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Demolished Peugeot PG-10

Bike tags: Road bike | annhilated | destroyed | Mangled
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In pieces

CTA bars and stem (bars now wrapped around stem)

Carbolite 103 forks (in remarkably good shape)

Rigida rim/ Maillard hub (haha, I don't think it classifies as a wheel now...)

Rigida rim/ Maillard hub (still in good shape)

Sugino (still alright)

Peugeot (still in good condition)

Maillard pedals/ Sedisport chain (weren't wrecked!)

12 speed, Weinmann brakes. (One speed: laying down)

This bike is now in bike heaven. I almost went with it too, haha. I was hit head-on by a car while riding on campus and lost my two front teeth and was knocked unconscious for a good 15 or 20 minutes.

I bought a new Peugeot frame! Carbon fiber version of this frame... Here's a link to that new frame's profile: Awesomeness

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I've been hit too

I have been hit by cars 3 times...

Once stopped at a light.

Once I collected a truck mirror to the helmet because the driver was not paying attention when he passed me and I was hugging the parked cars.

Once hit broadside by a woman that was not even looking forward as I went across the hood to see her close up... she aslo dove off but I got that plate...

I and my machines did fair a bit better than you and yours for which I am greatful, br more careful as pain friggin hurts.

Of the 3 hits I took the last was the worst, the lawyer got me made whole again including the bike... I had a sore knee for a couple weeks.

No more custom frame bending for you! That new one won't bend, they shatter.


That you made it through

..The Mighty Chewbacca Approves this Message!


We're all happy your safe... get a good lawyer


do you have a good lawyer.

Bottom bracket

Hey I'm sorry for your loss. I own the same bike and I was wondering if you knew the size of the bottom bracket.


I used to have a bike just like yours. Same color, too. Even wrecked it in a head-on collision except not as severly and with a construction dumpster. My bike is also in bike heaven, too. Too wierd!

Maybe our bikes got together in the bike afterlife and are talking about it.

Reynolds 501 and some comments

Peugeot in the 84-87 era replaced carbolite 103 bikes by HLE and Reynolds 501, altough some carbolite 103 forks still were found on certain models and some frames were made with carbolite 103 tubing up to maybe 85-86. So that is not unusual that your bike has 501. Reynolds 531 was also used and so was Vitus and Super Vitus steel tubing, and aluminium and carbon Vitus tubing.

Each had their own character, but dont identify the bike much. The components would be more of an indication and you would have to look into a catalog. There are no complete catalogs online that I know of, just ressources that are mostly geared toward PX-10 and variations, which yours is not. Was there a sticker at some point on the horizontal tube near the seat tube, with the name of a city, like Monaco or something like that?

BTW, the maillard hubs are pretty nice. You should overhaul them and see if they feel any better. The helicomatic system is pretty nice, much easier to swap gears than shimano freehubs, if you have the tool. Cogs are still available if you dig around.

To add some color, you might want to try yellow handlebar tape, yellow tires and yellow brakes sleeves. I'd keep metallic rims. Actually orange might work ok too for the tape, but orange tires are hard to find, and so are the brake sleeves.


Thanks for the assistance, but...

Thanks for all the help, but the bike is demolished now. I got hit head on by a car on the 11th and the frame snapped in three places and the front end is basically a mangled ball of steel. I even got put into the hospital overnight and lost my two front teeth! I fucking hate cars...

that looks brutal. glad

that looks brutal. glad you're okay.

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