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Green Machine revived!

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Deep V | fixed gear | lime | newport news
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70's miyata 58 cm

no name risers/ clear oury grips


700c green deep v laced to formula hub

700c formula hub laced to green deep v

165 sugino messenger cranks, stock bb

fuji pro

mks road pedals, christophe clips/ diy double straps/ blue chain!


the whip revived!.

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those are some SMALL ass bars.

i love the figure 8 wheel.
is everything else ok on the bike?

lmao. i get that from

lmao. i get that from everyone. yeah everything else surprisingly is good. i just need a new front wheel. im taking donations cause the prick that hit me wont buy me a new one! :]

gear ratio

I have a gear ratio like that too, I hate it and I really wanna get a new cog...its fun to ride and easy to skid and so easy to accelerate, but going down hill sucks and you max out your speed so fast I find it hard to keep up with my friends haha...

my only other comment would be...that color is fucking amazing

have fun downhill!

have fun downhill!

how do you stop.....

??????? no clips, no brakes?

im cheap as hell and gotta

im cheap as hell and gotta get another clip

How do you cut down a crank?

How do you cut down a crank?

there was a metal ring on

there was a metal ring on the outside to support a second chainring that i cut off.

Wow. I sure as hell can't

Oh I thought you meant that you made the crank shorter. I sure as hell can't tell you cut anything off of it. The crank set looks great. Good job!

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