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Peugeot mid 80´s Reynolds fixie

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Peugeot mid 80´s Reynolds steel frame

"danish handlebar", french stem

fully chromed Reynolds fork, french headset

yellow Velocity Deep V rim, black DT Champion spokes, Normandie 36h high flange hub

yellow Velocity Deep V rim, black DT Champion spokes, Formula 36h high flange flipflop hub

Nervar crankset, french bb I suppose

some old french leather saddle, unknown seat post

MKS Track pedals with MKS toe clips, Soma double straps, KMC Z610 single speed chain

EAI steel sprocket, gear 42/16

my first fixie build. stripped an old french bike, cleaned everything and built some new wheels and put another handlebar on it... most parts exept wheels are original "refurbished"

please comment my work. thanks!

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how did u get the crank like

nice got the same one!

From one Peugeot owner to

From one Peugeot owner to another.... very clean!


Hola!, Really a lion whit a wheels, amazing Peugeot bike!, Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz, Bye Friend, From Méjico City.




such a pretty bike, and more importantly, it looks like a lot of fun to ride! classic.

awesome! i love your bike.

awesome! i love your bike.

thanks alot!MrFredo

thanks alot!


one of the most

bangin peugeots on this site. excellent build.

thanks alot!

thanks alot!

really nice job. again, love

really nice job. again, love the how the colours match.
+ its great to see another old peugeot conversion

Nice build

It's all about the details, love that the colour of the wheels and grip match the accents on the frame.

Yes, the details!

Always nice to hear what others think, even more from someone with a similar setup...
Think we can agree: it´s all about the details!

Once again, thanks for the advice on the bb.


Get off the gear

Got the look, aii. Looks sweet dude, love the colours and that retro look.

Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated!!

Got some rubber and had the first ride last night trough the empty streets in down town Stockholm, what a feeling!


Looks nice, but how's the ride?

Those tires are so thin I can barely see 'em. Throw some rubber on that bad boy and let's see a picture -- that's when it's really done.

Check my Peugeot. Yeah it has a brake. (And tires.)

How´s the ride?

It feels like nothing else!
I had my first ride last night and it was an amazing feeling. The setup is nicely balanced, there is no sound and you are "one" with your ride...

Thats what it´s all about, right?




Love the painting on your lugged frame, it´s classic!
Nice color on the peugeot aswell. I like the vintage style.


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