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ROSSIN 'Pogliaghi' TT Prototype         Featured Bike! on 07/6/2011

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56.5cm Columbus SLX-Poliaghi TT/Pursuit Prototype

Modolo Bullhorn / 3TTT stem


26" Ambrosio balsa-fibreglass disc/Mavic CXP33 650c

700c Ambrosio balsa-fibreglass disc/Mavic CXP33 700c

Campagnolo Croce D'Aune/Campagnolo

San Marco Rolls/Campagnolo Aero

Campagnolo w/ Bindi straps


Campagnolo Delta/Super Record

Campagnolo/Sachs New Success Front Derailleur

This one of a kind Pogliaghi was a 1987-88 showbike. Beautiful lugging and seamless gusseting, gorgeous matching disc wheels. Campagnolo Croce D'Aune rear derailleur and Delta brakes. The yellow handlebar wrap with Campagnolo plugs ties it all together. I thought about the red saddle, but the yellow Rolls off my Coppi was not behaving itself. And then it hit me...more comfortable on the Pogliaghi, looks great, and an extra San Marco Concors(mint). Thanks to John Bunco at High Park Cycle, and Lorne at la bicicletta. Dreams can come true.
Update: I finally took this two-wheeled sex-pot out for a good stretch, with that rear Ambrosio disc nicely strapped in. May I say, without exaggeration, without risk of sounding indulgent...What a freakin rush. That wheel hums hypnotic, solid and fast, cutting through the wind like the bloody Bluenose. That's all.
November 5, 2008: Think me foolish or crazy, but I finally took the Pogliaghi out with both disc wheels. It was an epic ride through the shitty streets of Toronto. It handled like a dream, nimble and quick, eating up corners like a Criterium. The discs humming to a metronome-like pattern, music to the ears of the solitary time-trialist. I am honoured to have the opportunity bestowed upon me.
Update for November 6, 2oo8: I rode the Pogliaghi out again, same set-up as the day before. I felt strong, fast, it was to be the ride of my life. Ten minutes in, my front disc goes flat. Tubulars may be fast, but without a team support car in close proximity, I now question the practicality of tubulars in a non-race/support-car setting. Clinchers from here on in. I am honoured to have the opportunity of this work of art bestowed upon me. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying...
Feb. 03, 2009: I recently received a response from Signora Evy Fiorelli, daughter of one of the Fiorelli Bros.(of Coppi fame), regarding the Pogliaghi. She's associated with a museum in Novi Liguri, Italy(where Coppi and a half dozen other champions came from, and home of Fiorelli). She could find nothing on this bike. A previous attempt with another museum produced the same results. Too bad the Italians don't keep a history of their rich bicycle-building past. You would think. Well, the saga continues.
June 10. 2009: I've had the Delta brakes removed from the Pogliaghi and replaced with Super Records, donated by my frame builder Malcolm Munro of biseagal, here in Toronto. The Super Records look great, and I'll have photos when it's out of the shop. In case you're wondering, one Delta brake will go on the track bike Malcolm's built for me, and the fork matches the Delta brilliantly.
Important Notice: The Delta brake cable set-up in the picture has since been updated. The new set-up, as is presently found on these same Deltas, is with the brake cable cut flush. There's no excess cable, no overhang. Any excess cable, tucked into the works or otherwise, may work itself loose and possibly jam the brake works.

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It's a bit like the Rossin TT for sure! You brought me to the fact, that Poghliaghi was sold to Rossin, thank you again for that! The guy from my local italian bicycle shop told me, that Mr. Poghliaghi worked still in the company and it was him who did the Poghliaghi bikes even the company was sold.

Hope you still ride that beauty!!


Interesting information that Sante Pogliaghi still built frames. it was always assumed that he had stopped after the name was sold. Imagine that. Imagine two geniuses working, what in the same factory? Now I'm confused. Is there more information?
I'm having work done on the Pogliaghi TT, but soon it'll be back on the road. Enjoy the ride.

Sante Pogliaghi

still worked in his factory and Rossin in his own what I've been told. I don't know how long because some years later Rossin stopped the production.
I'm lookin forward for the update of your TT Poliaghi!
Ride safe...

TT Updates

The previous spoked wheel set-up was a disaster. Malcolm at biseagal rebuilt the rear wheel with a new Campagnolo Chorus hub, a matching Chorus hub in the front and rebuilt the wheel with a radial pattern. He then switched out the Croce D'Aune crank set for a Chorus set, and this bike now rides as well and as fast as it did with the disc wheels. Indoor photos not successful, so I'm trying to get some outdoor shots(but too busy riding). Enjoy the ride.

I love what you did with the

I love what you did with the excess cable on your deltas. Totally doing that next time. Hopefully i have enough room with the 5 pivot point model

Delta brakes

I am fortunate to know a very knowledgeable local talent who knows the Campagnolo Deltas like most wish they did. Malcolm Munro of biseagal here in Toronto, knows and loves these brakes too. Try drop him an e-mail for advice, he's busy so it may take time, but his advice is invaluable.

I read your note. It makes

I read your note. It makes sense to leave it uncut but i can see where you might run into problems. Guess ill have to leave it short and tough to adjust! haha Thanks for the info though.

ROSSIN 'Pogliaghi'

It was about two years ago that I began the search for the builder of this frame. After a lot of conjecture and misinformation, many hours of searching and researching, I have finally found the creator of this frame, unequivocably and beyond the shadow of any doubt. Mario Rossin built this frame in the mid-1980's in his shop at Cavenago Brianza, near Milan. He unfortunately could not recall any more details, but did offer that this might have been a team bike. I cannot thank Mr. Rossin and his son William enough for their time and efforts in helping me. I would also like to thank Giuseppe Marinoni, the renowned Montreal framebuilder for putting me on the right track; and of course every person I've contacted in the last two years, and was kind enough to offer assistance. We can now all rest and enjoy ourselves and our bikes. As always, please enjoy the ride.

Nice bike?

I lost you after 'nice bike'. And no non-bike plugs please. Yeah, nice bike.


Look at those brakes! They're just so phat! Like one of those rap guys girl friends.

Damn! If and when I move to

Damn! If and when I move to Toronto, I want to see you riding that thing! Holy crap!

Don't you just get knocked over to the side from the wind? haha.

See the Pogliaghi...

Thanks for the comment. I took it out twice last year, with both discs. It was a bit windy one day but ya, I did manage to keep it upright. I also found the wind to be trouble when I was going slow, not so much going fast. The second ride? I got a flat, and I had to walk the bike two or three miles to my bike guy. People were looking at me like I was walking with an alien. Some people seemed afraid to ask about it. Whatever...I'll take it out again when it's nice with back-up tubulars. It's fun with the spoked wheels, but it's something else with those disks. Enjoy the ride.


Not too long ago I saw a Rossin frame with same geometry. Nice to see what it might look like all built up. Crazy amount of reach on that. Is it comfortable? I am always thinking of getting a pursuit/funny bike but feel like I will break my back on it.

Get a Pursuit/TT?

Thanks for the comment, tracksloth. Rossin supposedly had Pogliaghi licence in the late '80's, which might explain similarities. Regarding the reach and concerns of comfort, this TT is a lot more comfortable than I first thought. You might want to stretch the back a little, and you won't be going on long rides with it, but damn is it a rush. I've ridden the Pogliaghi 10 to 20 miles here and there with no back pain. The geometry forces you into an aero position. Get on and you'll feel the difference in power transfer. I don't know about funny bikes(mainly track) but TT's are built as short-distance road bikes...more forgiving. Check the fit. Meaning, buy one built up or through a bike shop. They're too different to buy sight unseen. Do it right, and you'll love the ride.

disc wheels

those red disc wheels make my eyes a good way. cool bike!

Red Suns Rising...

Hello FML, we meet again. Thanks for the comment. I know pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but damned if I ain't the proudest bike owner on the block. Since I got spoke wheels put on(photo coming, changed the seat to a yellow Rolls), I've put a few miles on it. It's intense. But she needs to opened up. And someday, with those Red Suns upon her. Opem up, Baby. Hey FML, enjoy your ride.

So you DID put the yellow Rolls on

And I was just about to suggest a yellow plastic Cinelli Unicanitor.

Scary colors...

Do you know from what year

Do you know from what year the bike is from? Is great looking and red disc wheels are indeed cool!

What year?

The guy who sold it to me said it was made for either the 1987 or 1988 Munich bike show. I tried one museum in Italy and got nothing! I'm trying another to try pin it down. I took it for a spin in my neighbourhood day before and man is it smooth. Balanced, no twitch. And you can feel the heads turning. I'll be back with more if I can find any more. Thanks.

I believe you are very right

I believe you are very right about the years. This design seems to come from the Cinelli laser concept (like LeMonds Bottecchia) My own Benotto from 1988 have cinelli bottom bracket lug. Same model used on the laser. Are they any letters or numbers on the bottom bracket.

The Pogliaghi frame...

I've since found something interesting regarding the frame design. This was no attempt to knock off or replicate the Laser or the LeMond Billato/Bottecchia TT. The gusseting was a way of strengthening the frame--structural engineering meets the art and science of frame-building. And according to Dave Moulton, executed by a master. The plot thickens.

Cinelli Laser

I've found out a couple of interesting things regarding these TT's. According to Billato bikes, they built Greg Lemond's 1989 Bottecchia. Regarding the Pogliaghi, I'm still searching, accessing as many sources as possible. So far, nothing. I've had a couple of spoke wheels built, and it rides fine and light. But I've yet to really test it, and someday with those discs.

BB i.d.

There are no markings of any kind on the bottom bracket or anywhere else on the frame, except the 'SP' on the for crown. Still checking for history. Any ideas?

I will ask some guys in

I will ask some guys in Italy about the bike.

Awesome classic time trial bike

Classic time trial bike with double discs, gotta love that lug work as well.
What about a San Marco Regal Saddle - Red with rivots, just brought one from

San Marco Regal

That San Marco would be perfect. I was told the original saddle is red. Makes sense. If it can't be found, that Regal would definitely finish it. In person, up close and in colour, you can't believe what you're seeing. I still can't. Thanks for the comment and the tip.

Sell this Masterpiece? maybe

Sell this Masterpiece? maybe in 50 years!

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