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Samson gets me lifted

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53.5 Samson

Gold Answer ProTaper & Thomson Elite or Nitto B123AA Gold ano with hand stitched leathers

Super Swan

Gold Phil to white V, TieDye spokes

Gold Phil to white V, TieDye spokes

Dura Ace 7700 165mm's, DA 7700 bb

Thomson Elite, SSM Regal

Gold RX1's, Izumi V

EAI 17 to Gold ano Sugino 48


howd u get tat stem on their?

For Sale

Really? why?

For the money. I need it.

For the money. I need it. I'll be very sad to see it go, but it's just a bike, I'll build another.

ooh.. Typing that made my soul hurt.. I think she knows...

Samson aka MAN-E-FACES

Samson aka MAN-E-FACES

ey mang!

sick bike fooool!

So awesome. Love it.

So awesome. Love it.


Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate it.

It's been a while since I've had it all built up, and I still find myself staring at it constantly :0)

Yo whattup man! The bike

Yo whattup man! The bike looks sick. I still havent seen it though. You guys down to ride this tuesday?

Nice bike!!! I just put some

Nice bike!!! I just put some chrome Phils and white deep vs on mine. So nice.


i like who u put frans aerospoke on ur bike
i think u should get 1
and also i met fran hella long ago when he used to work at coopands in stonestown
we should all ride

Not the coolest

But the Soma Doubles are super good, strong and dont bend super easy like most clips. I gave mine away and have tried a bunch of different brands. I will be getting a new set again. Not much for gold but it does look proper on your bike. Bring your homies to Salinas and lets roll!!

If you're talking about the

If you're talking about the SOMA Quads, the double gated steel clips they make, I'm way over those. They have a really awful shape and feel (for my shoes/feet at least.) I've tried those before and got rid of them almost instantly. Actually, I'm pretty much over all SOMA products, everything I've tried, their double straps, everwear, quads, all lacked in functionality or fell apart right away. Fuck em.

I guess I just need to stick with MKS and stop fuckin breaking them.

long time reply

The clips are shaped super fucked but I wrapped them in a cloth and hit them with a rubber mallet until they were shaped like a human foot havent had any problems other than that. As far as the rest of there stuff you are probably right. I know those tires are terrible. If you can find a bike shop that has been around a long time. Specialized used to make mountain bike clips before everything went to clipless and they are the shit!! So over built and shaped right, good luck!

Cant beat that white/gold

Cant beat that white/gold combo..If you want Kalavinka has nitto gold risers if you e mail them they are good about shipping..I even got a free patch! Sick ride!

I like the pro tapers

I like the pro tapers because they have such a narrow rise.


Yeah, I'll put my Giordana up here soon. I'm just waiting to get my new wheels back from Shaw's so I can get some pics with them on there. Where'd you get your Samson, by the way? It looks amazing with those gold drops...

I think...

I think I met you at San Jose bike party last Friday? How's that back tire doing? ^___^ (I was the one with the white Giordana track bike)

It's Money!

Sick ride! Can't help but want to spend money on a NJS frame. More money= one sick ass ride and yours is just that... ONE SICK ASS RIDE!

I deleted all of the flame

I deleted all of the flame comments on this bike. Anyone who starts up another pointless name calling / flame-fest will get a time out.


thats a pretty cool setup. i love those samsons. how much have you spent on this so far. i feel like ive spent way too much and i still want to put alot more stuff on my bike.

Too much.

Way too much. And I feel you. But your whip is pretty cool.

Just run it man!


real nice way to build up a samson. it's blingy but not overstated. a gold seatpost would complete it though. i really like that leather on the drops.


And I agree with the gold post. I'm actually sending my thompson kit in to be gold ano'd, what do you think about that? I've never seen anyone else do that before, thought it would be a nice alternative to jaguar, since I'm not down with quills.

And uh. yeah. I sewed those leathers drops, I spent some good time on them. I got matching gold alloy toeclips with leathers, but don't ride them.


where do you get it done?

nice, yeah i was going to

nice, yeah i was going to suggest anodizing the existing post. make it look all proper. that's sweet that you sewed the grips. i swear i've seen grips like them once or twice before, figured they were some rare boutique item that one can only find in japan or something...

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