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Nitto B125AA 36cm Pearl NJS 8cm

Reminton Hatta Swan NJS

Campagnolo C-Record non NJS (but who cares?) 36H laced to araya gold 16B or Phil Woods laced to Gipiemme Tecnos 716 (R428)

Campagnolo C-Record NJS 36H laced 3x to araya gold 16B or Phil Woods laced to Gipiemme Tecnos 716 (R428)

Sugino 75/Zen 48T chainring, Old School Dura Ace 7400 NJS

Brooks team pro/ vintage concor supercorsa Nitto SP72

Shimano SPD (PD-M959) D.I.D. Racing Pro NJS

18T EAI GOLD MEDAL-----> 48/18

Saddle arrived. The seller stated it was blue and it looked blue to me online but when it came it's actually green. I was thinking of dyeing it black! But after a while of pondering, I'm probably just gonna leave it... I love it! Thinking of getting rid of my brooks team pro if anyone is interested. I also have a brand new still in plastic black leather Kashima FG4P. Ebay id is: ebs1love. This Reminton doesn't have the fancy lugwork I've seen on other Remintons so I am assuming it is an earlier vintage 198(?). I don't know the tubing used either. Seat post diameter is 26.8 if that helps any. If anyone has any info, please inform. Any suggestions/opinions/criticisms are highly appreciated. Oh yeah, she rides like BUTTER baby..... ha ha... THANKS FOR LOOKING
P.S. The last two pics are of an ANCHOR that got demolished (the 1st day it was finally complete!) when I got hit from the side back in Dec. of '07. The frame was bent like tin foil from the impact. Luckily all I got was a broken left hand! This Reminton is the result of that accident...

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Any idea what the ERD of those rims are? i have a set waiting to be built up

i forgot!!!

it was a while ago when I built them. my only advice i can give is to take them to your local bike shop and have them measured manually.
hope this helps,

Speaking of hot ass bikes!

Speaking of hot ass bikes! Damn that is a beauty. Old Bridge is the home of Megaforce records...Metallicas Kill Em All era! Definitely ride if you move to Brooklyn.

Hell yes...

Speaking of metallica, I live down the street from that same studio! Although it's not a studio anymore, they turned it into a local bar for years...
thanks for the comments.

damn those wheels are SOOOO

damn those wheels are SOOOO sick....where can i find a pair =P

check out my ftp and nagasawa sometime

Wheel info...

I've seen your nagasawa quite a few times here on velospace... What a coincidence that you'd stumble across my bike!!! Glad you like it... I sent you a PM... By the way, how does the fuji feel on the street with it being aluminum and all??? Mad vibrations? I know it probably can't even compare to the Naga!!!
get back to me

naga v ftp

the FTP is an awesome bike for the money imho. I got a pretty good deal and since i wanted an aluminum alternative to the concept it suited me really well.... honestly the ride is stiffer, thus you "feel" more of the bumps on the road. but honestly i hardly notice a difference between the two =)

thanks for the comments on my naga. it was my first love and i will probably never part with it =)

btw, your bike is realllll nice. are those wheels tubular or clincher?



clinchers... I'm not sure if they made a tubular version of these wheels. Too bad you live far away, I'd invite you to go riding sometime... And plus, since they are non-machined they look sooooo fresh without a braking surface! They have this silver-like polished finish, you really have to see them in person to really appreciate their beauty. Anyway, good riding to you... BE SAFE.

Oh my god!

Those R428s just made me gape and now i have to change my draws.

thanks for the comment!

thanks, i appreciate your comment, these wheels took a while to build but were well worth it! If you want more info pm me.


you need the thinner chain tugs, the njs certified ones for ends up to 5mm


Does MKS make thinner ones??? Can you please tell me which "thinner" ones you referring to? I know they make different versions for steel (njs) frames and the bigger ones (non-njs) for aluminum frames...


its the njs ones you mentioned that you need my friend!
i only know this because i was looking into getting the njs ones, but i need the fatter ones for the new alu frame i have now!

thats the ones for you there!, nice bike by the way


thanks bro. I forgot to mention that I already have them! That's how I know they don't fit... The bit that goes inside the dropout is too thick. But after some research, i've found that people actually have the tug bits milled down to fit. Thanks for the compliment I will post more pics when she is finally complete... I used to think it's cheesy that people would refer to their bikes as another entity but now I completely understand!!! I actually feel a strong connection to my bike that makes me refer to the bike as HER!!! It's nuts...

I didnt even know that

I didnt even know that people milled them down?
I just thought that they would fit all NJS frames, Doesnt matter youve got them on now!

Yeh well i would say ive spent more money on my bike now than i have on any person so im with ya!

i need to post some pictures of my new bike, i'll wait until i get my new back wheel.. its a good one! ;)

I'm eager to see new bike pics...

Definitely post some pics when the bike is complete. I'm always eager to see bike pics and get ideas. It's like an art form. True self expression and creativity through our bikes. This is what I love! Even better, we get to ride them...

For sure! Stay tuned, I'll

For sure!
Stay tuned, I'll have some pictures up around start of march!

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