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Samson x Campagnolo x NJS

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Samson Keirin NJS. 56cm. 110x8mm rear spacing

Cinelli NJS stem. Cinelli NJS Pista bars / Cinelli branded 3TTT bullhorns

Samson fork. Campagnolo Super Record NJS headset.

Campangolo C Record NJS 36h hub laced to an Araya 20A dark anno clincher

Campangolo C Record NJS 110x8mm, 36h hub laced to an Araya 20A dark anno clincher

Campagnolo C Record NJS. 165mm. Campagnolo 48t NJS chainring

Campagnolo Electa Pneumatic saddle on a Campagnolo Record NJS seatpost. 27.2mm

Campagnolo NJS Pista pedals, Campangolo clips, Toshi double straps. HKK Vertex chain

EAI Super cog. 48x18 / Campy NJS 16t cog

update: finally got the Campy NJS build together on the Samson... Cinelli NJS stem and bars to boot! still on the search for a Cinelli NJS saddle...

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have not seen that fender

have not seen that fender before... where did you cop it?

What BB are you using?

Hi Dubteka

I have a set of those cranks for a build Im putting together and was wondering what spindle length on the BB you're using? can't figure out if a 111mm will do the trick or if i need to sniff out a 109mm.
Problem is Im unsure what "year/vintage" my c - records are.
I also need a mudguard for my bike and like the look of the one you're using, who makes them? any help/advice is appreciated.

top 5

top 5 favorite bikes i have ever seen. i appreciate this build more than you could imagine. wow

Beautiful color!!! But that

Beautiful color!!! But that light blue sticker takes away from it!! You have impeccable taste though!!


what bullhorns are those?

how much you pay for that

how much you pay for that saddle

Araya 20A

I want your rims!


thanks for the comments. ya'all are funny.

-list of components used above...

-araya rims are the 20A model, i believe... but all they're marked as are '700c'

-whats the big deal about the fender??? sheesh. sf is wet sometimes. now its summer, so its not on there anymore.

-italian track drops! yes! ... sooo close to some cinelli njs drops. soon hopefully.



What fender is that?


Bravo! I put fenders on all my bikes, when needed. Who give a F&*#!?

Gracias por los pics.

Can you make the list of

Can you make the list of components used?


what type of araya rims are those? and where did you get them? i'm looking for non tubulars
thanks for any info you have. the build is awesome.

this build is hurting for

this build is hurting for some proper italian njs track drops, other than that it's classy and nice. shoot a photo without the mudflap.

Beautiful group in C.

Please don't forget to add an NJS Campy cog to your build. I wonder if the mud guard is NJS??????????? Beautiful rare group.


don't understand why would anybody take it out in the rain?

It's a BIKE!

You ride it.



Agree remove

Clean bike without sticker.


Thats one of the nicest

Thats one of the nicest bikes on here, you cant just throw money into a build like that! Thats taken time!


very nice ...too nice to be ridden in the rain.

don't forget the njs campy toe clips...

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