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Fiorelli Milano Sanremo Super



Campy on Matrix

Campy on Matrix



Bought this with no idea of how rare it is. Build quality is excellent. Some equipment changes planned in the very near future. (sold)

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Fiorelli owners

We should start a club of sorts. Fiorelli owners seem to be die hard over all. And yes, Ms. Fiorelli WILL write back-She did to me! Also, Nice Ride, Man! Add more pics! Check mine out here on site. I bought it when I was 15, and it is STILL taking down Treks!


you rotate your bars so they're almost level with the ground the bike would not only look faster but probably ride faster too. Those things are close to looking like DUI bars. You know, rotated all the way around so the levers are upside down and all you're allowed to get around on is that thing but you haven't ridden a bicycle since you were twelve.


are you talking about? If I make the bike any faster I won't have anyone left to ride with.

That's good...

That's funny stuff. I have the same problem so I ride with the drive side pedal only.

Fiorelli bikes

That's a sweet bike, simple and clean...classic lines.How's the ride? It's tough to know with Fiorelli because most people don't know the make. They made everyday bikes, but they also had race teams where the bikes were handmade in-house. They did make Coppi's bikes when he went on his own. I can help you get info. Let me know.


I was looking for info about the brand and the first thing I found was the connection with the Coppi frames. I started to do searches for both brands and found your Coppi, very nice by the way, so I decided to upload the picture. I found a few other shots of Coppis that look almost identicle to mine. I really like this bike it fits really well and I love the lug work with all the cut-outs. The ride is nice, but honestly it's got a significant hop to the rear wheel so I haven't been able to really check it out. New wheels are on the top of the list.
I got it on a Wednesday and by Friday I had it cleaned up and ready to roll for a checkout ride. I took it out for an easy 30 mile loop and I was really happy with it. Iv'e decided to swap some parts off my Peugeot, that's posted here, then sell off the Peugeot because it is a little small for me.
Thanks for the note and enjoy your bike. Like you I don't expect to see any others while I'm out on the road.

Fiorelli Coppi

[email protected] e-mail adress will put you in touch with Evy Fiorelli, the daughter of the Mr. Fiorelli. She used to worked in the North American sales office for her father. She is generous with information. Today is March 3/08. She's out of the country til near the end of March. After that, she may be able to tell you a little more about Fiorelli. They did make Coppi's bikes when he went indie(not bad, huh).


I will gladly e-mail her. I would love to know more info on the bike and its' builders. Thanks so much...not bad at all.

E-mail to Fiorelli

I have a Coppi bike as well, built by Fiorelli. I woul dlike to get more information on it. I believe it be from 1969-1970 or so.
Were you able to get a reply from Fiorelli's daughter e-mial?

I am not sure whether my bike is very rare. It has a photo of Coppi in the front. I have never seen another bike like it.
Mike Di Feo

No reply

Mike, I e-mailed and never heard back. Good luck with your quest for info. I haven't found that much. I would really love to find an old catalog.
I've been doing some upgrades...yesterday added Super Record cranks and derailluers. I swapped out the bars and stem for a little larger size a little while ago. I have also had new wheels (NOS Campy Omega 19s) laced to the original hubs. I kept the green tire look with new Vittoria Pave CG's. I'm planning for a new Super Record headset and bottom bracket. Updated pics soon.

I found very little info. on

I found very little info. on the bike. It looks like a good frame. Campi dropouts. The components are not very good. I am planning to make it a single speed. Although at 60 (feeling like a worn out 75), I will only use it for short hops.
Sounds like your bike is turning out really nice. Send me an e-mail with some photos when you are done. My personal e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks for your response.
Mike Di Feo

Info update

Hey, to all that have contacted me regarding the Fiorelli's - I stumbled upon this website that has a scan of an 82 Fiorelli brochure. Look under "bicycles" column. Info on these has be scarce, I hope you find this interesting.

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