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Cannondale Track (In Progress) SOLD!!! I GOT A LEVEL!!!

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Cannondale Track (92-93')

Nitto B123 Gold/Nitto Jaguar 110mm

Stock/Shimano 1" Threaded

White Deep V/Phil Wood Gold Hub 32H

White Aerospoke.

Sugino Messegners Gold/Sugino

N/A / Nitto Gold Jaguar

MKS RX-1 Gold / KMC White


The only parts I have atm are the ones in the picture, everything else is on order and should be in soon, hopefully having this build by March 7th 08'

Questions/Comments welcome.

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wait so...

you HAD a cannondale track...
and you sold it...?
and im just finding this out now?
FUCKING A ANDY, wtf were you THINKING!?!

Our bikes will be

Our bikes will be twins..Thats some hot shit! White Phils!

I'm not usually into gold

I'm not usually into gold ano and I never use the word "money" to describe anything other than currency, but your blue metal flake frame with the gold components is looking money as shit!

Did you buy the white deep V rims yet? If you could find somthing gold and non areo, your ride just might be sick like 50 mothafuckas!

Deep Vs

I already have my White Deep V on order with a Phil Wood, but I have a set of Deep Vs in gold on my Bowery and it's completely different from the Anno of the Nitto/Sugino stuff, but the White Aerospoke and White Deep V should look super nice. Thanks for the compliments.

how cool.

can't wait to see it all together.

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