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Schwinn 'Really F#$%ing Fastback' AKA 1969 Schwinelli

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OG 1969 Schwinn Fastback, no kickstand, chromed-out headbadge. Made in Chicago if you didn't know.

OG Schwinn Hi-Rise bars, 80's Schwinn chromed aluminum 'S' stamp stem. Flexy as all hell.

OG Ashtabula made Schwinn 'mini skinny' fork, Schwinn road headset.

1959 Campagnolo Tipo laced 3-leading 3-Trailing to Sun CR-18 451 20"

1959 Campagnolo Tipo laced 3-leading 3-Trailing to Sun CR-18 451 20"

Crappy Dotek 152mm kids cranks, with Shimano Cartridge BB in an American to Euro converter. Needs 140mm cranks, the 152's clip.

Evel Knievel banana, on a set of suspension sissybars and a post from a Schwinn Excerciser (a must if you are an adult).

OG Schwinn 9/16 bow pedals (not easy to get), and of course an OG sedis chain half gold half black.

58 tooth up front (biggest that fits in a Schwinn chainguard), and a Regina Oro 13-14-15-16-17 in the back.

Derailleur is a late 50s to early 60s Campagnolo Gran Sport, the chromed out bronze one with the ball bearing pulleys. Dia-Compe Bulldog brakes and levers slow this beast down in a hurry. Suntour Power-Ratchet thumb shifter will do until I can find a Campy MTB shifter and lever setup. This is my favorite bike to ride, and it is very fast. Soon it will get new paint and fenders, and maybe a kickstand. Most fixed gears have a hard time keeping up the pace.

*Currently disassembled to undergo paint, new brakes and fresh rear wheel build*

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This thing is brilliant. Love the old Campy gear : )

Ed Roth

would have liked this one.

one day I will have a bike

One day I will have a bike like this and it will have a purple alligator skin seat. I will have captured, killed and skinned that purple alligator myself.

funny you should say that

In a month or less I am dropping this bad boy off at the powdercoaters for a deep purple metallic coating, and was going to recover a seat in Purple leather, stitching on the Schwinn stripes myself with white thread. Alligator leather though.......hmmmmmmm


F#%N' SICK! are you thinking what im thinking on your re build? oh yes Internal Cable routing.....ha...Fuck I love this bike.thanks.

for the rebuild....

I am swapping the hub axles for bolt on campy 'track' axles (expensive, yes, but less expensive than my hospital bills from when I forgot to check the front quick release and then broke my jaw). Also I am putting on a seat I am recovering with purple leather, and brazing on some cable stops for the rear derailer and brake to clean the lines up a little. The tricky piece to get has been a fresh set of 110 bcd kids size BMX cranks for under three hundo.

I will post this bike in its revamped state when I get it all dialed. Then I will pass some more roadies in spandex and make them cry.

Just too cool!

Ya know, I always wondered if when someone striped a road bike to make another fixie where the parts went…
I’m going to have to try this man, that’s real cool!

That chainring is very

That chainring is very intimidating!

a true visionary

yes yes

this is wild man

good job

My favorite bike on

My favorite bike on Velospace!
I can't imagine anything being more fun than this!


I love the stings!

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