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Raleigh TI 1977 Tour De France Special

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | campagnolo | cinelli | fyxomatosis | more tags >>
Bike photo
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Raleigh TI Track 22"

Cinelli and Nitto

Loose ball

Gipiemme on Open Pro

Gipiemme on Open Pro

Campagnolo Pista 170mm

Turbo and Campagnolo Polished Record

MKS and Suntour

Campagnolo 47:17

I think every collector has one of these in their stable.

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this is awesome!
the wheelbase is freakin nice!

Check out my bike!

"we dont see things as they are, we see things as we are"

If a collector doesn't have one in their stable

I just finished my (O.C.D. like) period correct 1975 Pro Track rebuild. It took forever because I will wait and wait for decent prices on parts. I love these frames. Great job and your pics make mine look like I used a Polaroid, maybe someday I'll have a friend take some decent pictures -Sugary_Otis

Great Pro Track

Excellent photo of the classic Raleigh Pro Track in the later team colors. While I might marginally prefer the classic 73-74 option, there is no doubt this sample also turns heads while remaining a blast to ride on street or track. Nice photo/composition as well.


I would kill for one of these...

Best bike ever.

Lemme know if you ever want to sell it ;)

Bicycling = Meditation in Movement

Very classy bike.

Very classy bike.

Great photos!

Great photos!

raleigh trac

hey dude how much do the frame and forks of these bikes go for

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