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Noah's Arc Bar (shortened) Stock Stem

Carbon Fork

Deep V Surly Jim Brown Conti Attack

Deep V Surly Jim Brown Conti Force

Sugino RD

Fizik Race Face

48 15

new reflective rim skins for the front.
want skins for yours? many designs and custom work available.
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It's your bike man.

Personally. I think your bike is sick. No one should be giving you hell for LSD. Everyone has a way of how they like to ride. Roadies would probably say we shouldn't ride fixed, because it's not safe or some shit. But, the whole point of having your own bike is to do it how you like to ride. There is no right answer for a bike. We should celebrate that here.


48/15 is what I'm riding now too... friggin' tough gear for the street, when I stepped it up from a sixteen to a fifteen I didn't know as much at the time about gear inches or the like. Makes people who know bikes stop and look twice though, that's for sure!

your ratio

Alright, so I ride a 48/16 ratio, and i thought that was rough, but damn man, 48/15? my knees would be mush..

after all of the banter i

after all of the banter i just read

who cares! if he wants to ride LSD let him, if something messes up, its a lesson well learned, this bike looks sick anyways, hella solid, stoked on the color too

people ride for many reasons.

people ride for many reasons. if you ride to look cool or because everyone else does, oh well. i ride and built this bike because i enjoy it, period. lsd was something i wanted. if the shit falls apart while i ride, my dumb ass fault. i built it to ride and ride it i do. if you like it cool, if not, so be it.

there are a lot of great bikes on this site and the owners should be high on that. then there are people who take pictures of thier parts not even a complete bike, just to say i spent a butt load of cash for these parts that i can't ride, till i spend more to put it together.

i'm steppin off the box.

thanks gully for the positive comments.

Be careful.

Left side drive will cause the cog to constantly try to unscrew itself.


Just curious. Why is that?

Edit: Never mind I got it now. The crank threads (and the cog threads) are designed to get tighter with riding. If you switch it up, it will get looser as you ride.

change is good

changed the saddle to fizik, new track grips and 15t cog. lovin' it. and yes, still a lefty !

not to be condescending...

but, is there any real benefit from swapping to LSD? It's a beautiful bike but not because the drive is on the left side...

none...that i know of. i did

none...that i know of. i did it for something different. some may feel it was a wrong move but we all have an opinion...good or bad. thanks for the positive comment.


who cares about the "what could go wrong's" with this bike...its a savage ride


thanks. now that i have been riding it for a few weeks the only changes i want to make are the saddle and gearing. i have had no issues with the set-up.

Your cranks are on backwards

Your cranks are on backwards. This is not a good idea. Pedal bosses in cranks are threaded in such a manner that they will get tighter with normal pedaling. By installing your cranks backwards, you have disabled this safety feature. In other words, your pedal(s) may fall off while you are riding. You can also strip your crank by riding with a pedal which is forever coming loose. The Locktite method often fails and frequently results in a pedal which is seized in the crank. Bottom line: There is no reason to do this ever.

I am not posting this to be a dick. I'm genuinely concerned that kids will copy this without being aware of the safety implications. There is enough danger in the streets from kids riding track bikes with no experience and no brakes. Let’s not add to the danger by encouraging them to ride with their pedal threads (AND COG THREADS!!!) oriented in the wrong direction.

Uh, care to explain how

Uh, care to explain how running a LSD has anything to do with cog threads?

Running "LSD" has a lot to do with cog threads!

Sure Greg! I'll gladly explain, although the pedal thread issue should be enough in itself to dissuade riders from installing their cranks backward.

Running "LSD" has a lot to do with cog threads!

When you flip your rear wheel around, the threads become oriented in the wrong direction. In other words, pedaling applies unscrewing force to the cog instead of tightening force. Although the reverse threaded lock ring may or may not prevent the cog from spinning completely off, you will run the risk of damaging the hub threads.

With these risks, it is difficult to imagine any reason to install your crank and wheel backward. Installing these components in their intended manner is far more reliable and safe. I understand that many people strive to make their bike different, but it would be difficult for anyone to build a viable case for backward installation of drive train components.

Don't confuse this with the true LSD systems you see on some BMX bikes. The LSD BMX components are designed to be used that way, with reverse threaded pedal bosses and specially designed cassette hubs or freewheels (such as the ACS Southpaw). There is no such system for fixed 700c bicycles that I am aware of, although we can expect to see them start to pop up as aggressive fixed gear street riding gains popularity.


Greg told me he was OK with constructive critisism. I guess not when it is directed at him. Either he is a very big proponent of dangerous backward drivetrain instalation, or he is embarrased that I exposed him as imbicile when it comes to bicycle mechanics. Either way, the above post prompted him to delete my profile and ban my IP address.

When I sent a similar post to another member with a backward drive train, he sent me a PM thanking me for the heads up and corrected his drivetrain hazzard. Greg, on the other hand, who I suspect weilds little to no authority in his offline existance felt a need to silence he who dared to undermine his (meager) knowledge.

Notice that Greg (in a sarcastic tone) asked me for an explanation. I gave one, he banned me. Greg, you are a bitch in my book.

Hey Eric, I'm going to leave

Hey Eric, I'm going to leave this rant of your's up so everyone can see it, now that you've been banned outright.

I didn't ban you for any comments you posted on a bike on this site.

I banned you for sending a private message to a velospace user in which you called him, and I quote, a 'filthy homosexual arab.'

Hate speech is not tolerated in any form on velospace. You promoted hate speech in private messages on this site. You are gone.

greg, sometimes you gotta

greg, sometimes you gotta call em like you see em

being pc is never any fun

Some people are just born

Some people are just born winners.


yeah that dude shouldnt be racist, but he is right about the danger of all that left hand drive stuff. its cool looking but not enough to chance getting wrecked. oh well if you dont ride that much then i guess you have no worries right?

good luck holmes!

minimum 16 miles a day

minimum 16 miles a day commute to work

well i guess you got

well i guess you got everything figured out ah?

only for a moment

only for a moment


I would be more worried about the lockring coming loose than the pedals...let me guess, red locktite there too?

Have you done something to

Have you done something to keep the pedals from unscrewing?

since there isn't any real

since there isn't any real tension on them to come unscrewed there's not much to worry about, but loctite red is used. you do have to swap the spindles thou as well (left to right).

Well, the motion of the

Well, the motion of the pedals *will* cause them to come unscrewed (barring loctite, I imagine). That's why one side is left threaded.

you are correct !

you are correct !

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