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Don Walker Track Tandem

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | blood | gore | Tandem of death | more tags >>
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Handmade Don Walker Steel, fillet brazed

Nitto Bars, front and rear, 3T mutant front stem, DW handmade, fillet brazed Stoker Stem

Wound Up Crabon Fiber tandem fork. Aheadset 1.125 HS

Zipp 404 Pave` 36 hole rim laced Crows foot to a custom anodized Phil Wood front hub

Zipp 404 for photo purposes only, the custom disc wheel I have is well protected in a wheel bag

Paul Comp Custom Track Cranks, Phil Wood BB's

Shimano XT Posts, saddles so unimportant I dont remember what they are...

Chain is Heavy Duty BMX

48 x 13

Totally nasty paintjob...its all about being the tandem of death...

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best bike on this entire

best bike on this entire site. jesus.

the most bad ass tandem ive

the most bad ass tandem ive ever seen... nice

fucking rad balls, and

fucking rad balls, and brakeless as it should be, BAD ASS TANDEM good work

saw this at the hilly,

saw this at the hilly, ridiculously good lookin


id love to whale on this thing with a pal. curious though. is the rear spacing a 120 mm or a more standard tandem size?



that's probably the most

that's probably the most ridiculous tandem i've ever seen. good job!


that thing is awesome

Crime Scene...

and bones paint scheme is a fantastic idea!



Awsome! You don't see much

Awsome! You don't see much fillet brazed frames. I realy like the theme too.


what is is like to ride?

the ride

how is it for real

gnarly !

gnarly !

Holy shit!

Holy shit!


I bet you can go a million miles an hour on it. One of the cooler things in the world for sure.


I'm really liking this one!

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