tires back for the snow. I can't say how much I love playing barbie aka dress up with this bike!

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dude, what a sick bike. when im finished with mine it will be modeled after yours.

winter bike

I like your build ideas. I'm going to convert my Lager into a cantaliever-having-big-tire-riding winter bike now, too. Is that a picture of a race you guys are in? Looks like snow on the ground. Do those tires grip in snow?

Thanks. Having big tires is

Thanks. Having big tires is nice on two levels:
1- they feel really comfy
2- nice and heavy so when you switch to skinnies, things feel a lot faster, making them good for training with

Yea that was a match sprint race, but we had to do a 180 around a corner to finish it off. Making the turn right was the key to winning. Yes they (Ritchey Speedmax Cross tires) grip the snow well. They are a nice mix of grip without being bulky for clean streets. Here's what the tread looks like:


ok, on my lager today i got a new cross fork, cantaleiver brakes and fat vittoria randoneurs (32mm front, 35mm back) and my bike is totally cool now. i rode it on the trails today and it was fun as hell. It also rolls really smooth on the street. I think I'll set up another wheelset with snow tires. I'll use your speedmax in 35mm.

Looks good! It's really nice

Looks good! It's really nice to have big tires when it's snowy outside and you can lower your tire pressure to the minimum giving you more surface area contact.

Yeah, my next build will be

Yeah, my next build will be very similar. Nice bike. Nice nice nice.

Thanks. Glad to inspire

Thanks. Glad to inspire

awesome bike, i had some

awesome bike, i had some questions:
1.) what kind of fenders are those?
2.) what kind of water bottle holder are you using?
i'm not trying to jock your style, it's just a good idea.

thanks. The fenders are

The fenders are Zefal Swan (front) and Croozer (rear). I got them as a set.

The water bottle holder is a Profile Design Aqua Rack. It has to be one of the best things for a bike. It's much easier to reach behind instead of down, especially when riding fixed.

Don't worry about style jocking. It's what works for you that matters;)

Great looking bike.

Form + Function + Fun = Beautifully utilitarian

Plus, you have a great attitude on bike forums. Props.

thanks a lot! Much

thanks a lot! Much appreciated

Looks like it came out of

Looks like it came out of Road Warrior. Freakin' sweet.

Very nice.

I am jealous.


thanks! I don't want you to be jealous though

So dope!

So dope!



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